Is IIFL Safe for Trading & Investing?

Is iifl safe

What is IIFL Finance?

IIFL the abbreviation for IIFL is India Infoline Limited. Indian Infoline Limited is India’s one of the oldest and best stock brokerage companies. IIFL has 2500 plus offices across India in 500 + major cities.

Indian infoline limited started in India before 2000 so its 25 years old firm and it is trusted by a majority of the Indians that’s why Indian Infoline Limited is very much successful in India.

From Indian Infoline Limited we can do stock market investing, mutual funds, commodities, currencies, IPO, Bonds, etc. It is very much easy to trade over India Infoline Limited because it offers a seamless buying and selling experience to its customers.

Due to its best customer service, India Infoline Limited has over 250000 plus premium subscribers base. 

As we discussed with the help of its 2500 plus offices in India it’s providing the best customer service to its premium customers. So because of this service, India Infoline Limited has become an independent and trustworthy stock brokerage company in India.

So this is a small glimpse about Indian Infoline Limited. Let’s get into some more interesting details of IIFL.

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Advantages of using IIFL

  • By using Indian Infoline Limited you can trade or buy or sell multiple financial instruments such as stocks, IPO, mutual funds, currencies, commodities with a very little brokerage fee.
  • Not only India, Indian Infoline Limited is a global company and you can also call it the same in C where we can use its future from any part of the world such as the USA, Dubai, UK, and other major countries.
  • Same as other multinational companies and global companies India Infoline Limited is a government-approved and listed company.
  • India Infoline Limited uses the best technologies available in the market such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict the future value of a stock. If stock is going to perform well in the future, then IIFL is going to recommend to its premium subscribers that if customers are interested to invest in a particular stock they can invest and earn good returns on their investment.
  • India Infoline Limited is registered under the guidelines of the securities exchange board of India. Customer data and company activities will be very much safe and monitored under the watch of the Securities Exchange Board of India so we can easily trust India Infoline Limited.
  • If you open a Demat account with India Infoline Limited you will have the opportunity to invest in various financial instruments. India Infoline Limited offers a variety of plans for low ticket customers and premium customers so that the person having less amount can opt for a small plan and persons capable of investing huge amounts can opt for a premium subscription.

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Why is IIFL Safe?

IIFL has been around for a long time, and throughout, it has maintained a low customer complaint ratio. It is constantly in the range of 0.01% which is better than many brokers out there. 

Secondly, the customer base of IIFL has been increasing consistently, more so, in recent times when there is a boom in personal finance. As of September 2020, IIFL has more than 2.40 lakh customers and overall, there have been more than 40 lakh customers. 

If you want proof of quality, look no further because IIFL has ISO Certification. They have achieved this certificate due to the robust information management and security features put in place. 

Every time you sign up to IIFL, you will be provided with a relationship manager who will guide you through your process, troubleshoot your issues and explain to you more about what makes IIFL safe. 

Registration Numbers of IIFL

  • Indian Infoline Limited is registered under the Securities Exchange Board of India and its registration number is INZ000164132.
  • It is also registered under the National Stock Exchange.
  • India Infoline Limited is also registered under the Bombay Stock Exchange.
  • It is also registered under Portfolio Management Service and its registration number is 000002213.

So these are some of the most important registrations and membership numbers of India Infoline Limited. If any company has these registrations then it is said as one of the trustworthy companies. Persons who are willing to invest in stocks and mutual funds etc can invest through this firm.


Yes! IIFL is a safe & trustworthy company and you can use IIFL to do your financial transactions such as investing in mutual funds, investing in stock markets & IPOs, etc. It has strong trust in its customer because of its strong brand.


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