Why Is Amazon Stock So Expensive?

Why amazon stock is so expemsive

Amazon is not just a successful e-commerce platform but one a Trillion dollar United States company that offers stock services.

It was established by Jeff Bezos in 1994 and offered widespread services to users globally.

Though Bezos relinquished his position as the CEO of the company to Jassy Andy recently, Amazon’s revenue & share rate keeps skyrocketing with no intention to drop. 

The company’s growth is juicy and attractive to the degree where professional investors can’t hold back their funds than invest it with Amazon.

Why Is Amazon Stock So Expensive?

Amazon has bagged a blueprint in the stock market with their ever outstanding stock “AMZN STOCK”. This means that the stock is highly credible and explicit. Generally, companies that operate strongly in the digital market assume this position and Amazon is indeed one.

As of February 2022, Amazon’s stock runs a price of about $3,152.79 for each share. Therefore considering your objective(long-term) before purchase is of uttermost significance.

Note: Past achievement in the market doesn’t guarantee the future outcome.

What Factors Should You Consider Before Buying A Stock?

Potential investors are supposed to do detailed research on stock quality and reliability before investment.

 Critical aspects to evaluate are:

  • The firm’s net income & earnings e.g. $112.000,000,000 for Amazon.
  • Credibility and precision
  • Your return on long-term investment

A firm’s net worth is reported to the Security Exchange Commission annually to keep a record of the growth rate. Furthermore, the information provided on the annual record outlines the company’s revenue & assets against its liabilities & risk elements.

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Why Is AMZN STOCK So Expensive?

From the report of January 2022, the AMZN stock reached an amount of $3k for each share, and this has been a mark setting for over one year, and it has not ended its surge. Amazon’s stock price has hit $3,152.79 recently compared to some other leading stock firms. At this price per share, the stock appears highly expensive, but the price is not just the only criterion for judging a stock.

Nevertheless, Amazon stock is reliable but exceptionally costly (though not the most expensive), which brings us to the reason for this high rate on each share basis. 

Reason 1: Amazon Has Divided Its Stocks Only Three Times

The justification for the high price of Amazon stock is quite simple. What is the reason? 

  • The only reason is that Amazon’s share record is relatively low to the market capitalization that it operates hence the expensive price of the stock. 

Amazon can decrease this high rate per share by dividing stocks further; the implication of dividing stocks further is that the sum of outstanding shares will increase.

Since the onset of its offering in 1977, Amazon has divided stocks only three times. Still, with the price presently gliding at $3,152.79 for each share, it is considered expensive and tough to trade between small investors.

Each stock has two distinct features:

  • The current stock price is different for each company.
  • The underlying business and how promising it is can vary as per the price of the stock.

So, for Amazon, it is expensive in terms of the stock prices and the value of its business.

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Reason 2: Low Share Count Of The Company In Relation To The Total Market Capitalization

The following formula gives another reason:

current stock price= Market capitalisation/ Outstanding shares

From this formula, it is evident that current stock price is inversely proportional to the outstanding shares of a company. So, if a company’s share count is low, then it’s stock prices will be higher in comparison to stock prices of similar businesses with similar market value.

This can be confirmed with the following example: both the companies are almost equally valued in the market.

But there’s a huge difference in their stock prices. Microsoft stock (MSFT) costs about $230 whereas Amazon costs much more than this.

This is because of the share count. Amazon has about 500 million shares whereas Microsoft has 7.5 billion outstanding shares.

You can determine the current stock price by dividing Market capitalisation by the number of shares.

Given that Microsoft has much more outstanding shares than Amazon, its stock price will be much less than Amazon.

Reason 3: Investors Believe In AMZN Stock And Are Ready To Pay A High Price For It.

Share market fixes the share prices according to the investors’ will to pay for them and not according to a company’s actual value.

Amazon has been active in almost all kinds of businesses. There is hardly anything which seems impossible for Amazon.

Be it Whole Foods Market or media devices services, you can find Amazon everywhere. The demand for what Amazon does is expected to increase more and more in the United States.

During the time of Covid19 pandemic, Amazon delivered groceries and goods to the front doors of millions of households irrespective of the time. In this way, the company created a good reputation and received extra business. 

As a result, major investors from all around the world got attracted to investing in the AMZN stock, and they had no problem paying a higher price for the stock, which set the AMZN stock at a high price.

Reason 4: Amazon Is Making Big Investments

Analysts are continuously putting very high price targets on Amazon. After the pandemic, Amazon stock prices increased considerably. Amazon is continuously looking to make big investments. 

Amazon is trying to push 1-day shipping as a competitive differentiator and is also making various kinds of investments in its infrastructure. It also bought an online pharmacy named PillPack.

As a result, the trust of the investors in the stocks Amazon is rising, and they are ready to pay higher for these, contributing to its higher price.

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Is It Good To Invest In AMZN STOCK?

Yes, there is no doubt. AMZN stock will continually gain customers’ attention because of its precise sales contracts and open lines of investments. 

Nonetheless, a lot of investors think they have missed out on the “Amazon consumer discretionary stock” because of how large the platform tends to be. 

The Reasons Why AMZN STOCK is a Good Choice For Investment

  • AMZN stock has remained one of the excellently performing stocks around the globe since 1977.
  • It has an edge in the digital market and is a promising choice of investment for middle stockholders.
  • AMZN stock wins in almost all areas because of its articulated mode of issuance, operation, and strategies involved in its investment. 
  • Prime purchase & usage is on the rise, therefore increasing Amazon’s positive revenue trend.
  • A great portion of consumers calls it the “E-commerce stock” that has everything. Thus, it is all an experienced investor would ever need.

The name “E-commerce stock” is no exaggeration judging from their recent performance and the move to pharmaceutical launching.

Like every other initiative of Amazon, the pharmaceutical move has triggered fear in the minds of competitors for a good reason. With AWS (Amazon Web Services), they can pay for losses in the pending pharmaceutical move. 

Despite their retail history, Amazon accomplished the “cloud infrastructure initiative.” Now, it proceeds to oversee the business to a peak of success, maintaining a bigger “market share” than its peers (Microsoft & Alphabet).

Also, it continues to be the nicest performing part of the firm in the previous months, with 4.2% & 2% operational limits for its North American & global retail components, respectively. Regardless, Amazon’s Website Services obtained a 30% operational margin at the same time.

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Amazon’s rate for a stock is basically because the firm owns a relative percentage of overdue shares in comparison with its competitors.

Yeah, right! stock rates would not reach this degree if the firm never went through significant growth over the decades.

Amazon also sells stock based on its existing income as shareholders expect the firm to continue its rise in the digital market as the years go by. Thus, they are ready to spend a premium amount on the stock.