Why Is My LED Ceiling Light Flashing On And Off & How To Fix It

Are you having a problem with your LED ceiling light?

Maybe they keep on flashing on and off whenever you switch it on.

If that is the case then no need to worry because we are here to help.

When you are seeing a flashing light that means there is some kind of issue with the electricity due to which your light is unable to keep it switched on for a long time.

In this article, we will be discussing the reasons why your LED ceiling light keeps flashing on and off and what you can do to fix it.

Why Is My LED Ceiling Light Flashing On And Off?

There can be a few reasons why your LED ceiling light is flashing on and off.

The reasons can range from loose wiring to issues with voltage fluctuation.

Some of those reasons are given in detail below.

1. Voltage Fluctuation

One of the important reasons why your LED ceiling light could be turning on and off could be due to voltage fluctuation.

When the electrical loads turn on and off, it can create voltage changes which result in voltage fluctuation for your appliances at home.

2. Loose Wiring

If the wiring is loose then you also your LED ceiling light have the issue of flashing light on and off.

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Loose wiring can cause the flow of electricity to be uneven due to which your light might get off once and on in another few seconds.

3. Inrush Current

Many appliances in your home need a higher amount of electricity when first turned on.

If your light has the same line as these appliances, you might see the light flashing on and off due to the inrush current that is needed by other appliances.

4. Incompatibility With Dimmer Switch

Some LED light is not compatible with the dimmer switch then which could be another reason why your LED light keeps flickering on and off.

Some dimmer switch operates in a way that the power goes on and off several times per second.

How To Fix Why LED Ceiling Light Flashing On And Off?

Now that you have been able to understand the reasons why your ceiling light might be flashing on and off, it is time that we take a thorough look at the fixes that will help you to solve the issue.

1. Check The Voltage

The first thing that you should do is check the voltage.

If you find that the voltage is fluctuating a lot then it is best that you wait for some time and see whether it gets fixed.

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In most cases, it gets fixed within a few minutes.

However, if you find that is not the case then please contact your electric supplier to get it fixed by reporting the issue.

2. Check For Loose Connections

If the wires are outside and you are confident that you can do it then check the wires to find whether there is any loose connection.

However, we strongly recommend that you call an electrician to get your lose connection checked out.

After the electrician fixes the issue you should not have any problems with your ceiling lighting anymore.

3. Check The Dimmer Compatibility

Check the wattage rating of your dimmer switch and then use the appropriate LED light for it.

Dimmers have different wattages for different types of LED lights so check it and use the correct wattage bulb to fix the issue of flashing lights on and off in your home.

4. Call An Electrician

If none of the fixes given in this section has worked for you and you still see the flashing light then it is best that you contact an electrician to get it checked thoroughly.

There can be some sort of problem within the circuit itself or there can be some major fault within the wiring.

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It is best that you let a professional take a look and fix the issue.

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