How To Mint An NFT On OpenSea?

How to MINT an nft on opensea

NFTs have gained popularity in the past year and will continue the pace for the upcoming years. A lot of artists and creators have been investing in NFTs to make maximum profits out of it.

But to create and list your NFT, you will have to mint the NFT. If you are not aware of what Minting is, stick to the article.

We are going to explain to you what NFT is and how you can mint an NFT on OpenSea. 

What is NFT Minting?

Minting is defined as the process to convert your digital NFT files into digital assets or crypto collections. These collections will then be present on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Now, the NFTs that you will mint will be present on the decentralized database and nobody can edit, delete or modify them.

How to Mint an NFT on OpenSea?

So, now that you are aware of what minting is, let’s get started with minting your NFT on OpenSea. Here is a whole process to mint NFT on OpenSea.

Before you start minting NFT on OpenSea, the first is to login to you OpenSea account, and reach your dashboard. 

Step 1: Click on Add An Item

To add an item to your collection, go to the top right bar and select “Add Item.”

Step 1 Add An Item

Step 2: Create An Art

Create a new work of art, which may be in the form of photographs, sounds, or 3D models.

Step 2 Create An Art

Step 3: Adding Name And Description

Add a name and a description to your item.

Step 3 Adding Name And Description

Step 4: Select NFT Collection 

After that, select the collection in which your NFT will appear, in our case, the sample collection we created before.

Step 4 NFT Collection

Step 5: Filling All Details

Fill in the details about your NFT, such as the eyes, color, ticker symbol, artist name, and so on.

Step 6: Filling Gaps

Fill in the gaps in the levels. Your NFT, for example, has a 5/10 strength or speed level.

Step 7: Include Statistics 

Incorporate some statistics into your NFT. These are numerical characteristics that manifest themselves as numbers.

Step 8: Select Content Differentiation

 Select if the content is unlocked and whether it is explicit or sensitive.

Step 9: Choosing Supply

Finally, choose the supply, which refers to the maximum number of copies produced and the issuing blockchain.

Step 10: Click on Create

When you click “Create,” your new item will appear in your collection as a new NFT. 

Step 10 Click Create

You have Successfully created your NFT.

Successfully created your NF

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Lazy Minting OpenSea

“Lazy minting” refers to passively displaying your NFT-art while waiting for people to see you. Then, of course, you may advertise and distribute your artwork independently. Your works, however, will stay undetected until you are discovered.

The Best Ways To Make Money With OpenSea

OpenSea is a blockchain-based platform that allows users to create and sell their digital collectibles called “NFTs” (Non-fungible Tokens). It’s like creating your virtual currency, but you can also use it to purchase items in the game itself instead of just buying things with it.

The best way to make money with OpenSea is to invest in other people’s projects; this is where “the market” comes into play.

This is an excellent place for beginners to start as they can get up to speed quickly. However, if you’re more experienced, there’s still plenty to be made from investing in NFTs.

The first thing you need to do when you want to start making money with OpenSea is to find someone who has already created an item that you would like to buy. 

  • You can search through the marketplace or browse through the different categories until you find something interesting. 
  • Once you have found what you want, click on the link and add the number of tokens you wish to spend. 
  • Once you’ve clicked ‘Add,’ you will be taken to a page that shows all the details about the project, including how many tokens are available, the price, the minimum investment, and the maximum investment.
  • You’ll notice that the prices fluctuate depending on demand, so if you want to save some money, wait until the price drops before buying.

If you decide to go ahead and buy the item, you will receive a confirmation email once the transaction has been completed.

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As mentioned earlier, you can list items on OpenSea for free. This means that there is no risk involved in trying out the service.

The only thing you need to do is upload some artwork and wait for buyers to come looking for your items.

 In addition to that, you are paid every time someone purchases one of your listings. That said, remember that OpenSea isn’t perfect.

There are still things you need to consider when deciding whether to list your product on OpenSea. But overall, we think it’s worth giving it a shot.