8 Best Metaverse Apps

best metaverse app

From the time a lot of mainstream companies have started talking about the metaverse, it has almost become a trend to talk about it.

While we are not entirely sure of the functioning of the metaverse concept, being the talk of the town everyone is keen on investing in it. 

Metaverse is actually a parallel universe of the digital times. It is actually the soft world and dreamworld of programmers.

It is the world in which everything impossible in the actual world comes true.

Heard of avatars and the great movie that is going to hit the theaters soon, well, yes, we are talking about the movie – Avatar: The Way of Water.

The movie is actually the embodiment of the concept of the metaverse.

While talking about the metaverse there is a very important thing that we need to know and that thing is that the metaverse is not a real one but actually a soft imprint of the real human.

It has in its hold the real human being and only the avatar of the human walks across the screen. 

While talking about the greatest of the metaverse apps, we have created a list for you to explore and compare:

8 Best Metaverse Apps

1. Decentraland

Decentraland 1

URL: https://decentraland.org/ 

While the name of the app looks a bit old school or something relating to Disneyland but it is just not like that.

Created by the duo, Ari Meilich, and Esteban Ordano, it is software that originated in the land of Argentina in the year 2015.

It is a public site that the people can view and understand at their own sweet will. It has been open to public use since the year 2020.

It is an old and experienced player which has been in existence for a long long time. It has collaborated with the Australian Open to conduct the AO ball project.

The software is a great one that allows us to create avatars of ourselves and also create successive sub apps within this parent app.

It allows the user to create the app and monetize it and also make it available for commercial sale.

It is software that includes a piece of land that is commonly shared by the investors in the software.

This LAND is limited and can be increased or widened only by the investors through the Decentraland DAO. 

It is a builder software where there is a lot of space for the developer to explore and also interact. The developer can create their own versions of the land on this metaverse.

The user can use a simple drag and drop mechanism to make the app function.

The metaverse uses the soft currency prevalent of the times and includes the NFTs in the purchases.

The land created on the app can be commonly used and these lands can be turned into NFTs and accordingly traded.

The propriety token of Decentraland is MANA and users are supposed to use that for transactions. Other transactions can be carried out through the site OpenSea.

2. Sandbox


URL: https://www.sandbox.game/en/

Coming to the next big player of the soft world, the Sandbox. The founders of this great initiative are the genius Arthur Madrid and Sebastian Borget.

The site was developed in the year 2012. Then the company shifted hands into the leadership of the mentor company, Animoca Brands. This happened in the year 2018.

This was when newer concepts came to the rise and the site also started to include each of these new discoveries and inventions.

The site included blockchain and cryptocurrency. It has its own cryptocurrency by the name, SAND. 

The company is working with a lot more adventures of the same kind. It is also including the hong kong initiative to create a virtual megacity.

Coming to what does the site deal in. Well, the site includes a platform where developers build and monetize their products. And that too in the Ethereum blockchain.

The company is expanding its ventures and has already joined hands with more than 60 IP brands so that pixelated versions of the avatars created on their platform can have a space in the virtual world. 

It has a high-profile landowner community that involves Pranksy, Bored Ape Yacht Club, the Atari, and some more.

3. Roblox


URL: https://www.roblox.com/ 

The next game changer and mega influencer is the mega site, Roblox. A platform for experimentation and trials, the Roblox is a platform where people can try out the newest games created by the greatest of minds.

It is a common space where you can try out the different creations on the metaverse and how you can incorporate those ideas into your software. 

It has more than 20 million games published in it by the publishers and due to the developers monetizing their games they are able to earn a lump sum from these initiatives. 

While we might think that even entering the platform must be monetized and we need to pay for entering the arena, well, no.

There is no such chance and we are free to roam and play till we meet an essential barrier passing which we can play again. The games and the platform is completely free to download and use. 

There are advancements in the game which are paid and that is where the developer earns.

