Fix: Payment Not Completed on Apple Pay

Payment not completed apple pay

Apple Pay is a digital payment wallet service provided by Apple Inc. that helps customers send and receive money. Apple users make payments at online and offline stores through Apple App.

Sometimes payments do not get completed or get declined by the system. It happens with the users rarely. If your payment is not completed on Apple Pay, there can be any reason. 

Why Apple Pay has Declined?

Your payment through Apple Pay can be declined if your debit card is not working. Go to settings in your app, click on your name and then go to payments and shipping.

If there is red text below your card, that means your card is not working. Contact your bank and get the card activated. 

It Can Happen if You Do Not Have Required Money in Your Bank 

Your payment can also be declined if you do not have sufficient money in your bank. For example- You are trying to pay 100 USD to a person, but you have only 80 USD in your bank. Your payment will get declined because you do not have the required money in your bank. 

Why Is My Debit Card Declined on Apple Pay?

The debit card declined on Apple Pay due to many reasons.

  1. Card is expired
  2. Insufficient balance
  3. Incorrect PIN
  4. Technical problem
  5. Reached limit
  6. The card is not activated

Incorrect Merchant Info on Apple Pay

When you try to pay others, your payment will be declined if the merchant information is incorrect. There can be issues with the merchant information, or there can be configuration errors.

There could be server issues or problems in the terminal. You can also remove the card and add it again to your Apple Pay wallet; after that, the correct merchant information will get displayed on your device. It will only work if there is no problem from the merchant side. 

If Apple Pay is declining your payment check all the above information. Apple Pay does not decline any payment without any significant reason. 

Apple Pay Declined But Card Works

When your card is working, but Apple Pay still declines it. It can happen due to many reasons.

  1. It can also be declined if you have reached your transaction limit. You can send only 10 USD in a week. If you have reached the limit, your transaction will get declined. 
  2. Your payment can also be declined if you enter the wrong pin. Make sure you enter the correct pin while paying. 
  3. If you are paying to an online or offline store, make sure the store accepts Apple Pay. Make sure to use Apple Pay where it is supported; otherwise, payment will get declined. 

How To Decline Apple Pay?

Sometimes the user wants to cancel the payment if sent to the wrong person. Customers can also cancel the incomplete payment and try again. They can cancel the transaction by following these steps.

  1. Open the Apple Pay wallet app. 
  2. Go to payment in transaction history.
  3. To see the status of the transaction, click on ‘Payment.’ 
  4. If you see the ‘cancel payment’ option, click on it. If you do not see the cancel payment option, money is already transferred. 
  5. After canceling the payment, you will receive the amount in your account in a few days.