Losing Twitter Followers: Reasons & How To Fix It?

Loosing Twitter followes

Are you losing your Twitter followers subsequently?

The reasons might be many that you will learn in this article.

Also, this article explains how you can grow or retain your Twitter followers without investing a penny.

But, before jumping to the ways to retain your Twitter followers, it’s important to identify the cause of losing your Twitter followers.

Losing Twitter Followers

If you’re an active Twitter user, you’ve likely been following some interesting people and have gotten enthusiastic replies from your new supporters. 

You might be surprised to find that a few of them suddenly “unfollow” you, while others slowly but surely do the same over a period of a week or more. 

So, what are the possibilities/causes of losing followers on Twitter? 

Causes Of Losing Followers On Twitter

 Losing your Twitter followers subsequently and drastically can’t be a coincidence.

There may be several possible reasons behind it that are discussed below:

1. Twitter Removes Fake Followers

If you have increased your Twitter followers by doing spam or paying money, the Twitter algorithm identifies it anyhow.

Then there is a high probability that Twitter will remove your fake followers. 

It is because Twitter believes in organic followers and fights with spam and spammers, so if you attempt any unusual activities to increase your followers. 

Twitter doesn’t only remove your followers, but it can also penalize you.

So suppose you noticed 100-200 followers down overnight it might be due to the Twitter action on your account. 

If the high-tech algorithm of Twitter suspends a Twitter account, the followers are also deducted as they have never existed. 

But, you should also celebrate this consistent drop in the number of Twitter followers because it increases your engagement rate per follower. 

Remember, it’s always to have a genuine fan following rather than making your Twitter account a ghost town.

Fake or paid followers are never trustworthy and more profitable than genuine followers. 

So create great and engaging posts and attract real fan followings.

Because with false followership, you will not be able to generate more values or revenues.

It’s a huge probability that the false followers will like your post or content. 

They will not act as engaging as real followers, and nor will they be turned into leads or sales.

So, avoid using bots or apps to increase your Twitter followers artificially or potentially fake.

2. You Are Not Posting Regularly

There is tons of content being posted on Twitter as a tweet retweet.

And people usually follow those accounts that post enough and keep their followers engaging, creating healthy relations with their followers by creating posts of their follower’s interest. 

So, don’t let people or followers forget your account; keep posting with consistency at a regular interval of time.

It will help you to recognize your Twitter handle/Profile. 

You can also schedule your posts to publish automatically to maintain your audience’s interactions with your post. 

Being consistent in creating a post will play a key role in your profile recognition if you are giving enough that your followers want.

It will help you to increase your post increments. 

If you are not posting as per the people’s interest, your post will have a low engagement, and also your followers might unfollow you.

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Twitter is a very fast-paced platform, so you have to post multiple times in a day to keep interacting with your followers.

Experts say tweeting 34 times is a good amount to hope for the best. 

If your tweets are less than that, it will seem as sporadic and hard enough to connect or interact with your valuable followers. 

Remember, you are willing to increase your Twitter followers and engagement; you will only learn it from the hit and trial method. 

If you observe that you are posting more, but engagements are less.

In this scenario, you must change your posting strategy and the number of posts.

If any of your Tweets are getting more engagement in the first hour, you can pin it. 

It’s an ultimate way to call to action or promote your important tweets on which you want new people to land on the post and interact with it. 

So, learning how to pin a tweet will help you to not only boost your post engagement but also retain and increase the number of followers.

3. Low-Quality Tweets

Low-quality tweets or soft tweets are not often engaging and sufficiently beneficial.

Try posting trending, hot topics, or a tweet of mass interest. 

Remember Twitter platform is based on the text so, keep your Tweets sweet and short with proper hashtags.

Here, the audience is politicians, business owners, world-class professionals, and normal citizens who have their strong stand. 

They are not shy to express their thoughts, opinions, or stand.

So, if you are not meeting the quality requirement, you will most probably be left behind.

So before posting tweets, ask yourself that-

4. Your Post Resonate With The Audience/Does Your Tweet Serve The Purpose Of The Post? 

Are you posting original thoughts?

Or you are tweeting a generic post that you found somewhere on another account. 

If your post is neither unique nor represents specific values that your followers are looking for.

Or, you might have hurt your follower’s sentiment with your tweet.

Then you may lose your followers. 

So ensure your Tweets are sparking and interesting simultaneously; you must also make sure your post should not be bland and formulaic.

5. Promoting Yourself Consistently

Suppose you post 30 tweets, and each post contains self-promotion that may disappoint your followers until you are not any influencer or actress. 

Your followers might get bored and unfollow you because you are not creating any value for them. 

They may be often irritated with your bulks of notifications.

So, don’t let your followers and prioritize creating values for your followers. 

You may think that you like notifications of brands or people doing self-promotion until they don’t give you the best deal or create value for you. 

