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LunaOne Metaverse Project

LunaOne is one of the first Metaverses to allow Earning, Shopping, Socializing, Creating, Studying, and Gaming all in a seamless Web 3.0 environment.

If you are into the crypto and Defi world, you must have come across the name – LuneOne quite a bit these days. So, what is it?

LunaOne is a project based on the meta-verse (a virtual world where people can do life tasks and interact with others), and here, it tries to become a standard of life within the meta-verse.

Through LunaOne, one can play games, undertake education, work, have autonomous governance (using decentralized organization), and other life-based essential activities right from their homes. In fact, LunaOne is the first completely functional life-sized meta-verse that operates within the spectacular Web 3.0 environment. 

LunaOne Metaverse Project 

LunaOne Mission 

The mission of LunaOne is not just to create a gaming world like other metaverses, but a comprehensive virtual place to live a life by studying, earning, and playing. The platform gives plenty of opportunities for the virtual world to interact with the real world and vice versa. 

LunaOne Core Elements 

The project is based on enabling the following three concepts in the Metaverse:

  • Decentralised Decision Making (DAO)
  • Integrating all life activities in one place 
  • Cross world interaction for knowledge, activities and real services. 

Web 3.0 Leveraging Power Of LunaOne 

Web 3.0 is the new buzzword in the market and it simply represents the upcoming iteration of the Internet with an increased focus on decentralization, crypto, blockchain, and better user utility and interaction. Web 3.0 enables the creation of an ‘Avatar’ which is you, just in the metaverse. Every avatar is unique and each will have its own NFT associated with it. Each avatar becomes part of DAO therefore, everyone will have the power to influence within LunaOne. Once you create the Avatar, you can choose one or many of the following paths for it:

  • Business 
  • Education 
  • Gaming 

The avatar can access any activities within the Metaverse but they will get more access and opportunities on their main path. 

The core ROI for the avatar lies in LunaOne being limitless and simplified. That is, the avatar can solve any real-world issue and each task or quest is being rewarded in some form or the other. 

Features Of LunaOne

  • NFTs – The items in the Metaverse can be purchased and stored in the form of NFTs. They are divided into three depending on how frequent you might come across them (common, rare and legendary).
  • Ranks – The ranking system will depend on how well-developed your avatar will be on its main path. The main leaderboard that will be displayed within the metaverse, will have the ranking of 1% of all avatars in it. 
  • Governance – Every avatar who holds the XLN tokens can influence the governance. The ecosystem will enable the avatar to vote and it can be initiated either by the foundation (the LunaOne team) or the community. 

Possibilities With LunaOne: The Visualisation

To begin with, LunaOne will also sell virtual land which will be in the form of NFTs. Users can purchase these NFTs and customize their land accordingly. It allows the users also to maintain their own inventory where they can collect rare and legendary NFTs, similar to collectibles that we have in the real world. 

The project is backed by experienced professionals from Fortune 500 companies. Through LunaOne, they are solving the fundamental problem of having segmented meta-verses for separate tasks.

Now, they aim to bring everything from real estate to education, to work to global brands in one place making it convenient for the user.

Another USP of the project is that it takes augmented reality to the next level by connecting the infra within the meta-verse to real-world sectors including education, finance, entertainment, etc. 

The project also has an AR/VR device that takes the experience of the Meta-verse to a full interactive level with the hyper-real world.

Using the tracking gloves/suits, participants can feel, touch, and smell the environment and also track the movement of another user’s body and face. 

The activities which the players can do on LuneOne are endless – they can engage in combats, invite friends, develop properties, discover new tasks and quests, and stand a chance to gain reward for each of them. 

LunaOne Crypto Presale 

LunaOne has its own crypto token – the XLN token and this will be the center of all purchases and transactions in the metaverse. Since the project is yet to be launched in 2022, the community has been calling offers for the pre-sale of the tokens. If you are interested, you can acquire these tokens at discounted price beforehand and start spending once the meta-verse is open!

You can follow the discounts associated with the predistribution event on their official Twitter handle –

XLN Smart Contract Address

XLN Smart Contract Address: 0xcd1c4964595701B8c129c334169CC21376bE9f47

Where And How To Buy LunaOne Crypto?

The XLN tokens can be purchased on the LunaOne Website. Here are the simple steps to do so: 

Step 1: Create An Account

Create an Account on Enter your full name, email address and set a strong password to gain access to your account. 

Step 2: Complete KYC

Once you go to the main page, on the right, click on ‘Complete KYC’. This is a necessary step as it will ensure that the platform does not accept fraud individuals which could lead to money laundering. 

  • Click on ‘Click here to Complete KYC’
  • Enter all personal information, choose the document you want to upload and complete the upload 
  • Click on ‘Proceed to Verify’
  • If the information produced is consistent and the document is cleared, you should be KYC-approved. 

Step 3: Link Receiving Wallet Address 

This is where you will receive your XLN token. 

  • On the main page, under Receiving Wallet, click on ‘Add’. 
  • Enter the BSC Wallet Address
  • Click on ‘Add Wallet’

Step 4: Buy XLN Now 

On the main page, click on ‘Buy XLN Now’.  Following this, choose the currency in which you want to pay to purchase the token. Enter the amount you want in XLN tokens. Then scroll down to click on ‘Buy Now.’

Choose the appropriate mode of payment (International Bank Transfer or US Bank Transfer) and complete the transaction. 

Voila! The XLN token is yours!


This is all you need to know about the LunaOne Metaverse project and the cryptocurrency associated with it. Keep following their official Twitter handle ( to catch the latest updates on the project. Before investing in XLN, be mindful of the volatility of the currency.