What Does “You No Longer Send Messages To This Person” Mean?

you can no longer send message to this person

Are you getting a message of “You can no longer send messages to this person” on sending direct messages on Twitter? 

Suppose you tried to reach out to your friend by sending a direct message on Twitter but could not reach them due to minor trouble while messaging with an error of “Twitter is unable to process your messages at this time.” 

In this article, you will learn about the steps to deal with similar issues on Twitter? But before we jump deeper into it, let’s understand what direct messages are and what it means when getting an error of “You can no longer send messages to this person” on Twitter?

What Does “You No Longer Send Messages To This Person” Mean?

A direct message or DM on Twitter is a message in text, image or audio, video files privately sent to another Twitter account. 

Hence, it is regarded as a direct message. Twitter provides the facility to communicate privately by sending direct messages to another account. 

However, sometimes you receive a message that you can’t send to that account or person while messaging, which is very common, and it happens when a recipient denies receiving your private messages. 

It is a self-evident answer; however, you may get this error due to other reasons. You can see this error when you open your chat inbox. 

You will observe that you can read your past messages that you have sent and are delivered, but you will not be able to see your latest messages. 

Following are the main possible reasons if you are getting this error: 

  • You might be blocked.
  • The Twitter account might be private. Twitter provides such a feature that you can keep your account private and public that you can enable by visiting the settings option. 
  • The account holder might turn off the feature of receiving direct messages from anyone.
  • It may be a glitch from the Twitter side.

Let’s discuss some of the significant reasons in detail:

1. That Specific Account Holder Might Has Blocked You

If you want to be sure that the account holder has blocked you or not, you can directly navigate to their Twitter profile, where you might have limited access to their profile, and also, you will be notified there that you are blocked indeed. 

If the account holder has blocked you, you will not be able to perform the following things:

  1. You can’t conversate with the specific account
  2. You will not be able to see their recent updates or tweets
  3. Send a tweet to them
  4. See the post in which they are tagged in, and
  5. Also, you can’t see their comments.

Now, if you are looking for why you have been blocked, there may be many, but the most obvious reason is that they don’t want to chat with you anymore. 

However, you may be unblocked when the account holder wishes to do so in the future. 

But, for now, you must admit that he or she does not want to communicate with you on Twitter. 

You can try to communicate by using other social media platforms or direct ways asking to unblock your account is blocked by mistake. 

  • The account holder might turn off the feature of receiving direct messages from anyone.

Many people disable their direct messaging features for strangers so that they don’t receive messages from anyone.

In this scenario, they only receive messages from the account they are following. 

Remember, if they are not following you, it means you will be treated as a stranger, and hence you would be unable to DM them. 

If you send them private messages, you will receive the error of “you can no longer send messages to this person” in your chat inbox.

If you want confirmation for this, you may visit their profile, where you are able to see their profile, which means they have not blocked you. But, if the profile is not visible means they did block you. 

If you are not blocked, then they might turn off the feature of receiving direct messages from anyone. However, you may request to follow them so that they will receive your notification, and if they accept it, then you will again be able to send them private messages. 

2. Twitter Glitch

If everything is fine from all sides, then most probably, it may be a result of any technical glitch on Twitter due to which you are unable to send your acquaintance a message or media.

In this scenario, you will need to wait some hours because sometimes Twitter detects this technical glitch by itself and resolves it. If not, you can approach them by navigating their support system. 

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Twitter: Your Message Could Not Be Sent

Following are the possible causes why your message could not be sent.

  • You can not send Direct Messages to people until they follow you.
  • Unless they have turned on DMs
  • Check if there are links in your message.
  • You might have been involved in spam activities on Twitter. 

Why Can’t I Directly Message Someone On Twitter?

You cannot send the message to someone on Twitter because they might turn on the option where their followers can only reach them through direct message.

Also, confirm whether you are blocked from that user’s side by landing on their profile. Ensure their profile is visible or not. If not visible means you are blocked.

Sending Direct Messages Failed Twitter

You can send only one thousand direct messages per Twitter per day. Once you hit the threshold, you will not send messages. 

In this scenario, you will need to wait until the next day if you send messages to the account holder who does not follow you. Then you can’t send DMs to him on Twitter.

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The Twitter App Cannot Retrieve Messages At This Time

If you are facing an error, the Twitter app can not retrieve messages at this time. Several factors can affect or inhibit Twitter’s ability to retrieve messages. 

Make sure to have gone through every corner of the phone that can inhibit its operations. 

You will be required to check the ability of your smartphone and Twitter application to connect to the active and stable internet connection. Also, make sure Twitter has all the access to every required permission to operate normally. 

Check your adblockers, Twitter current version, firewall, phone setting, and application that can restrict the functionality of the Twitter application. 

Let’s see how you can do it step by step. There are specific instructions for every step you need to go through. 

Remember, there may be multiple disruption points throughout the communication that you will need to fix step by step until your Twitter application works, below could be the following reasons for “The Twitter App Cannot Retrieve Messages at this Time

1. Check Your Network Connections

Since there are several reasons, you are getting this message. An unstable network connection may be one of the reasons for it. Check your network stability and ensure that your smartphone has a good network connection. 

So whether the other apps are working correctly or not, if other apps on your smartphone are also not working smoothly, you will need to troubleshoot it, turning off and on your data.

2. Update Twitter

Make sure you are using an updated version of Twitter. Locate the play store/App Store and update your Twitter application because an outdated version of Twitter can inhibit the functionality of the Twitter application. 

Twitter updates ensure your privacy and security for your communication and other data. 

However, sometimes the latest version can also cause this error; in this scenario, you may try restoring an older version of Twitter.

 Keep using this older version until this issue is sorted at the latest one. You can find an older version of Twitter on the Internet. 

3. Try Twitter Official Website

If you think the Twitter application is causing the error, you may use the web version of the Twitter application. If it worked properly, there is a problem in your smartphone application that you need to look after. 

For this, you can check it by reinstalling Twitter on your phone, or you will need to work around your phone application right away. 

Your last option is to try accessing Twitter solely through a web browser (like Chrome). You can learn a few things right away until the error is resolved by sidestepping the app. 

But, if the problem is persistent on the Twitter web version too. It signifies that the problem may be from Twitter’s side. You can also log in from other networks or devices to be sure. 

On the other hand, if it is a server issue, you may wait for a few hours or one day until Twitter resolves it. 

4. Check Security Options 

This issue may arise from the security option on your smartphone. While navigating to the data services, you might have restricted access to the individual application causing this error. 

Ensure you have given all the required permissions to Twitter. Also, Ensure that the ad blocker is not limiting the Twitter functionality. And at last, be sure from the firewall side. 

Check your network firewall and ensure that the application has all the required permission to run smoothly through the firewall.

5. Get Help From The Twitter Support

If the steps mentioned above for troubleshooting are not working, you can contact Twitter support with your concern in detail. 

You can also opt for an IT professional to resolve this error. If nothing above resolves the issue, you are at the end of standard troubleshooting. 

Final Words

The main reason you are unable to send them messages is that you might be blocked, the user might turn off the feature of receiving messages, or It may be a technical glitch in Twitter.

Finding the error and resolving it can be crucial for many, so expert Help is suggested.