Overwatch 2 High Precision Mouse Input ON Or OFF

High Precision Mouse Input in Overwatch 2 allows you to fire between ticks.

It’ll make already good aim more consistent, and you may find benefit to heroes that need that level of smoothness and precision.

Cassidy and widow being prime suspects. It’s unlikely to be useful to most people, and because it requires a really good mouse, and sometimes a good monitor, it can come across as pretentious.

A “you want better aim? Just have more money and use a better mouse and rig 5head.” Answer. Hence downvotes.

With the new High Precision option enabled, projectiles can now travel down any of the red lines!

This means you can also functionally shoot between rendered frames (or at high fps, on rendered frames that are in between ticks).

Overwatch 2 High Precision Mouse Input

First, a quick summary on how aiming and shooting happens in Overwatch. Overwatch simulates (or ticks) every 16 milliseconds, or at 62.5Hz.

Each tick, They update the players aiming direction based on whatever raw inputs they have received from the mouse hardware since the previous tick.

If the player has pressed primary fire, They then launch their shot in that direction (assuming they are alive, have ammo, aren’t in the middle of some other action, etc.)

Despite this being a conventional way of handling mouse input in a first-person shooter, we wanted to do better.

Many gaming mice these days support 500Hz, 1000Hz or even more in terms of polling rates.

At 1000Hz, this means the mouse movement done between game ticks can be done by as many as 16 discrete mouse movements delivered from the hardware.

Some additional things worth noting:

This will not change how it “feels” to look around. Looking around will feel the same as it always has, since the final rendered view always took into account any and all raw input messages received from hardware prior to that frame.

Enabling this option does come with a small CPU cost overhead.

Subframe aiming only takes place when a mouse button is either going down or up, and only when using primary or secondary fire.

Holding down primary fire for tracking type weapons will not have any changes to how it behaves.

How To Turn ON Or Turn OFF High Precision Mouse Input In Overwatch 2?

Steps to Turn ON or Turn OFF High Precision Mouse Input in Overwatch 2:

Step 1: Launch Overwatch 2

Step 2: Go to Settings

Step 3: Go to Gameplay.

Step 4: Scroll to the bottom and Turn ON or Turn OFF High Precision Mouse Input accordingly.

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