Why Is My Left Or Right AirPod So Quiet?

Why is my left or right airpod do quiet

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably noticed that one of your AirPods is much quieter than the other. So what’s going on? Why is one AirPod so much quieter than the other? Here’s what you need to know.

If your left or right Airpod suddenly becomes quiet, it may be because the battery has died or the pod itself has been damaged. Below are some other reasons that might result in this problem.

There are various reasons why one Airpod could be much quieter than the other.

Why Is My Left Or Right AirPod So Quiet?

1. Faulty Connection

If one of your Airpods is quieter than the other, then it is likely that there is a faulty connection between them.

This can happen if you have accidentally touched or moved one of the Airpods while they were plugged in to charge.

If this happens, try unplugging and plugging the Airpods back into their charging case again.

2. The AirPods Are Not Connected Properly To Each Other

If both AirPods are equally loud, but only one is working, it may be because the two Airpods are not connected correctly to each other.

To fix this problem, press down on the top of the Airpods until you hear a click sound. Then gently push the Airpods together until they make contact with each other.

You should now see a small light appear at the bottom of the Airpods when they are fully connected.

3. One AirPod Has Been Muted

If only one AirPod is making noise, it may be because it has been muted. To mute an AirPod, hold down the button for about 10 seconds until the small red dot appears.

When the AirPod is muted, you will no longer be able to control volume through the Control Center app.

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4. Both AirPods Are Muted

If both AirPods are muted, you cannot use either AirPod to play music or listen to calls. To unmute an AirPod, hold it down for about 10 seconds until a small green dot appears.

Once the AirPod is unmuted, you will once again be able to control volume from the Control Center app. However, note that even though the AirPod is now unmuted, it still might not work as expected. 

5. Volume Is Too Low

If both AirPods are equally loud, but one is significantly louder than the other, it is possible that the volume is set too low. In order to change the volume level, open the Control Center app, tap the AirPods icon, and select “Volume”. Tap the up/down arrows to adjust the volume.

6. The AirPod Have Been Damaged

If one of your headphones is very quiet, it may be because they have been damaged. Try replacing the AirPods by following these steps:

  • Unplug both AirPods from the iPhone
  • Remove the AirPods’ protective plastic cover
  • Remove the AirPod’s earpiece
  • Press firmly on the AirPods body until it clicks
  • Insert the new AirPods into the charging case
  • Plug the AirPods back into the iPhone

7. The AirPod Need To Be Charged

If the AirPods are not making any sounds, it may be because you need to recharge them. To check whether the AirPods need recharging, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Control Center app
  2. Tap the AirPods icon
  3. Select “AirPods
  4. Touch the “Battery Level” symbol (the battery icon). 

8. There Is Something Blocking The AirPods

If the AirPod’s right side does not make any sound, it may mean that something is blocking its speaker. 

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9. Your AirPods Are Out Of Range

If the AirPod’s left side doesn’t make any sounds, it could be because the AirPods are out-of-range. 

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How To Fix “Why Is My Left Or Right AirPod So Quiet”?

1. Make Sure The AirPods Are In Good Condition

Make sure the AirPods aren’t damaged. If they feel loose or stiff, try to put them back into their case.

2. Check If There Is Anything Blocking The AirPods’ Speakers

Try to move around your phone or shake it vigorously to see if the AirPods can then make sounds.

3. Turn Off Airplane Mode

Turning on airplane mode prevents the AirPods from connecting to the device. This means that you won’t be able to use them while using the airplane mode feature.

4. Connect The AirPods To Another Device

You can connect the AirPods to a different device such as a computer or TV to see if the problem persists.

5. Reset The AirPods

Resetting the AirPods resets all the settings including pairing with a device. You’ll need to pair them again after resetting.

6. Charge The AirPods

Charging the AirPods helps improve the sound quality. It also improves the connection between the two devices.

7. Disconnect And Reconnect

Disconnect the AirPods from the device and then reconnect them.

8. Update IOS Software

Updating the iOS operating system updates the firmware which controls the AirPods.

9. Use A Third-Party App

Some apps allow users to control the audio output of the AirPods. These apps don’t require the user to turn on airplane mode.

10. Replace The AirPods

In the event that the Airpods are damaged, replacing the AirPods will solve the issue. 

11. Change The AirPods’ Batteries

Replacing the AirPods’ battery solves the issue.

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12. Clean The AirPods

Cleaning the AirPods removes dust and dirt that might cause problems with the AirPods. However, cleaning the AirPods isn’t recommended unless you’re having trouble with them.

13. Restart The Device

Restarting the device clears the cache data stored on the device. After doing this, the device should work properly.

14. Reset Network Settings

Resetting the network settings resets the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. Doing so will help resolve issues caused by interference.

15. Try Other Headphones

It’s possible that the AirPods have stopped working due to an issue with the headphones themselves. Try using other headphones instead.

16. Restore Factory Defaults

Restoring the factory default settings will restore everything to how it was before installing the AirPods. You’ll lose any changes made since the last time you used the device.

17. Contact Apple Support

Contact Apple support for more information about the problem. Their team of experts will be able to help you resolve the issue. 

18. Return The AirPods

Apple offers a warranty replacement program for defective products. Contact Apple Support for more information about how to return the AirPods.

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In conclusion, if your AirPods are not working properly, it is recommended that you contact an authorized service center for repair. You can also check if your AirPods are covered under warranty so as to get it repaired at no cost.

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