Is Apple Pay Available in India?

Is Apple pay available in india

Apple Pay was launched on October 20, 2014, in the US. Its infrastructure is based on Touch ID and face ID. Digital payment platforms in India support UPI-based transactions.

RBI does not allow the use of biometric data as authentication. It’s been around 7 years, and Apple Pay has been now launched in many countries.

Numerous customers from supported countries with Apple devices use Apple Pay to make transactions digitally. 

Is Apple Pay Available in India?

No, Apple Pay is not available in India. Apple Pay is a cashless transaction system used by Apple users to make payments. There are many iPhone users in India, but they cannot use Apple Pay on their iPhone devices as it is not allowed to use. Apple Pay is available in the US, but it is unavailable in the Indian market. 

How can I get Apple Pay in India?

You cannot get Apple Pay in India. It is not yet launched in India. There are many Apple users in India, but Apple Pay does not work in India.

No card or payments are accepted through Apple pay in India. There is no information on when Apple Pay will launch in India.

Is Apple Pay a UPI?

No. Apple Pay is not a UPI based platform. The platform assures full safety of customer personal information, but it is not based on the UPI system.

If it was a UPI, then it was maybe available in India. Apple Pay digital platform to send and receive transactions without any contact. Apple Pay does not support UPI pin or OTP to pay or receive money. 

Why is Apple Pay Not Available in India?

  • Authentication Issues: In Apple Pay, touch and Face ID authentication methods are used. But, in India, companies cannot use biometric authentication under RBI guidelines. In India, only a pin is allowed, which is not supported by Apple Pay. 
  • Low Market Share: Apple market share in India is around 3.6% which is very low. A lot of funds are needed to bring Apple Pay to India. Maybe in the coming years, Apple Pay will be available in India. There is huge demand and sale of iPhones in India. Apple Pay can become available after the market share gets higher.
  • High Competition: There are many digital payment systems available in India. These systems are very popular in India, such as Google Pay, PhonePe and Paytm. Maybe Apple Pay is late to make its existence. Other payment systems are very popular and support both iOS and Android smartphones. 
  • Regulatory Obstacles: Recently, RBI ordered all the payment systems to keep data in the country. RBI wants to keep the data safe and secure. If Apple Pay becomes available in India, they will have to build storage facilities in India. Regulatory obstacles can also be the reason for the non-existence of Apple Pay in India.