How To Find Copy Paste History On IPhone?

copy and paste history iphone

Copying and pasting data, images, and links are very common things we do while working on our systems or phones. What if you have copied something and you lost it?

Will it be saved on your system? If yes, how can you find it? If you are also wondering about all this, this post will help you. Here is everything you need to know about your iPhone’s copy and paste history. 

Copy And Paste History IPhone

Copy and Paste history on iPhone is what gets stored on the clipboard temporarily. Whenever you copy any item such as text, image, data, etc., it gets saved in an in-built clipboard that is actually a virtual temporary storage location,

and the data is stored in the clipboard unless it is pasted somewhere else. This clipboard saves a single item at a single time, and it is what stores the copy and paste history on the iPhone.

Can You Find Old Copy And Paste History On IPhone?

Yes, you can find old Copy and paste history on your iPhone.  Since there is no direct or apparent method to access the clipboard on the iPhone but you can access through Notes App or Clipboard++ App.

But yes, using some tricks, we can find the copy and paste history on the iPhone. Whether it can be done using notes or using a third-party application, clipboard history can be accessed.

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How To Find Your Copy Paste History On IPhone?

Copy-paste history or clipboard history can only be accessed through the notes app or through third-party apps like the Clipboard++ app.

Using The Notes Application

Steps To Find Your Copy Paste History on iPhone Using The Notes Application:

Step 1: Search For Notes App On Your IPhone

Open the notes application and follow the steps given below.

Step 2: Tap On Any Area And Select Paste

Tap and hold to select an area and select paste. This lets you paste whatever you had copied earlier. You need to do these steps every time you copy any data, text, or information so that you can yourself create and find your copy and paste history.

Using The Clipboard++ App

Steps To Find Your Copy Paste History on iPhone Using The Clipboard++ App:

Step 1: Download The Clipboard ++ App From Your  App Store

Install the Clipboard ++ application and open it.

Step 2: Copy Your Data As You Always Do

While copying any of the texts, info, or data that your desire to paste somewhere else, it will get automatically copied into your clipboard ++ app. this app then becomes the place where you can find your copy and paste history.

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Can You Go Back To A Previous Copy And Paste On IPhone?

Yes, indirectly, you can go back and see your previous copy and paste if you have kept track of it in your notes app or have downloaded the clipboard++ app. It lets you view all the previous copy-pastes automatically.

But you can’t directly go to a previous copy and paste on the iPhone because the clipboard is a temporary storage location that stores a single item at a time and then automatically deletes it. 

I Copied Something But Lost It IPhone

If you have copied something and have lost it, unfortunately, you cannot recover the text that you had to copy.

But if you want to see your previously copy-pasted text then you can access the clipboard history through apps like clipboard++.

Why Does Copied Text Disappear IPhone?

Copied text disappears on iPhone because the clipboard that stores the copied text temporarily is limited and stores only a single item at a time.

Moreover, the text that is copied remains there on the clipboard until it is pasted to another location or sometimes till the time the device is not rebooted.

How Do I Recover Something I Copied On My IPhone?

You can recover any data copied on your iPhone through the notes app or through the Clipboard++ app. In the notes app, you have to paste the data there every time you copy it so that a manual history of your copied data is created.

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Or you can download apps like Clipboard++, which will automatically save your copied data so that you can easily recover your data.

How Long Does An IPhone Keep Something Copied?

The clipboard present on your iPhone stores the copied data only until it is pasted or overwritten in another location.

It is limited virtual storage that stores a single item at a time. Sometimes it may store copied data until the device is rebooted.

What Does It Mean When It Says Pasting From IPhone?

This feature of pasting from the iPhone is there because of the universal clipboard that allows an iPhone user to copy-paste data, images, etc., between different nearby Apple devices. 


Just like any other mobile phone, the iPhone does have a clipboard that is an in-built and virtual temporary storage location.

This clipboard stores copied data as a single item at a time. Whenever you cut or copy any data from any location, it automatically gets saved in a clipboard until you paste it anywhere else.

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