How To Fix “Error Code 00e4” On Maybank

Are you seeing the error code 00e4 when you are trying to access your Maybank account and doing a fund transfer?

If that is the case then you are not the only one.

There are many customers of Maybank that are seeing this error.

The error will display this message, “Your request can’t be processed at this time. Please try again [00e4]”.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the reasons why you might be seeing this error 00e4 and what you can do to fix it.

What Is Maybank Error Code 00e4?

Maybank error code 00e4 is an error that happens when a customer tries to do a fund transfer through Maybank’s system.

There is no information currently regarding why is the error code 00e4 is occurring in Maybank’s system.

Customers have reported that it shows, “Your request can’t be processed at this time. Please try again [00e4]”.

It has also been reported by the customers that this appears when they try to do a  fund transfer.

This error 00e4 most likely occurs due to a bug in the system of Maybank.

However, Maybank has yet to provide any concrete answer regarding what this error actually is or why it might be occurring during fund transfers.

We have put together some of the possible reasons why you might be seeing this error of 00e4.

Maybank Error Code 00e4

1. Browser Cache Is Not Cleared

If your browser Cache is not cleared and you try to open and do a fund transfer in Maybank through your browser then that could be the reason for getting the error 00e4.

2. Maybank Server Is Facing An Outage

If Maybank is having a server outage or undergoing server maintenance then that will also stop any function from happening in Maybank.

3. Maybank App Has Accumulated Too Much Cache

Oftentimes cache files can store junk or corrupted files due to which you will be having issues running that app on your device. That could be the case why your Maybank app is malfunctioning.

How To Fix Maybank Error Code 00e4

Below are some of the fixes given that you can try when you see this error 00e4 due to fund transfer in Maybank.

1. Delete Your Browser Cache

If you are getting Error Code 00e4 on your browser then The first thing that you can do is delete the browser cache so that the Maybank website can work properly.

  • Open Your Chrome.
  • Go to the three dots at the top right corner.
  • Select More tools from the menu.
  • Click on Clear browsing data.
  • Check all the boxes and then click on Clear data.

2. Check Maybank Server Status

Make sure that you have checked the Maybank server status and then try to do the funds transfer.

You can also check their social media to see if they have any scheduled maintenance.

If you see that the server is down then you will have to wait till the Maybank server is online again to do your fund transfer.

3. Delete Maybank App Cache

If you are getting Error Code 00e4 on Maybank app then You should also delete your Maybank App cache as that could be the reason for the error 00e4.

For Android

  • Go to Settings on your device.
  • Open Apps.
  • Select Manage Apps.
  • Navigate to Maybank and tap on it.
  • Tap on Clear data or Clear Cache.

For iPhone

  • Go to iPhone settings.
  • Go to General.
  • Find Maybank App and click on that.
  • Tap on iPhone Storage.
  • Tap on the Offload App button.
  • Again Reinstall the Maybank app.

4. Check The Internet Connection

Also, make sure to check the internet connection.

You should have a fast and stable internet connection so that your Maybank app is able to function properly.

You can check the internet connection by alternating the setting between your wifi and cellular data. You can also simply do a speed test by going to Google. 

5. Close Maybank App/Website And Open It Again

As an alternative solution, you can also close the Maybank App and then open it again and then try to do the fund transfer and check whether you are still getting the error, “Your request can’t be processed at this time. Please try again [00e4]”.

If you are using the Maybank website then you can close your browser and then try to open the Maybank website again.

You can also change your browser and try to open the website if you feel that the issue is occurring due to the browser.

6. Contact Maybank Support Team

If this error, “Your request can’t be processed at this time. Please try again [00e4]” is a bug in the Maybank system then there is nothing that you can do but contact the Maybank Support Team and then convey the issue to them.

They will be able to help you out by guiding you through the solution. You can contact the Maybank Support Team from here.