What Is Nifty Bees & How To Trade Nifty Bees On Zerodha?

Nifty Bees

What Is Nifty Bees?

One of the most initial ETFs introduced by the benchmark, in January 2002.

Nifty Bees(Benchmark Exchange Traded Scheme) is an exchange-traded fund that imitates the S&P CNX Nifty Index. Nifty Bees is focused on trading on the national stock exchange in the dematerialized form.

Nifty Bees comes with several benefits and advantages to investors and traders. Investing in Nifty Bees ETF gives diversification because the investor can infuse in 50 diverse corporations by paying for just a single unit.

Benefits Of Investing In Nifty Bees

Following are some of the benefits of investing in Nifty Bees:

  • It is very easy to invest in Nifty bees, one can complete the process of investment within a few seconds. 
  • The processing fees are very low, around 0.80%. Which is a decent one. 
  • There are no further expenses, all you gain is genuine profit. 
  • Nifty bees will offer convenience and liquidity to the investors, even you can add the investment into your portfolio profile. 
  • The processing and progressive report of the Nifty bees is transparent or opaque. 
  • The investors will get a daily analysis of their invested stocks.
  • One can invest in Nifty bees throughout the day before the market closes. 
  • It ensures long-term investors from short-term trading activities by new traders. 

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How To Buy Nifty Bees In Zerodha?

Zerodha is one of the most popular and used trading platforms in India. It provides the specifications to buy Nifty bees, it includes some easy steps, these are mentioned below:

  • Install and launch Zerodha Kite App. 
  • Open Demat Account on Zerodha in a few easy steps and KYC approval. 
  • Search for Nifty Bees, after a few seconds it will display the stock in the results. 
  • Click on it and you can easily process the payment.
  • You can select the trading option that is SIP or One-time payment. 
  • You will successfully buy the stock option. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Nifty Bees Worth Investing In?

Investing in Nifty Bees has two phases, long-term and short-term. It will provide great value to the long-term investors whether it might be risky for short-term or daily investors. 

Keep in mind that the first rule of investment is to keep the investment in any stock for as long as possible for maximum returns. 

Are Nifty Bees Safe?

Mutual Funds hold some sort of financial risks, and so do the nifty bees. They don’t guarantee any returns if the market goes down. But yet they are considered safe, when compared with other risky investments options, like investing in cryptocurrency that is highly volatile.

Can I Buy Nifty Bees For The Long Term?

Yes, even the nifty bees management says to invest as long as possible to attain maximum returns.