How To See Saved Posts On Reddit?

see saved posts reddit

Reddit is an amazing space to brew up new ideas, interact in discussion or sometimes just read the discussions.

You can put up your own content, and by the voting system, it is rated how much people agree or disagree with your thoughts.

It’s a great way to learn something new or enrich your knowledge of any existing topic by reading the views and theories of people all around the globe. 

While juggling through the hassles of everyday life, sometimes you can’t continue reading the interesting post that you found after going depths into a discussion.

To save you from losing up on this opportunity, Reddit has a feature for saving up the posts. You can save any post and read it again later whenever the time allows you.

How To See Saved Posts On Reddit On Mobile App?

Steps To See Saved Posts On Reddit on Mobile App:

Step 1: Open The Reddit App

Search for Reddit App and click to open it on your phone either android or iPhone.

Step 2: Login Into The Reddit App

After opening the Reddit app, enter your id and password to access your profile.

Step 3: Click On Profile

 When you log in to the app, you will be transferred to the main feed page. Herein you will see the profile option on the left side at the top of the page. Click on the profile option to proceed further.

Step 4: Click On Saved

As you click on the profile option, a list will appear containing several options related to the account. Click on the Saved option.

Step 5: Click On The Link To The Post

After proceeding with the saved option, click on the links of the saved posts in order to access them.

How To See Saved Posts On Reddit On Mobile App?

Steps To See Saved Posts On Reddit on Mobile App:

Step 1: Open The Reddit Website

Click on the web browser you use and open it. After opening it, enter the URL for the Reddit website to open it. 

Step 2: Log Into Your Reddit Account

After opening the Reddit website, log in to the account using your id and password. This opens your account on the page.

Step 3: Tap On Profile Option

As you log in to the website, you will see the main feed page. On the right side at the top of the page, you will see the profile option. Click on the Profile option.

Step 4: Tap On “Open My Profile

After seeing the list from the profile list, select the My Profile option. As you click on this, you will be directed to a different page.

Step 5: Tap On Saved 

After opening the My profile option, you will see the Saved option at the top of the page. Select the Saved option.

Step 6: Select The Post

After clicking on the saved option, you will be shown a list of the posts that you have saved. Select the post you want to open.

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Can You Search Your Saved Posts On Reddit?

Yes, you can search for your saved posts on Reddit. The purpose of this feature is to allow you to browse through the posts you found interesting at any time and how many times you like them.

However, one of the limitations of this feature is that you can save only up to 1000 posts or comments on Reddit.

If you save anything after crossing the 1000 item mark, the old item gets thrust into the bin, and you will no longer be able to access them anymore.

Many people have raised issues regarding the search feature of Reddit.

Applying filters may help you slightly but still remembering details about any post or article that you barely read and have the slightest memory of is one of the most difficult tasks ever.

The use of the search feature in the saved section of Reddit proves useful only when you have a good idea about its content or at least it’s heading, and it was one of the recent things you saved.

To cope with these issues, many people have designed their websites that allow you to put extra filters on the searches using keywords or subreddits.

However, these websites are not related to the official Reddit website and may have security issues.

So if you want to use them, it should be based on your complete knowledge of the safety of your data while browsing through such websites.

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Why Can’t You See Your Saved Posts On Reddit?

The issue that you cannot see your saved posts can be a big problem on the Reddit network or a preference setting that you might have done.

Starting with the error shown by Reddit while viewing your saved posts can be due to a huge Reddit service outage. 

1. Due To Service Outage

Technologies are not errors proof. They are machines designed by humans which can face technical issues at any time.

These technical issues which result in internet failures, security issues, or cyber-attacks cause service or network outages on websites.

In the event of such cases, you have to wait for the issue to get resolved, after which you will be able to enjoy the services as they were before.

2. Due To Location 

The other reason for not having accessibility to the saved posts can be the location issues. These location issues include the location of the user who wants to view the post.

Recently many countries have increased their cyber security and have imposed regulations on receiving data from certain selected regions in their country.

If the data of your saved post originated from any of such regions, then there might be issues viewing such data. 

To deal with such issues, you can always use VPN services which are easily available online. They allow you to access sites that cannot be viewed in your country by connecting you to the network and changing your location.

3. Due To Preference Setting 

Before trying out other things, you should check your settings. In your preference setting, if you have chosen “do not show me the posts that I have voted either up or down,” then any such post won’t be visible in your saved posts section.

4. New Reddit Update 

It has been a common problem faced by the new Reddit app development, which has caused many users to not be able to see their saved posts.

Whenever they try to open the page, it appears as if it’s loading showing some kind of shadows and boxes; however, this goes on for a very long time, and in the end, nothing comes up.

To counter this problem, many Reddit users have switched to the old Reddit website, which allows them to view their saved posts while the new website gets fixed.

What Happens When You Save A Reddit Post?

When you save a post, it will present in your profile in the saved tab that you can access anytime. Saving posts on Reddit is an advantage provided to the users to save a post or comment about any discussion that they want to read and learn more about.

It allows them to revisit the post which is saved on their Reddit account. When you save a post in your account, the data is saved on the Reddit server.

Then a link is created and saved in your account under the heading of saved posts. This link allows you to revisit the page in the future.

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Can People See Your Saved Posts On Reddit?

No, other Reddit users cannot see the posts or comments that you have saved on your account. Reddit saved posts are private in nature and can be accessed by the account holder only.

When you save any post, their status in your account changes to private domain; hence they are protected from the public purview.

The only way any other person can see your saved posts is when you have shared your account password, and they have accessed it and opened your saved posts. 

Is There A Limit To Saved Posts On Reddit?

Yes, there is a limit imposed on the number of posts you can save on your Reddit account. The limit is set at 1000 posts and comments.

According to the limit, whenever you save any post after crossing the 1000 item threshold, the older posts get thrust into the trash bin and are no longer available for you to access.

This drawback of Reddit has left users confused and bound with limiting their choices regarding which posts to save and which not to.

Why My Reddit Saved Posts Are Not Loading?

The reason behind your saved posts not loading can be one of the following reasons.

1. Poor Internet Connection 

You should check your internet connection first. If your internet connection is not proper and stable, it might not receive and transfer data that is necessary for the page to load further.

2. Due To Bug/ Glitch In Reddit

It is a very well-known bug that is faced by numerous Reddit users, which does not allow them to access their saved posts.

This bug is usually addressed by the company by releasing an update or putting outposts on their official website teaching people how to resolve this issue.

3. Post Is Deleted

Many users delete their posts and comments on their Reddit accounts. If, after opening your saved posts, you see that there are posts that are not loading or are unavailable, then it can be due to the reason that the original owner might have deleted their posts.

Hence after a post gets deleted, it will not appear on your account under the Saved posts column.  

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To see saved posts in Reddit, Open The Reddit App >> Login Into The Reddit App >> Click On Profile >> Click On Saved >> Click On The Link To The Post >> Now, you will able to see Reddit post.

Reddit has become one of the most popular websites and a one-stop destination for knowledge seekers and discussion enthusiasts.

While sometimes you participate actively in discussion with your theories, facts, and propositions, however, sometimes you just want to take a back seat and learn something new.

While the daily hustle might keep you busy throughout the day, in the end, you can lay on your couch and go through your saved posts.

This feature is definitely a savior in this busy world where you might miss out on interesting things if you don’t have a save button.