How To Fix “Error Code 7009” On Excelsior Pass Plus

Are you having trouble while trying to get your child’s vaccination certificate through  Excelsior Pass Plus?

You might be seeing the error code 7009 while you are trying to access the Excelsior Pass Plus when you try to get the vaccination certificate of your child.

If that is the case you are not the only one. Many other users are also facing this same issue.

Excelsior Pass Plus is a secure digital copy of the proof that you have been successfully vaccinated against COVID-19.

It is a certificate that is valid worldwide and is required in many places for you to get access to certain services.

However as with every digital application, Excelsior Pass Plus can also pose a few bugs and errors in its system.

Today, we will be discussing the error code 7009 in Excelsior Pass Plus, what it is and what you can do to solve it.

What Is “Error Code 7009” On Excelsior Pass Plus?

Error Code 7009 Excelsior Pass Plus

The error code 7009 is a bug present in the system and server of Excelsior Pass Plus.

This bug has been present for a long time now and typically appears when trying to access a child’s vaccine details between the ages of 5 to 11.

Whenever you attempt to open their vaccination details, you will likely see the error code 7009.

How To Fix “Error Code 7009” On Excelsior Pass Plus?

To Fix “Error Code 7009” on Excelsior Pass Plus, Wait for sometime & try again.

It can take few hours to few days.

Because sometime It is temporary issue which can be resolved by refreshing the page or sometime you have to wait longer.

If It is taking more time to resolve the issue or after few hours you are still seeing the same error then contact Excelsior team.