How To Kill Screecher In Raft?


Are you looking for a way to kill Screecher in Raft? Well, this article can help you with that. So, keep reading further.

Raft is a single-player/multiplayer survival game. Based in Skövde, Sweden; Raft provides you and your friends with a thrilling adventure.

Players find themselves caught up on a small raft in the vast blue ocean.

Their purpose is to broaden the raft by gathering debris while being careful of the possible dangers.

Who Is Screecher In Raft?

The Screecher or Stone bird is your rival in Raft. It is a danger that players face on large islands.

Large islands are a source of useful materials and various other sustenance items for the players.

In addition, players also encounter several aggressive animals and dangers there. Screecher is one of them.

The Screecher spots the players and kills them by attacking them with boulders.

How To Kill Screecher In Raft?

To kill Screechers, you should use a bow. You can kill the Screecher in the following way.

  • Let it come towards you with a boulder.
  • When it seems approaching, shoot it once. You can make up for the arrow dropping by shooting it narrowly above it.
  • When the Screecher comes right above you, shoot it again.

You can easily hit a Screecher from a high spot. This is because, in this case, they need to fly up to you and hence could be hit easily.

So, you can try going to some high spot to kill them.

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Killing Screecher With A Spear

The method of killing Screechers while they land to take the boulders is not attainable, as it does not land near the players. Moreover, it takes off before the player gets to them.

The use of obstacles like mountains or hills can also help the player in killing a Screecher.

Big hurdles will make the bird fly in predictable and large arcs, making it easy for the player to shoot it.

With fully charged arrows, a player can easily win this battle in 20 seconds after the first hit.

How Many Arrows To Kill Screecher In Raft?

Normally, to kill a Screecher in Raft, you need 10 shots of stone arrows or 7 shots of metal arrows. Titanium arrows can kill Screecher in just 5 shots.

But in hard situations, the stone bird’s killing can take up to 13 stone arrows or 9 metal arrows.

Raft Screecher Drops

Screecher drops boulders onto the players for killing them. It lifts off a boulder after tugging three times.

When you see a Screecher approaching you, you should remain careful about his dive and boulder picking up sound.

After lifting off the boulder, the Stonebird tries to reach directly above the player to drop the boulder, following the closest straight-line path.

If the player gets attacked with the dropped boulder, he has to deal 35 damage.

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Raft Screecher Respawn

The White Screecher in Raft is a distinct adversary which respawns every time it goes to the Caravan Island.

Respawning to a creature in Raft refers to their coming back to life after getting killed.


In case you want to avoid the attacks from a Screecher, you can try hiding in caves or standing under a roof on your raft.

Another possible way is to keep moving so that Screecher may find it difficult to target you.

You can also try running out, as soon as you hear the trigger marking boulder drop.

Killing a Screecher in Raft is not very difficult if you know the correct technique. In this article, we have discussed how a player can attack and kill a Screecher.

We hope that you find this write-up beneficial.