How To Remove Twitter Stickers?

Remove twitter stickers

Twitter users use many stickers, doodles, images, etc. to make their tweets even more creative and attractive. After all, the whole point of creating a tweet is to gather an audience for an issue. 

However, the more interesting your tweet will be, the more the audience will get attracted to it. 

For such purposes, users insert many stickers on their posts. But there are many situations in which you may have to delete the stickers you applied on a tweet. 

Simply because it does not look good anymore, users might feel the need of getting rid of the stickers on any tweet.

You can easily remove Twitter stickers from your tweets by using an editing app. You need to follow the set of instructions given below to remove the sticker from Twitter posts.

If you also wish to remove Twitter stickers, here is a guide for you. Keep reading.

What Is A Twitter Sticker?

Twitter is developing for its users day by day. The recent feature added to Twitter by developers allows the users to create tweets Or fleets by adding creative stickers on them. 

Twitter stickers are images provided inbuilt by the Twitter app to make your content more attractive and interesting.

You can add as many stickers as you need to make your fleets attractive. You can also add these stickers on videos, content, images, etc you post on your Twitter feed. 

Users can easily add and remove stickers from Twitter feeds using their Twitter app.

Steps to add Twitter sticker:

Step 1: Open your Twitter account on the device of your choice.

Step 2: Once you open your app, create a post with the video or image you wish to post.

Step 3: After selecting from your media, click on the smiley face icon on the left corner of the screen.

Step 4: Here, you will now have a popup with stickers of different types and categories.

Step 5: Search for a category that matches your post, and select.

Step 6: You can now resize this sticker according to your Twitter post and the space on the display.

Click on “Done” and you have created a unique post with an eye-catching sticker on it. 

You can also remove this sticker easily by clicking on it and dragging it down. This way you can remove or apply stickers on your tweets Or fleets as you like.

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Is It Possible To Remove Twitter Stickers?

Twitter allows users to put stickers to improve the face value of their tweets. But, after a while, if you wish to remove these stickers, Twitter allows you to do that too. Removing Twitter stickers is easily possible for your tweets and fleets. 

Yes, You can easily remove the stickers you put on tweets and fleets a long time ago. You need to select the sticker and if it does not get selected, you will have to do it the long procedure way.

If you are not able to directly remove the sticker on your tweet, you can edit the snapshot of the tweet. However, this technique may not work on the videos you have posted for obvious reasons that you can not take a screenshot of a video.

How To Remove Twitter Sticker?

Wondering how you can get rid of the stickers that do not suit your tweets anymore? Don’tworry, we have got you covered. Once you put a sticker on your tweets Or fleets and post it, your work is done. 

Then, after some time you can change your sticker lookout by taking a screenshot of your tweets. You can then edit this screenshot and cover the sticker with something more appropriate. 

Also, you can crop the screenshot such that your sticker is out of the image as a whole. Then, you can post this image instead of that tweet. This can be done with the help of any image editing app that your device has or supports.

Also, you can select the sticker you wish to delete. Once you select it, you will find a remove option once you click for a long time on the sticker. You can remove the stickers from your old tweets and fleets easily by using your app.

How To Remove Twitter Sticker On Mobile?

If you wish to remove Twitter stickers from your Twitter Post, you can do that with the help of the following steps.

Steps to Remove Twitter Sticker on Mobile:

Step 1: Open PlayStore 
  • Locate the play store on your device. When found, tap on it and open it on the system.
image 81 6
Step 2: Search SnapSeed
  • In your play store window, you will get a search bar on the top of the screen.
  • Tap on the search bar and then type snapseed in the box.
Step 3: Install SnapSeed
  • When the application is found, you will have to tap on it.
image 81 7
  • Choose to install it on the system.
  • It will now take some time to download and install the application on the system.
Step 4: Choose Your Picture
  • Now, you will have to start the snapseed application on the system.
  • After this, you will have to choose the picture from which you wish to remove the sticker.
image 81 8
Step 5: Remove Sticker
  • In the window, choose the tools option and then choose to heal option.
image 81 9
  • You will then have to softly move your hand over the sticker.
image 81 10
  • It will remove the sticker.
image 81 11

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How To Remove Twitter Sticker On PC?

Now, if you do not use Twitter mobile and use Twitter desktop, you can also remove stickers from the post. Here are the steps that you have to follow.

Steps to Remove Twitter Sticker on PC:

Step 1: Open Inpaint Website
  • To begin with, start your browser on the system.
  • Now, in your browser, open the Inpaint official website.
image 81
Step 2: Choose The Picture
  • Now, you will have to tap on the upload image option.
image 82
  • Choose the image from which you wish to remove the sticker.
image 83
Step 3: Remove The Sticker
  • Click on the sticker you wish to remove from the system.
image 84
  • Now, tap on the erase option.
image 85
  • Wait for the process to complete. The sticker will no longer appear on the screen.

What Happened To Twitter Stickers?

All the Android users and Apple users can now take advantage of this brand new feature of Twitter. Twitter allows you to put Twitter stickers on all the fleets you will post on your feed.

You can select from a library of the stickers provided to you by the Twitter app itself. You can choose the best suitable sticker according to the genre of your post.


Twitter has stepped up the game of tweeting by adding creative stickers on your tweets. However, you can also remove stickers from your latest or old posts. It can be done directly or with the help of an editing app.