Snapchat Planet Meaning & Snapchat Plus Planet Order


Following in the footsteps of WhatsApp Business and Telegram, Snapchat has launched a premium membership service to increase revenue.

Snapchat+ is a Snapchat premium membership that gives users access to “a variety of exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features.”

For $3.99 USD each month, Snapchat+ subscribers may access exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features!

These features improve and personalize your Snapchat experience, allowing you to go deeper into the app’s most used features.

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In this article, we will discuss Snapchat planet.

Snapchat Planet Meaning

On Snapchat, Each planet represents a different place on their list of Best Friends when you tap on the badge.

Planets on Snapchat Plus highlight your closest friend in the order of the Solar System.

People may access the functionality by clicking on the gold-bordered “Best Friends” or “Friends” badges.

As a Snapchat Plus subscriber, you will notice a ‘Best Friends‘ or ‘Friends‘ badge with a gold ring around it on the Friendship Profile of another Snapchat user.

Best Friends‘ indicates that you are one of each other’s eight closest friends, while ‘Friends‘ indicates that you are one of their eight closest friends but not one of yours.

In their Solar System, if your friend is the Sun and you are the Earth, you are their third closest friend.

Snapchat Friend Solar System
Source: Snapchat
Snapchat Friend Solar System 2
Source: Snapchat

Snapchat Plus Planet Order

In order to figure out your position in your friend’s Solar System, you need to know the order of the planets in our Solar System as well as what they look like. Because Snapchat Plus Friendmoji doesn’t show you the name or position of the planet – only a picture of the planet is displayed.

It is quite difficult to reckon your place in your friend’s Solar System if you don’t know the order of the planets and their appearance. So, here is the order of planets with pictures:

Snapchat Plus planet order is:

  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Earth
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Uranus
  • Neptune

If you want to know which planet each Friendmoji represents then check below ones:

Snapchat Friend Solar System Friendmoji
Snapchat Friend Solar System Friendmoji 1

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