How To Get Verified On OpenSea?

How to get verified on Opensea

If you’re a top-level Ethereum dApp or token, you may want to get verified on OpenSea. You’ll gain access to more powerful tools and features on the site. We’ll walk you through the verification process and show you how it can benefit your business. Stay tuned!

Eligible Accounts For Verification On OpenSea

Before we consider a submitted account for verification, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Be active, which means you’ve bought or sold one or more NFTs in the last three months.
  • Have a working email address with profile photo and banner.
  • Not have been limited in the past because of a violation of OpenSea’s terms of service.

Moreover, OpenSea considers a verification process in different categories. Those are:

  • Notability in different categories such as Art, Entertainment, Music, Sports, etc.
  • If you are already verified on any other social media apps, it will also increase your chances of early verification on OpenSea.

Accounts That Aren’t Eligible For Verification On OpenSea

Some accounts will be excluded from the verification process. Some characteristics that disqualify an account for evaluation include:

  • Accounts that participate in or show a tendency to engage in dishonest or manipulative purchasing, selling, bidding, or offering
  • Accounts that establish collections without obtaining a license for copyrighted content or trademarks or that utilize material that infringes on protected publicity rights
  • Accounts routinely used by users under the age of 18, even if the account belongs to a parent or guardian, are subject to our Terms of Service.
  • Any account that breaches the terms of service of OpenSea.

It is up to OpenSea’s decision whether or not an account is validated. Even if an account does not match one of the criteria, it may be deemed unsuitable for verification.

How To Get A Blue Check Mark On OpenSea?

You will get blue check mark on OpenSea after successfully verification on OpenSea. To start your verification process on OpenSea. You will first have to apply for the verification by following the link below:

You need to fulfill an essential requirement to complete your OpenSea verification form. In addition, you will be asked to share some of your details and a link to your social media post. For example, “Hello @opensea,” followed by your wallet address.”

After filling out the verification form, you will have to wait for 5 or more working days to review it. 

If it gets successful, you will have a blue mark on your username. 

Here is how shall you get verified on OpenSea:

Step 1: Go To Application Form

Visit the link
After the form gets opened, select the type of verification you are applying for. For example, “Account Verification.”

Step 1 Get a Blue Check Mark

Click on “Account Verification,” and provide the following details, which are asked, i.e., OpenSea Wallet address and full name.

Step 1.1 Get a Blue Check Mark

Step 2: Fill OpenSea Verification Form

Complete your form by adding the other asked details such as Email ID and Proof of Identity.

Note: You will have to fill out the same email you have linked with your OpenSea account.

Step 2 Get a Blue Check Mark

Step 3: Post From Your Social Media Profile

If you’ve linked your Twitter account, post a public tweet to the link.

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The tweet should say, “Hello @opensea,” followed by your wallet address.

Here’s an example of a tweet:

Hello @opensea!


After you’ve sent your message, you’ll need to get the link for it and paste it in the column asked.

Step 3 Get a Blue Check Mark

After pasting the URL, click “Submit.”

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How To Get An Account Verified On OpenSea?

If you wish to verify your account on OpenSea, here are the steps that you need to follow.

Step 1: Apply For Verification

To begin with, you will have to apply for the verification by clicking on the link:

Step 1.1 Get An Account Verified on OpenSea

A form will now open on the screen. Fill in all your details on the form.

Step 1.2 Get An Account Verified on OpenSea

Give your account information.

Step 1.3 Get An Account Verified on OpenSea

Step 2: Fill All The Information

Now, in the form, you will have to type all your details.

This includes the email, a link to your social media accounts, and more.

Step 3: Tweet On Your Social Media

In case you have provided the link to Twitter in your social media account, you will be needed to add a tweet.

 Keep in mind that the address of your wallet should be present.

Step 1.3Get An Account Verified on OpenSea

Step 4: Submit The Form

Now, go back to the form.

In the social media link, paste the link of your Tweet.

Step4 Get An Account Verified on OpenSea

When done, submit it.

Step 4.1 Get An Account Verified on OpenSea

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How To Get Collection Verified On OpenSea?

Here are the steps that you will have to follow to verify your collection on OpenSea.

Step 1: Apply For The Verification

first, you will have to visit the link:

Step 1.2 Get An Account Verified on OpenSea

Now, you will have to fill out the form.

Step 1.2 Get Collection Verified on OpenSea

Step 2: Add Your Details

The form will ask you for all the details of your OpenSea account.