You can upgrade your avatar by buying them better goods and products and also changing their personalities and abilities.

These include some amounts and units of payment but apart from these nothing else on the platform is paid.

While all others are incorporating the blockchain and cryptos into the gaming league, Roblox has taken a smarter step.

It has introduced the feature of spatial voice chat that would mimic a real conversation and has increased the level of the metaverse.

4. Epic Games

Epic Games 1

URL: https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/

Taking about games we have the next app that includes the word games in its existence. The main stuff behind the great video game. Fortnite is a brainchild of this element. 

Hosting more than just battles in its online soft form the company has increased its stand and now we have the soft virtual music events and parties.

It has gone from individual events to communicative group events like the parties where the person is able to interact and change the view that we have about these soft events.

With the support of celebrities, Epic is touching heights. Travis Scotts’s party being a huge success is a huge added advantage to the metaverse.

With Epic introducing online interaction between the players and avatars, there will be a lot of innovation in this sector.

The sector of gaming and online activity is going to include crypto and online tokens of payment which is going to be a turnover.

With the digital assets all coming together, as well as the entire thing getting shown as integrated into a parallel soft universe, we can see a formidable power rising in the future. 

5. Minecraft


URL: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us 

One of the trending topics in the social media field, Minecraft has a long history of embracing our hearts and making our lives better.

Launched by the largest commuter of technology, Microsoft has launched the Minecraft verse.

In this, the developers can create virtual worlds from the very basics and also invite other developers to contribute to the code that they are writing and the project they are working upon. 

The Microsoft organization true to its nature is bent on introducing the formal approach to the fun world as well.

More than a thousand small-scale companies are getting their soft world on the metaverse.

Microsoft introduces ppts, excels, and word docs on the multiverse to allow its users to interact with these ever helpful segments of our work life and work better in the future that revolves around the soft world of the metaverse.

6. Zepeto 

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URL: https://zepeto.me/

With the new generation’s inclusion into social media, Zepeto is a game changer.

Who says you need to be on a social media platform to influence others? The only requirement is to be on an online account and a soft platform.

This requirement is met in the soft world and we are ever ready to get the influencers on board. Well, this might be what was on their mind when the online virtual world of the Zepeto was created. 

Involving the currency used in the game, Zeus is another popular fact about this site and online transactions within the app can be performed by using this currency. 

The platform is an online world where you can become an influencer by broadcasting different data and materials.

The platform has over 250 million users and most of them are earning more than 6 digit figures. 

We can never estimate the possibilities of the virtual world and Zepeto shows us how the rules of the virtual world can also be bent to include social media, a soft platform on another soft world, Zepeto.

7. The SIMS


URL: https://www.ea.com/games/the-sims

Launched in the year 2000, the SIMS is actually a series of life simulation video games. You can build an avatar of yourself or what is otherwise called a SIM.

Once you create yourself in the virtual world, you can create your entire home on the game. 

Ranging from relations to most other real stuff in your life, you can have your entire house and relatives and friends or what you think of as a home on the game.

The SIM-verse includes luxury brands and you can perform both proper transactions as well as the buying and purchases that one wants to do in the real world.

8. Octi


URL: https://octi.com/ 

Octi is a metaverse where the developers can combine all the virtual elements of the real world and create a world involving all of these.

Virtual objects, scenes, and such elements can be put into videos and be put up for sale on the online site. 

It is a combination of the blockchain, trending bitcoins, crypto trends and so much more and a person visiting the site can be flashed with every fad and trend in the soft world. 

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Concluding the existence of the metaverse is not a thing that is possible because the metaverse has not yet discovered its true potential.

It has not come to its full glory and the purposes of its creation have not been met.

The topic in detail is actually a very long one and we have more than enough varieties in this field.

There are mainstream companies as well as the small side businesses that have sprung up to create the metaverse of their imaginations and fantasies.

The metaverse is actually a great idea that serves as a new generation solution to a lot of troubles.