Upstox Refer and Earn Review

upstox refer and earn

We all know that there’s no easy and quick way to earn but thanks to the online sites featuring exclusive ways to earn an abundant amount in a limited time.

In present times, there are many online platforms that feature excellent ways to earn a passive income, and Upstox is one of them. Upstox is a reliable trading platform that offers incredible ways for its customers to gain extra profit and benefits. 

You might have heard about Uptoz refer and earn policy that’s an alternative way to generate passive income. If you’re new in the trading field or not aware of the Uptox refer and earn policy, this article will help you out.

We inscribed many things that one should know about the Upstox referral program. So, let’s begin and find what it is! 

What Is Uptox Refer And Earn Program?

Upstox is a popular and trustable trading platform that has more than 2 million customers, and it encourages them through their variety of programs to earn a passive income and also attract new customers to join the platform.

Upstox Refer and earn program is also an effective way that appeals to and enchanting folks to join this platform. It’s an excellent way that offers a lot of money for the people.

By joining this platform, one can gain a lot of opportunities without doing any stressful tasks. With Upstox refer and earn policy, one can gain exclusive earning from office to home. 

One can avail of the program by making a Demat account on the respective platform. After that, they can easily gain a referring bonus in the form of money.

Refer and earn policy features by Upstox enable the customers to gain an income by referring the platform to their friends and close acquaintances.

On easy referring, after making a Demat account of the referral, one can earn Rs 500; plus, on the first trade of the referral, the platform offers Rs. 300. 

In a single day, you can earn more money by just referring the platform to acquaintances and friends.

Just assume, if you successfully refer and open an account of your known, you will ultimately get the referral money. If you successfully open 10 accounts in a day, you can easily earn rupees 8000 in a day. It’s a high amount for a middle-class man. 

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Who Can Join Upstox Refer And Earn Platform? 

Upstox is a trustable platform and allows anyone to join their exclusive schemes. To join the Upstox refer and earn program, it’s essential to have a Demat account on the trading platform. Consequently, one who has an account on the platform can join the scheme and get benefits. However, it’s easy to create a Demat account on the respective platform. 

To open an account, you require some documents that are Pan card, bank account details, Aadhar card, and the mobile number linked with the aadhar card. By creating an account on the trading platform, you can easily join the program. 

How To Earn Through Upstox Refer and Earn Policy? 

Upstox is a leading broker that updated its site, and the process is different for the old and new versions. Here, we enlisted some easy and simple steps of getting a passive income through the Upstox refer and earn policy. 

  • Step 1: Login on the platform 

Unlike the old version, you need to log in to your Id in the Upstox app by adding a six-digit pin and biometric. After logging into the platform, you will get an avatar on the left corner of the screen. 

  • Step 2: Reward tab

After that, you will enter on the homepage of the platform, now click on the reward tab option, and here you will also get the option to invite your friend and earn. However, at this step, you will get two ways to withdraw; one is direct withdrawal, and the second is through the reward wallet. 

Method 1- With this method, you will apparently get the option of withdrawal on the reward tab from which you can easily withdraw the referral amount.

Method 2- Referral Wallet 

  • In this way, you can simply get all the details of your referral and the amount earned on the referral wallet screen. 
  • You can simply check the amount you earned through a referral on the screen and get the rewards by clicking on the option of Withdraw reward. 
  • You can draw out the referral amount by adding the amount and clicking on the continue option. 
  • After that you have to click on the option of “Confirm Withdrawal” by checking all the primary details and the amount you submitted. 
  • Finally the process of referring the amount gets withdrawn in the bank linked with the Upstox and now you can finish the process by clicking the done option or also check all the details by clicking on view details. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using Upstox Refer and Earn Policy? 

By using the trading platform Upstox, one can gain a number of benefits as it’s one of the trusted trading platforms. You can gain a lot of benefits, and some are as follows: 

  • It offers a free Demat and trading account. 
  • This platform charges a 0 brokerage rate and offers rupees 1000 as brokerage credit. 
  • Get free equity trades for your whole life.  
  • By using the platform, one can get the accessibility of Upstox apps easily and fast. 
  • Insured and reliable trading platform to use. 
  • All trading solutions at a single trading platform include stocks, MFs, ETFs, IPOs, Gold, and more. 
  • The platform charges no commission cost. 

Take Away

Upstox is a registered and reliable platform to use and earn. Its refer and earn policy is designed to promote the trading on the platform that apparently offers rupees 800 per successful referral and the amount of rupees 400 on the first referral trading. One can earn unconditionally by making a Demat account on the platform, as it offers an exclusive opportunity for all to make good money. 


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Upstox safe to use? 

Yes, Upstox is a renowned trading platform in India that features a range of trading options for the people. It’s a reputed trading company formed by Tiger Global and Ratan N Tata that gains the trust of millions of investors. 

How much can I earn at a time? 

At Upstox, there’s no limit to refer and earn as it allows their customers to earn unconditionally. You can make more and more referrals in a day and get a prize of rupees 800 on every successful referral and 400 on their first trade. 

How long will it take to credit the referral money to the bank account? 

You can easily withdraw the referral amount in the bank attached to your Upstox account by following the above steps. However, this process typically takes three days to complete, and your amount gets credited within 3 working days. 

Is there any restriction on referring to the platform? 

Yes, this platform restricts sharing and earning the scheme to blood relations. In a nutshell, you can only share the scheme with your friends and others, not your family members.