Snapchat Best Friends List Order 


Friendships are different on social media, especially on Snapchat. Snapchat provides your friends with different emojis and badges to give you a hint of who is your best friend on the app. friendship is determined according to your interaction with the other person. 

Since the new update introduced by Snapchat in 2018 users can now view a list of their best friends and close friends.

This feature allows you to keep around 7 to 8 people like your best friend and they make an appearance on the list. 

Snapchat Best Friends List Order 

Snapchat best friends list order is from top to down. The Snapchat best friends list order is designed in a way that it divides your best friend into 2 columns.

These columns contain 4 names each. The order of the best friend list is determined using the Snapchat algorithm.

Most importantly the names on the best friends list shall be read from up to down and not from left to right side.

Snapchat Best Friends List Order 1 To 8 

The order of the friendship on your Snapchat best friend list is designed into columns. The first column contains the top 4 best friends you have on your Snapchat.

Best friends list should be read from up to down. Note that if you have a second column on your account then the column will contain your top 5 to eight best friends.

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Similarly, best friends list should also be read from up to down.  

The best friends list is based on the algorithm designed by Snapchat which determines your best friend list based on your interactions with them on Snapchat. 

If Someone Is Your Best Friend On Snapchat Are You Theirs

No, it is not necessary that if someone is your best friend then you will also be their best friend on Snapchat.

Best friends are determined by the interaction you have with the other person on Snapchat.

If you send a person a lot of snaps, they will appear on your best friend list but if they do not send you enough snaps in comparison to their other friends then you will not appear as their best friends.

The appearance of any user on your friend list is based on your interaction with them in comparison to others.

Therefore, if a person snaps with you quite frequently then there is a possibility that you are on their best friend list.

How Does Snapchat Calculate Best Friends?

Snapchat calculates best friends based on your interaction with the person every day.

Snapchat keeps a record of your daily communication with other users which included how many snaps you send them, how many voice notes or other multimedia you share, if you have a snap streak, etc.

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A score is calculated for friendship between you and your friend which determines the bond between both the users.

The higher you interact with a person the higher your score will be with your friend. 

The score is used to calculate the best friend score which helps Snapchat prepare your Best Friend list.

Snapchat Best Friends List Emoji

Snapchat best friends list emoji is the smiling face. When someone appears on your best friend list they will have a smiling face next to their name. There are other emoji as well which determines your level of friendship.

For example- a pink heart signifies that you both are super BFF. Both of the users have been Best Friends straight for two months continuously.

A red heart depicts that both the friends have been BFFs for two weeks continuously.

A yellow heart shows that both the user are no 1 best friends each other.

Why Do I Only Have 7 Best Friends On Snapchat?

You have only 7 best friends on Snapchat that is because you have only 7 people you interact with on Snapchat.

When you interact with only seven people then only these 7 people will appear on the best friend list.

Why Is Someone I Do Not Snap On My Best Friends List?

If you have not been using Snapchat recently then you will see the people in your best friends list based on your previous data.

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If you are not talking to the person now but wee talking to them in past then there is a chance you may see them on your best friends list.

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Snapchat has got everyone talking about their best friend list. It plays an important role for people when they are on your Snachap best friend list.

The order of the list is completely based on the score you get when you interact with your friends. This score helps Snapchat using its algorithm formulate your best friend list.

Altogether 8 people will be added to your best friend list on Snapchat. These eight people are placed in the order of the list according to their score of friendship with you.

So if you want someone to be your best friend make sure you have a lot of snap exchanges and interactions throughout the day.

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