Step 1.3 Get An Account Verified on OpenSea

It will also need additional information like the link to your social media, your email address, and more.

Step 3: Tweet Publicly On Twitter

Now, you will have to go o your Twitter account.

in your account, you will have to make a public tweet.

Step 1.3Get An Account Verified on OpenSea

In the tweet, type “Hello OpenSea” and also, add the address of your wallet.

Step 4: Submit Your Form

Now, you will have to copy the link of your Tweet and then paste it into the form.

Step4 Get An Account Verified on OpenSea

When done, you will have to tap on the submit button to complete the application process.

Step 1.2 Get Collection Verified on OpenSea

OpenSea Verification Has Been Lost

If you participate in behavior that disqualifies you from account verification eligibility, you may lose your verified status. OpenSea maintains the right to withdraw verified status at any time and without warning for any reason.

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Accounts that are determined to be in breach of our rules of service may have their verification status removed.

Violations may result in an account losing verified status and being banned from OpenSea in some situations.

What Is Account Verification In OpenSea?

Verification means checking if the OpenSea account that you are using is authentic or not. This verification is done for famous people whose accounts are at risk of getting hacked. 

When your account is verified, you will see a blue checkmark on your account. This blue checkmark indicates that OpenSea has reviewed and verified the account, and it is authentic.

What Is Collection Verification In OpenSea?

Like your account, you can also verify your collection on OpenSea. For this, you will have to get the trading volume up to 100 ETH and above. Other than this, you will also have to keep the items in your collection revealed. 

OpenSea will then check your collection and verify the same. You will then get a blue checkmark on the collection.

OpenSea Account Verification Declined

It is not a must every time you apply for account verification. OpenSea can decline your account verification after reviewing your account.

There can be different reasons for this like your account depicts manipulative buying or someone under 18. Other than this, if your account has violated any kind of terms and conditions, your account verification will be declined by OpenSea.

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OpenSea Collection Verification Declined

Getting verified on OpenSea is easy, yet not everyone gets approved on the platform. Therefore, your collections can get declined for different reasons, incredibly if your group is not fulfilling all the requirements.

Other than this, you must know that the blue badges are usually reserved for celebrities, and hence, if you do not have a lot of followers, the collection verification may decline. 

Why Is Account Verification Required On OpenSea?

Account verification depicts the authenticity of that account. It implies that according to OpenSea this account has a verified owner and the content is also authentic.

Moreover, people also prefer visiting and following verified accounts only. Therefore, a lot of people look for a way to get verified on OpenSea. 

Why Is Collection Verification Required On OpenSea?

When your collection is verified on OpenSea, it implies that the collection is reviewed by OpenSea. Buyers are also interested in buying the collection which is verified on OpenSea because it makes it more authentic.

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A blue checkmark depicts that this collection is made by a verified user and OpenSea guarantees the originality of the collection.

OpenSea Account Verification Time

5 Business days. As per OpenSea, the time taken to verify the account is approximately 5 days. Whenever you submit your request, OpenSea will review your account. to review your account, will take almost 5 days.

After review, if OpenSea finds it authentic, a blue checkmark will appear next to your account. If not, you may have to apply for the same again.

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OpenSea Collection Verification Time

5 Business Days. Like your account verification, collection verification on OpenSea also takes 5 days. Other than that, there are chances that it may take more time depending upon the review type.

Also, note that the business days will be counted after the time you will request the verification. 

Is It Hard To Get Verified On OpenSea?

Sometimes Yes. The whole process to get verified on OpenSea is not that simple. The Blue marks are reserved for famous people and collections.

So, if you are not recognized or have many followers, there are significantly fewer chances that your collection account will get verified on OpenSea.

What Does It Mean When An OpenSea Account Is Verified?

When an OpenSea account is verified, it implies that OpenSea has viewed and reviewed your account as verified. It implies that your account is authentic.

This makes it easy for people to find authentic accounts on the platform and avoid any spam and duplicate accounts.

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What Does It Mean When An OpenSea Collection Is Verified?

Getting your collection verified simply increases the credibility of your account. the blue checkmark beside the name of your collection, a blue tick implies that your collection is checked by OpenSea and they have declared it authentic.

This simply decreases the chances of impersonation of your collection and protects it from any kind of scam.


If you’re not a public person, your collection must have a trading volume of 100 ETH. You must also have all of the things in the collection disclosed. 

It does not, however, ensure that you will be validated. Additional information, such as collecting draft files and contact information, may be required by OpenSea.

This is to ensure that the collection and the individual are genuine.

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