Why Is Tesla Stock So Expensive?

Why tesla stock is so expensive

Everyone knows about the famous Company Tesla. The Tesla company was introduced in 2003 based in the US and became famous for its electric vehicles. The Tesla green energy company achieved great success and popularity in the world. There has been fast growth seen in the Company and a rapid increase in the price of their stocks.

But why are Tesla stocks so expensive? Should we invest in them? Please read the article till they tend to know more about Tesla stocks. 

Why Is Tesla Stock So Expensive?

Tesla Stock is expensive because of its high growth potential. Also, project earning in the future and the belief of the company will continue to grow and innovate. Tesla Company is growing and expanding at a faster rate. Also, Its profit margins are better than the industry pears that’s why Tesla has a premium valuation

This is a highly speculative stock and whether it trends up or down, you should only invest if you can handle some sizable losses.

We know that Tesla stocks are very costly, and still, traders are buying them. There are some reasons why Tesla stocks are very high-priced and are in huge demand.

The Tesla company has fewer shares outstanding due to which their stock prices are high. Tesla is not only about cars; it is more than that. Let’s discuss the reason behind the high price of Tesla stocks. 

Tesla stocks rose about 38% to 1000% in 2021, and the company’s market cap is past the %1 trillion mark. The company’s sales and margins have not been affected even by the covid-19 pandemic.

Their delivery record in 2021 was 70%, even after the shortage of semiconductors. The company is fastly increasing its production in multiple cities such as Texas and Shanghai. 

Tesla’s gross margin and credits are increasing, and it took heavenly run in 2021. Their margins rose to 28.8%, which was 23.7% in 2020.

This happened due to the high demand for the Q3 model of Tesla cars. Due to the company increasing revenue growth, Tesla stocks are expensive. Tesla sold 2,41,300 cars till the quarter of 2021, which is massive growth in sales with almost 20% more than 2020. 

 Tesla company revenues are increasing about 57% every year. We also saw an increase in deliveries up to 87% in 2021 due to the high demand for mass-market Y and three models.

Even with the supply chain problems during the pandemic and chip shortages, Tesla’s revenue growth was high in 2021. The company fixed EPS rose by 2.5x to $1.86, and their revenue rose about $13.75 billion.

Growth In Automotive Revenue

The reason why Tesla Stocks are expensive is the committed growth of the Company. As we know, Tesla electric vehicles company is top-rated and demanding in the market. Tesla company EBITDA and revenue growth rate are increasing fastly, and investors are earning huge profit margins. 

The sales of Tesla electric cars are fastly growing, and their customers are growing every year. They have sold almost 9 lakh vehicles in 2021, which is not a small number.

They have some superheroes in their vehicle collection that have a massive demand in the global market. Their Tesla Model3 was the second-largest selling car in the United kingdom in 2020.

Now, you will notice a massive uplift by the end of the year 2022 because they got an enormous order from Hertz company. Tesla has got around 1 lakh cars from Hertz company which Tesla will complete in 2022. 

Profits Through Selling Carbon Credits

We have seen rapid growth in the price of Tesla stocks in the past five years. As we know, the Company contributes to the green energy ecosystem, and they also earn carbon credits. The Tesla company sells its carbon credits to other firms that depend on fossil fuels for the need of energy. They make almost $354 million by selling carbon credits. The Tesla company earns huge profits by selling carbon credits to other companies. 

Is Tesla Stock Overvalued?

There is no doubt that Tesla stocks are overvalued. If we see the EBITDA ratio and compare their prices with other famous automakers, their stocks are overvalued.

The market value of the Company Tesla is around $ 832.44 billion, and it is the largest automaker company. They have set their evaluation very high as compared to other companies in the same field, such as BMW and Toyota. 

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Is It Good To Invest In Tesla Stock?

Yes, Tesla stock is a good investment. Tesla Company is growing and expanding at a faster rate. Although Tesla stocks are expensive, they are worth it. Its project earning in the future and the belief of the company will continue to grow and innovate.

It is good to invest in Tesla electric vehicle company stock because it is growing fastly. You can invest because of their intelligent inventions and technology.

Why Is It Good To Invest In Tesla Stocks?

There has been a huge growth in Tesla stock prices. It is good to invest in Tesla stocks due to many reasons.

  1. It is good to invest in Tesla stocks because we have seen continuous growth in the price of Tesla stocks. At the end of the year 2019, the value of Tesla stocks was $86.08, and in 2021, the stock price reached $1229.91. 
  2.  Tesla is a good stock for investment also because it is successful in maintaining its market share. The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, holds more than 165 million shares which also makes him the richest man.
  3. Tesla is making electric vehicles for people and saving the environment from pollution. People are also supporting Tesla and helping to protect the green environment and natural resources. 
  4. Tesla is generating huge revenue from companies that depend on fossil fuels. The Company is getting automatic income through selling its carbon credits.
  5. Electric cars are the future of the world. People are shifting their preferences and moving towards electric cars. These cars are in demand, and their sales are increasing day by day. The increase in sales will automatically increase the profit and evaluation of the Company.

Because of the reasons stated above, it is good to invest in Tesla stocks and gain profits through it. 


Tesla is a young and growing company giving good profit margins. Its stocks are overpriced, but they are worth buying. Tesla can maintain a good position in the electric vehicle market. Although their stock prices are high, they are in the process of developing new inventions.

If you are looking for good returns, Tesla is a good stock for investment. 

 If you plan to invest in an attractive company, you can invest in Tesla stocks.