Paramount Plus Not Working With Walmart Plus? Reasons & Fixes

What is Paramount Plus in Walmart Plus? Paramount Plus is a new customer loyalty program offered by Walmart to help customers get Video streaming access to paramount plus essential plan.

Walmart Plus is a membership program that helps customers to save money in many ways, and the paramount plus essential plan comes under Walmart Plus membership. 

You can always enjoy your favourite movies, hits, and reality shows with your family through Paramount Plus essential.

The major plus is an excellent opportunity to spend quality time and have fun with your lovely kids.

It is a creative strategy to keep customers coming back to your products. 

After the launch, people started to use Paramount Plus, but soon users started to face technical glitches with the service.

This blog will look into why the program is not working as expected.

Is Paramount Plus Free With Walmart Plus?

Yes! You can use Paramount Plus essential for free by activating your Walmart plus account. 

Paramount Plus essential is one of the Walmart subscription plans. 

You can sign up for the Paramount Plus page from the Walmart page. 

To access the Paramount Plus subscription, you must use the identical mail in your Walmart account.

If you have a Paramount Plus subscription on the Walmart mail Id already, you must cancel the old subscription to use Walmart benefits.

If you have a Paramount Plus subscription with another email Id, you can use both. Even you can gift one to your friends or family members and share your values.

How To Get Paramount Plus With Walmart Plus?

Walmart paramount plus is a program focusing on live TV and unlimited entertainment content with over 40000 episodes, including BET, comedy central, CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon, Smithsonian Channel, and paramount pictures.

YouTube is an online streaming service, and Netflix is an on-demand streaming service. Whereas, In Paramount Plus, you get both benefits.

Let’s see How to Get Paramount Plus with Walmart plus:

The Paramount Plus plan comes with Walmart plus bundle. It would help to enjoy the Paramount Plus plan if you were a Walmart plus member. Here are the steps to create Walmart plus account.

  • Sign in to your “Walmart account“.
  • Activate your 30-day free trial. Click on “Start Free 30 days trial”.
  • Click on “Choose a Plan on Walmart plus”. 

The yearly plan has the best value, where you can save $59 compared to a monthly schedule.

  • Add your Payment Details and Click save on the Walmart page.

The page redirect to the Walmart plus page.

Hurray! Time to enjoy the subscription with Paramount Plus.

Creating a Paramount Plus account:

  • Sign in to your Walmart account page
  • Go to the “My account page” in your Walmart account
  • Select “Walmart plus tab” from the menu option
  • Find “video streaming with Paramount+” in the benefits hub
  • Create a “Paramount+ account” using the identical mail you used for the Walmart page.

You can now have unlimited access to Paramount Plus through a Walmart subscription.

Why Is Paramount Plus Not Working With Walmart Plus?

A major plus is a great option to enjoy unlimited access. The only drawback is you can only use the Paramount Plus essential. 

You cannot upgrade to the Paramount Plus premium if you want in the future with Walmart plus. 

The difference is Paramount Plus elementary streams with ads and the Paramount Plus premium streams without ads.

Paramount Plus is not working because of the following reasons,

  • You might have used the wrong mail Id,
  • You already have a subscription plan on the paramount account
  • Not downloaded the Paramount Plus app
  • You might have access to the Paramount subscription with another mail

How To Fix Paramount Not Working With Walmart?

You should not have the existing Paramount subscription to access the Walmart Paramount subscription. Here is the scenario where Paramount Plus does not work with the Walmart subscription. If you are a new user, make sure you have downloaded the Paramount application on your device to access the Walmart plus feature.

1. Having An Existing Paramount Account

If youse have an existing Paramount subscription with the same mail Id, you need to cancel the old plan and Sign up again by clicking a Paramount plus link from the Walmart plus account.

2. Wait Until The Existing Subscription Plan Expire

Existing subscribers must also wait until their bill cycle ends to access the Walmart plus benefits. 

But the option is not beneficial if you have a Paramount account with an existing annual plan because it might take long days to expire. 

If you are using a Walmart email id to sign up for a Paramount account, you need to log out from your existing account from all the devices to access Walmart benefits.

3. Deactivate And Reactivate The Account

After you have verified that you have a Paramount Plus Account and that you have entered your information correctly, you can try a couple more things to get your account working again.

The first option is to try deactivating your account and reactivating it. You can do this by going to sign into the Paramount Plus account and clicking the on “Deactivate”.

Then you log back in, you can try to access Paramount Plus.

4. Reach Out To The Customer Support

We need to wait for their response if the error is from Walmart or Paramount server.

Sometimes, there might be technical glitches from either Walmart or Paramount services.

You can find out by communicating with other Walmart community members.

If they also have the same issue, you must contact customer support. If the error is with your account, recheck the mail.

Then Try logging in with your Walmart plus Paramount account and enjoy accessing your Paramount Plus essential feature with Walmart plus.


1. Can I Upgrade To Paramount Premium Plus With Walmart Plus Subscription Plan?

No, You cannot upgrade to Paramount premium with Walmart plus benefits.

2.I Already Have The Paramount Access, Still Can Use Walmart Plus Bundle?

Both new users and existing users can use the Walmart plus subscription. The existing users need to wait until the current plan ends.

3. Can I Switch To A Different Walmart+ Plan After Signing Up?

Yes. You can switch plans monthly and annually.

4. Do I Need To Download The Paramount App To Access Walmart Plus Benefits?

You need to download the Paramount app and Walmart app as some benefits are only accessible through the app.