How To Delete Expired Subscriptions On IPhone?

delete expired subscription iphone

iPhone users have to purchase subscriptions for several apps to use them efficiently. When the users feel that they no more require any purchased or free-trial subscription, They delete or cancel it.

After canceling, the subscription expires but remains stored on your iPhone or in the Apple store. Many users don’t like to keep the expired Subscriptions stored on their iPhones, and they try to delete them.

What Does Expired Subscription Mean On IPhone?

The subscriptions on iPhone whose term or validity period have expired or ended are known as expired subscriptions. 

iPhone users can cancel any of their paid or free-trial subscriptions at any time when they desire to do so. To prevent the renewal of any undesired subscription, The users choose to cancel it at the end of its term.

How To Delete Expired Subscriptions On IPhone?

Steps To Delete Expired Subscriptions On iPhone:

Step 1: Open The IPhone Settings App On Your IPhone Device

Find the Settings App on your iPhone and tap to launch it.

Step 2: Tap Your Apple ID Profile Name

Your Apple ID profile name will be available on the top of your screen. Tap on it.

Step 3: Choose The ‘Subscriptions’ Category

Under the Payment & Shipping Category, you will find the “Subscriptions” category. Select it.

Step 4: Scroll To See Your Expired Subscriptions

Now, two separate sections will be available. One will show your active subscriptions, and the other will show the expired subscriptions.

Scroll down to check your expired subscriptions. If, luckily, it’s been a year after you canceled the subscriptions that you no more wanted to see,

Then you will find that they have been automatically deleted.

And in case you can still see them here; unfortunately, you need to wait some more to get them removed.

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Can You Delete Expired Subscriptions On Your IPhone?

No, you cannot manually delete any expired subscription on your iPhone. Apple doesn’t provide you with this option.

However, you don’t need to worry much. Because all of your expired subscriptions will eventually disappear after a year of their cancellation dates.

So, now what you can do is wait for their computerized deletion by the company.

When Do Expired Subscriptions Disappear On IPhone?

All the dead subscriptions that you bought earlier and canceled after that will automatically disappear after a few months of their cancellation. Mostly,

Their deletion takes place after a year of their cancellation.

You can send feedback to Apple, requesting them to introduce the feature that can help remove the expired subscriptions before completing a year of their cancellation.

Will Apple Charge Me For Expired Subscriptions?

No, Apple cannot charge you for the expired subscriptions. If a subscription has expired, then this means that it has come to the end of its final billed period and has been canceled already.

Once a subscription appears in the expired subscription list, Apple will not charge you anything as the system works this way only.


Sadly, you cannot delete the expired subscriptions yourself on your iPhone because there is no way to do so.

However, you can wait for them to get automatically deleted after some time. Generally, the expired subscriptions are removed from

Your subscriptions list after a year of their expiry or cancellation date.