How To Make NFTs And Sell Them On OpenSea?

How to make NFT and sell them on Opensea

Have you ever wondered how to make NFTs and sell them on OpenSea? NFTs represent real-world assets, such as property, vehicles, or artwork which gives much greater value than traditional cryptocurrencies. 

In this article, You will learn about the step by step process to make and sell them on the marketplace of OpenSea. Scroll down to learn more. 

How To Make NFTs And Sell Them On OpenSea?

To make NFTs and sell them on OpenSea, you will need a few things:

  • A computer with an internet connection (or a laptop if you’re going to be selling your NFTs on the phone).
  • An account with OpenSea.

After you’ve completed those fields, you’ll be able to further personalize your NFT. This involves adding attributes, levels, metrics, and even unlocks stuff to an existing collection.

You may even choose which blockchain to mint your NFTs on. Then, click “Create” once you’ve finished personalizing your NFT. In this way, you can create your first NFTs. Let’s see a step-by-step process for it. 

How To Create NFT on OpenSea?

Steps to Create NFT on OpenSea:

Step 1: From, go to your profile icon and click “Create” in the top right corner. Then select “Tokens.”

1.website_make NFTS

Step 2: In the next screen, enter a name for your token. For example, if you want to create a token representing a house, you can choose something like “House Token”.

2.create_make NFTS

Step 3: Now you can add images for your token. 

3.add_make NFTS

Step 4: Add Description and External link as asked in the screenshot then personalize your NFT by adding a property, levels, stats, etc.

4.link_make NFTS

Step 5: Finally, You have to tap on create option below. 

5.tap_make NFTS

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How To Upload NFT on OpenSea?

Steps to Upload NFT on OpenSea:

Step 1: Go back to the folder where you saved your NFTS.txt file. Open up the file using Windows Explorer and copy everything inside the text file into a new document. Save this document somewhere safe.

Step 2: Now go back to the folder where your NFTS.txt was located and open up the file again. Paste the contents of the new document into the same location. Make sure you paste the whole thing without cutting off any parts.

Step 3: Next, go back to the folder containing your NFTS.txt and delete the original file.

Step 4: Finally, close the program you were using to make NFTs. Now you should have two files in the same folder. One is called NFTS.txt, and another is called NFTS_copy.png.

Step 5: Now we get to the fun part. Go to OpenSea and log in. Click on the tab labeled “My Account” and click on “Upload Files.”

Step 6: Click on the button labeled “Browse,” then navigate to the folder where you stored your NFTS_copy.jpg. Select the picture and click on “Open.”This may take some time, depending on what size your image is. Once the image is uploaded, you’ll see it listed on the left-hand side. Click on the small arrow next to the NFTS_copy.jpeg and select “Edit Properties.”

This will bring up a box that says “Image Size.” Change the size to 600×600 pixels. Then click on the button labeled “Save Changes.”

Step 7: Once you’ve done that, click on the NFTS_copy link. You’ll now see a box pop up saying “File Type: JPG.” Click on the arrow next to “JPG” and change it to “PNG.”

Step 8: Then click on the button labeled ‘Publish.’

Once you’ve published your NFTS, you’ll now be able to view it on the main page of OpenSea. There are also links to download it.

You can also add more images to your collection by clicking on the “+” sign next to the NFTS you already have.

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How To Sell NFT on OpenSea?

Steps to sell NFT on OpenSea:

Step 1. Open the website, click on your profile image appearing at the top right side, and tap on Profile Option.

Step 2. Select the NFTs that you are going to sell from your list. 

Step 3. It will direct you to the listing page, where you have to mention the cost and type of sale. You can keep your price fixed (Let’s say 1 ETH).

Step 4. You are free to set a period for your sale. However, you can move with the default option, which is one week, 3day, or even one week. You can set a custom period as per the calendar.

Step 5. Finally, it also provides an option to reserve your product for a particular buyer by pasting their address into the required field. 

Remember, OpenSea’s transaction Fee will be 2.5%, and the Creator will be able to make a profit of 10%. The final sum of 10%+2.5%= 12.5% will be deducted when your sale is completed. 

How Much Does It Cost To Make An NFT On OpenSea?

The cost to make an NFTs varies depending on the number of resources you’re willing to spend. Here are some examples:

  • $0.01 – $10 per NFT
  • $1.00 – $100 per NFT
  • $500 – $1000 per NFT

Above price is approx. It can be more or less. It depends on how much money you want to invest in making NFTs.

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How Much Does It Cost To Seal An NFT On OpenSea?

OpenSea asks for a nominal amount on every transaction. The transaction fee is 2.5% of the selling amount when you sell the non-fungible token on the platform. However, charges on other platforms are a bit high. 

Therefore, OpenSea also facilitates its creators to ask for 10% of the selling amount on the platform.

When selling your NFTs on OpenSea, you only have to worry about making sure they are unique and interesting. If you can make them fun, people will want to buy them.

Final Words

OpenSea encourages its users to create unique and appealing NFTs and trade them on the platform. For this, It only takes a 2.5% of transaction fee on every sale of NFTs. 

Once you create and upload your digital assets on the platform, they will be ready for sale. If it appeals to the buyer then the buyers will purchase them using Ethereum. Make sure you create a unique and appealing NFT that encourages buyers to invest.