People follow brands for specific reasons like they might be waiting for the best deal or offer, or either your products are very engaging or entertaining for them. 

But, if your posts are not of their concerns or interests, the people will not like to open your tweet notifications.

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They will not like it again and again. 

So if you wish to do self-promotion or brand promotion, you will need to do it strategically by taking care of your follower’s interests. 

Try creating some values for your audience, showing concerns about them and their interest in your every post.

Suppose you post your pictures for self-promotion with the intent of being famous. 

So think about why people will see your face or what value you are creating for them.

You can add some interesting quotes, lines, or engaging stories to do this. 

If you are doing your brand promotion, you may offer some best deals and announce coupon codes or discounts for the same day with the intent of generating more leads. 

Suppose a brand name XYZ sells pizza; the brand has single product pizza, so think about how irritating it will be to receive the same product, offer, or deal 30 times a day. 

So to make it exciting and engaging, you may announce different offers on price, delivery charges, additional cold drinks, etc.

Announce some best deals before launch timing, dinner time or at breakfast time because, at that time, people are hungry enough, so most probably they will make an order if you are adding some benefits in their order.

Its strategy will increase your followers and help retain the audience.

Also, you can post varieties of content related to your niche. 

Create posts on trending topics in your niche, not necessarily talking about you or your brands; you will observe that you are getting more hits than posting about yourself only. 

6. Tweeting Outside Your Theme

Posting outside your theme can be harmful to your credibility until it does not have any special significance for your audience.

Suppose you have decided your niche on fashion designing but are now posting irrelevant news promoting any different agenda. 

In this scenario, you may lose your potential followers.

But, if you are posting any patriotic post on Independence day or similar, it will increase your post engagement because it has exceptional significance for the mass people. 

If you consistently post on topics outside your niche, you might observe a slow decline in your followership. 

Still, as your large number of followers will notice it, they will unfollow you and ultimately lose your followership at a mass level.

Don’t forget your purpose in creating an account, and always ensure that you are serving your purpose. 

Twitter provides the facility to choose specific topics to see posts in every Twitter user’s recommendations while creating the account.

And if you have created your Twitter account to post on the entertainment niche. 

The followers will recognize your Twitter handle as an entertainment post creator.

If you start posting consistently on cryptocurrency, your number of followers will be affected. 

Evaluate and observe your every tweet, whether it is not outside your niche.

Posting a few tweets outside your might not affect your followers count. 

But, it is persistent; it may lose your mass followers.

People prefer creating new Twitter handles if willing to post on a different theme. 

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7. Paid Followers

Don’t expect too much if you have paid some to increase your followers.

Many Twitter geeks increase their followers by paying a penny. 

Remember, purchased followers are just numbers; you will not receive much attention on your posts or tweets. 

It will not drive traffic, engagement, sales, lead or clicks.

One more biggest issue is- they will be gone sooner or later. 

Because they are not your authentic followers, the person you have paid for increasing your followers might have done it by using bots, apps or any unethical activities; you never know. 

If the Twitter algorithm identifies it, you will lose your followers.

Buying followers may sound good, but it has not much relevance and benefits.

So, it’s better to stay away from it and build your genuine fan-following base. 

8. Twitter Glitch

If everything seems fine, but you are still losing your consistent followership, it may be a glitch from the Twitter site that you should not ignore. 

Twitter had glitches in the past, causing drastic loss of followers, sometimes for a few minutes or sometimes for whole days until you don’t request Twitter for the same. 

Sometimes Twitter detects their issues before you request.

You might have seen news of such a Twitter glitch on the internet. 

If you are also facing similar issues, wait for at least 24 hours to observe the situation perfectly. 

Then request Twitter in their support box about the concern.

If it is a glitch from their side, you will gain your followers again. 

Does Twitter Delete Followers?

Yes, Twitter can delete your followers If it detects that you have gained your followership unethically.

Or either it is gained by using bot, application, or paid.

Sometimes it may be a Twitter glitch.

Sometimes the deletions may be permanent.

In some cases, you can recover your followers by adding them back one by one manually or all at once using a web application.

Why Am I Suddenly Losing Followers On Twitter?

There may be several reasons why you are losing your followers.

Some of them are listed below, which are discussed in detail above.

  • Twitter removes paid or fake followers if detected.
  • If you are tweeting outside your niche
  • It may be a glitch in Twitter
  • Users might be bored with your self-promotion tweets consistently
  • Low-quality Tweets
  • You might not be posting regularly.

You can also consider reading the above-mentioned causes of losing Twitter Followers.  

Final Words 

Followers on Twitter denote how strong your profile is?

If you have a maximum number of followers, it means your Twitter profile is strong enough.

But, never try any shortcuts or purchase followers from any hacker or related person. 

Fake followers are always worthless.

You will lose them sooner or later.

To avoid wasting your time and money and build your genuine followership.

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