Apple Pay Locked: How To Unlock Apple Pay?

how to unlock apple pay

Digital payments are now becoming a lot more common, and everyone now refrains from carrying a physical wallet.

Apple realized that very soon and has launched its digital wallet, Apple Pay. It allows you to make all the transactions digitally by storing all your cards. 

If your Apple Pay is locked, you need to complete your verification process to unlock it. However, various users have addressed the issue of Apple Pay being locked by Apple for security purposes and to abide by regulations.

If you enter wrong information during verification of identity, then your Apple Pay may be restricted or locked if you carry out the mistake many times.

Why Is My Apple Pay Locked?

The reason behind Apple pay locked to keep your account safe and secure. It is also locked for the purpose of protecting the device from spam that might occur in Apple Pay.

It may get locked if you violate the rules or policy of the company.

If your Apple account is locked, then you will not be able to make purchases, send or receive money in your account. 

Your account lock is non-permanent or provisional until you verify it. If it is in review or if it still doesn’t work, then you have to communicate with Apple support.

Your account may be restricted due to the following conditions;

1. Age Criteria

If you are under the age of 18, your parents may restrict or lock your Apple pay account as they are your guardians and have the authority to do so.

Thereby restricting you from sending or receiving money and from making purchases.

2. Verification 

If there is a transaction of more than $ 500 to your Apple pay, then you will have to get your account verified.

3. Fraud Suspected

Apple may also lock your account if there is a suspicion of fraud. For instance, if an unauthorized use of your account is suspected.

4. Termination Of ID

Termination of Apple ID may be one of the reasons for the suspension of Apple pay 

5. Objectionable Activity

If you are suspected of using Apple service for illegal purposes or any objectionable activity, then Apple has the right to lock or restrict your Apple pay account.

Green Dot Bank and Apple payment incorporation provide services of Apple cash, and they hold the right to reduce, suspend or terminate your Apple pay or use of the services for several reasons stated above.

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How To Unlock Apple Pay?

The solution listed below will help you to resolve the problem, and if this method doesn’t work, I recommend moving on to its proceeding section. Let’s start with the fix.

Fix 1: Verification Of Identity

On IPhone 

If your Apple account needs identity verification to lock out your Apple pay, Follow the procedure or process to unlock it.

You need to open your wallet app, which is Apple pay. Then, Click on the Cash Card. Click the add button, and you will get the apple card option there. Click on it.

Scroll down to Physical Card, tap Unlock Card, and then work according to the instructions given on the screen.

Enter the password whenever asked.

On IPad

You need to launch the setting application on your device.

Scroll down and tap the wallet and apple pay option. 

Tap the Apple card from the add button.

Under the physical card, Tap on Unlock Card, and follow the instructions given to you as per the issue or problem to be fixed.

Enter a password and type it to verify it.

Click on the option of authentication of identity and follow the instruction accordingly. 

Always keep in mind to enter accurate information at once. Otherwise, you may face some issues later. 

For verification, you may be required to give your social security, date of birth and address.

If Apple pay is still locked, check if you entered the wrong information when asked to verify and enter accurate information, or you can contact or communicate to Apple support.

Fix 2: Communicate With Apple Support

If you are not able to fix the issue or problem, then you can communicate with Apple support. Head over to, and you will find a section dedicated to Apple Pay related issues.

Contact the advisor. Carefully share the problem and ask for the solution.

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Can You Still Use Apple Pay If Your Card Is Locked?

No, you can not use Apple pay if your card is locked. You will not be able to make any transactions using that card from your application.

When you unlock your card, you can resume transactions like before. 

Does Apple Pay Work If The Card Is Blocked?

No apple pay doesn’t work if a card is blocked or suspended. Your own Apple pay transaction can get declined if your card is blocked.

But if your Apple card is temporarily blocked, you can still make payments or transactions through your device.

A temporary block occurs when the card is lost. If you find your lost card, then the temporary block can be removed and provided.

The service doesn’t get disabled in the process stated above. You will be able to make contactless payments.

Why Is My Apple Pay Restricted In Messages?

Your Apple pay gets restricted in messages when you have typed an incorrect password during the authentication process several times.

If many accounts of your apple pay are connected to a similar security code or if they are suspected of spam in your account, or if you fail to work according to the rules, regulations and policy of the company. It will show apple Pay is restricted in messages.

If your Apple pay is still restricted, you can make the transfer of your cash to your bank account. It is different from the locked case in which you can’t send the payment even.

There is different functionality when your Apple Pay is restricted and when it is locked.

If your Apple pay is locked, then you can’t transfer your cash, add or make purchases or receive money or cash, but if your account is restricted, you can transfer your cash to your account.

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How To Unlock Apple Pay After Lost Mode?

Steps To Unlock Apple Pay After Lost Mode:

Step 1: Visit

On your browser, look for On the website, you will have to tap on the Find My iPhone option. 

Step 2: Tap On All Devices

Tap on all devices present on the top of the screen. You will find the option for all the devices. Then, click on it.

Step 3: Select The Device That Is In Lost Mode

Explore the device that is in lost mode and search its name so as to enable it.

Step 4: Tap On Lost Mode

Click on lost mode and select the option to stop lost mode.

Step 5: Sign-In Again

Now that you have disabled the Lost mode, you will be asked to enter your credentials again.

Once the lost mode is disabled, you can use your Apple Pay or other payment or transaction cards for sure.


If your Apple Pay is locked due to the above-mentioned reasons, you can try the authentication process and keep in mind you can’t transfer your balance as long as Apple Pay is locked.

Your last resort can be to communicate with Apple Support and contact Advisors. Get your issue solved by chatting with online bots and assistance.