Why Twitter Is Bad?

WHy twitter is bad

Twitter stands on one of the most used and popular social media platforms. However, over the years it has experienced a few setbacks due to which you can stop yourself from being a part of it. 

The reasons may not be big and you may find them ignorable, yet Twitter has some features and scenarios that can be counted as its disadvantages.

Although, the working population especially the writers. The journalism and writing professionals have accepted and embraced the working features, current working conditions, and the Twitter platform as a whole. 

Twitter is one of the most loved social media platforms used by the writer community especially to raise an issue or simply have a stage to express their feelings via an appropriate social media platform. Is Twitter really bad? To know, keep reading.

Why Twitter Is Bad?

Every social media platform has its pros and cons. Just like any other social media platform, Twitter has a few drawbacks usually criticized by experts. 

One of the major reasons why Twitter is getting bad reviews is the platform has a declining rate of new users which further reduces the size of the market for the businesses which use Twitter as a marketing stage.

Twitter is one of the strongest tools adopted by writers and journalists to raise an issue. With this, the situations can get heated up resulting in issues. 

Also, with billions of people raising an issue with the same hashtag, the voice of a few other topics is left unheard by the platform and the crowd using it. 

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Also, the platform is now usually used as a stage for standing up and putting a light on your issue, however, the informative edge of the platform is declining which is a major reason of concern for the users. 

These can be the reasons why Twitter is bad for many people, though many can list these factors in the pros of Twitter as well.

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Why Is Twitter Bad For Mental Health?

Used by over 300 million users from different corners of the world, Twitter is now becoming an engaging platform. Here people with different opinions and different backgrounds gather around to form an opinion on a common issue. 

Usually, a global issue is taken into consideration, however, many times the voices of the victim are left unheard. This can be traumatizing for the users, especially the ones who seek an outlet.

Also, there are many cases where the conflicts have crossed the mental peace limit on Twitter handles. 

Many profiles around the globe can cause an issue with mental health while discussing a certain issue. 

This can make a temporary yet very dark impact on the mental health of the users. Thus, it is recommended to be ready for all sorts of criticism and try to reduce it from your side.

Why You Should Not Use Twitter?

Twitter is a completely safe platform for those with a stable mindset and strong ambitions.

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However, the teenagers and the youth using Twitter as a vent for their emotional stress, experience high-level discouraging vibes from Twitter handles around the globe. 

Also, it can be very time-consuming, especially for the youth having critical thinking and debating interests.

Another reason why you should think to restrict yourself and others from using Twitter is that you can get addicted to it.

Twitter can be very addictive for users, especially the ones who tweet on a daily basis. 

It can take a good share out of your working hours too. This can further result in degraded working performance.

Also, if you post anything inappropriate as per your career, it can adversely affect your professional life.

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Is Twitter Bad For 13 Years Old?

Yes. Twitter is somewhat an adult social media platform. Although, the platform does not say that and allows any age above 13 to use this platform for posting all sorts of stuff. 

However, parents must look for the activities their child is performing and with different profiles, they are engaging with. 

This helps them to get rid of any inappropriate things or posts coming on their child’s feed.

Also, you must examine that your child is not posting anything inappropriate as per their age. However, the chances of your child coming across posts beyond their age are very high. 

Thus, it is advised to keep your children away from Twitter unless they are mature enough to differentiate between wrong and right.

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Why Is Twitter Bad For Society?

Over years of working, Twitter has made quite an impact on society. However, in current years, this impact is observed to be negative. With millions of profiles on Twitter, many profiles are just to create chaos on the platform. 

Twitter has a lot of people who are using Twitter only to troll, harass, and put peer pressure on naïve users.

However, on joining Twitter, one must prepare themselves for this. This results in a very bad and negative effect on society and the youth who are the building block of any country. 

This can be saved if all the users use Twitter with a sensible mindset and responsible behavior.

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Twitter is an interactive and engaging platform that helps you to raise an issue using different mediums such as posts, memes, and hashtags. However, Twitter’s impact on society is dependent on the users. 

The users define the use and results obtained by using Twitter as their own social media platform. To read more such articles, visit our website.

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