How To Fix “Error Code 1100” On Paramount Plus

Are you seeing the error code 1100 in your Paramount plus TV whenever you are trying to watch a movie or a TV show?

The full error message says “ error code -1100 Sorry, this video is currently unavailable, Please try again“.

It can very frustrating and can even ruin your day.

However no need to get worried because we have a solution that will easily make you fix this issue.

In this article, we will be going over the reason why you might be seeing this error 1100 and what you can do to fix your Paramount Plus.

What Causes Error Code 1100 In Paramount Plus?

If you are seeing the error code 1100 in your Paramount POlus streaming service then you will not be able to stream any movies or TV shows.

This error happens in Paramount Plus because the VOD file that you have downloaded is corrupted or not completely downloaded and thus can not be played.

The Cache in your system can also be the issue why you might be having this error 1100 in your Paramount Polus subscription.

Paramount Plus Error Code 1100

How To Fix “Error Code 1100” On Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus Error Code 1100 during gun maerick

In this section, you will be getting to know how exactly you can fix the Paramount Plus stream when you are seeing the error code 1100 in it.

1. Close The TV And Restart It Again

You should close the TV and then restart it after some time to check whether your Paramount Plus is now working properly.

If there was any glitch due to which it was happening then doing this would be able to solve the issue.

2. Remove The Video From The Library

You can also remove the video from your library and then try to download it again and then play it.

If the file had become corrupted somehow and that is why you might be seeing the error code 1100 then removing them from the library and redownloading would solve the issue.

3. Clear The Cache

The next thing that you can do is to remove the Paramount Plus Cache from your TV system so that it can work properly on your TV.

You can first clear the cache of your system and then try to open Plus and see whether it is working.

4. Check For An Update

You should also keep track of whether there is an update for Paramount Plus and then update it as required.

All online apps release frequent updates so make sure that your Paramount Plus is updated to its latest version in your system.

5. Contact Paramount Plus Support Team

If none of the solutions has been able to fix the issue then you will have to contact the Paramount Plus Support Team so that they can guide you in fixing the error code 1100.