Is Twitter Dead

Is twitter dead

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms to raise one’s voice. With trending Twitter hashtags and raising issues, Twitter has made a place in a million people’s routine. 

Although Twitter rates have gone down since decreased use in 2018, the regular usage of Twitter has increased and still holds a valuable place in the social media market.

However, some of the social rumors have given a wrong idea to the users and the market that Twitter is going down or dead. These rumors are scattered around the market like a forest fire. Although, the charts say otherwise. 

The recent charts released by Twitter regarding the app and platform usage show increased regular use of this platform by the existing users. 

Millions of the existing users utilize this platform to raise the issue, make connections, and do many such activities. 

According to the experts, the Twitter crowd has slightly gone down yet the crowd has increased their working standards and usage percentage.

Is Twitter Dead?

The news of Twitter getting out of the market or going dead is nothing but a rumor. 

The social media platforms are scattered around the globe with billions of users. Out of which Twitter is one of the best social media platforms. However, after 2018, several new users came into this platform.

No, Twitter is not dead.The only major reason why Twitter is not dead is the increased use of Twitter on a daily basis. With over a billion users the working of Twitter has been supported and increased exponentially by the regular users of the platform. 

So no, Twitter is not dead and is not dying anytime soon. For all the users and the ones who wish to join Twitter soon, this is a sigh of relief to find that Twitter is not dead.

Is Twitter On A Decline?

Yes. According to the social media market and latest reports, the declining graph was observed in the usage of Twitter. Starting from the year 2012 till the end of 2018, twitter experienced a setback. 

During these years, around 100 million users have reduced their daily usage of Twitter. The age gap utilizing Twitter the most comes between 30-40 years. 

However, this is the working population and hence has solid issues to raise on Twitter, the activities are at peak on the non-working hours or the weekend days.

The actual graphs released by twitter support the notion of Twitter declining at a considerable rate. It shows that although the rate of posts on Twitter has increased, the number of new or incoming users has declined. 

Thus, overall Twitter can be seen declining. The quality of the crowd on Twitter is increased gradually as per a statement given by the Twitter owners and founders. 

This declining rate is not considered to result in an overall shutdown of the platform.

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If you are an aspirant with a need of getting updates now and then, then Twitter can be a good and highly informative platform for you. It is used currently by over 300 million users from different corners of the globe. 

The users lie within the age limit of 30-50, yet the youth is very much attracted to such an open platform. Hence, increasing its popularity amongst the youth as well.

Is Twitter still Relevant?

Yes. With over 15 years in the social media market, Twitter has had its fair share of ups and downs. However, the authenticity and relevance of the platform remain intact over years. 

The platform is not only used for increasing the online contact list but also is trusted by billions of users for gathering information about the whereabouts of the globe. 

Here, you can get information from the opposite corner of the square just by improving your contacts or relevantly following the trending hot topics on Twitter.

Also, the platform helps you to build good working relations with people having similar interests around the globe and hence, improve your social status.

Is Twitter Dead For Businesses?

No. Twitter is used widely by small and large business owners around the globe to increase their market. For over 15 years, Twitter has proved itself to be a worthy platform for selling and buying the stuff you like. 

The chances of coming across a scam on Twitter are however diminishing. Over 70% of the small business owners experienced higher selling rates while using Twitter.

This clarifies the picture that Twitter is not dead for businesses Or else wise. Twitter is safe and a widely available and accepted platform for digital marketing and branding of your business from any part of the globe. 

Ranging from small to large business owners, Twitter is beneficial to all.

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Twitter is one of the oldest and most loved social media around the globe. Even after a few bumps down the road, the platform is still in a good place and hence, the users must not worry about twitter dying so soon. 

However, the declining user graph is concerning for social media users and experts.