Why is my Apple Pay not Working?

Why is my apple pay not working

Apple Pay is a fast and secure platform to pay digitally. It rarely happens when Apple Pay does not work. Apple Pay always works on iPhone running on iOS 14 or above.

There might be issues from your side if Apple Pay is not working on your device.  

What is Apple pay not working?

Apple Pay not working means when you are unable to make any payment. When your Apple Pay does not work, you cannot send or receive payment through Apple Pay. 

Why is My Apple Pay not Working?

All of us use Apple Pay to make cashless transactions. If Apple Pay is not working on your device, there can be some possible reasons such as-

  • If Apple Pay is not supported in your country, it will not work. 
  • If you do not open Apple on an eligible device, it will not work. You can open Apple Pay only on Apple devices.
  • Apple pay may not work when your device is not updated with the current iOS version.
  • Your bank card is not linked with your Apple Pay.

How to Fix Apple Pay Not Working?

You can only fix Apple Pay if you are using iOS 14 or above. And, Apple Pay should be available in your country. 

  • If Apple Pay is not working, simply restart your Apple device. Then, try to pay via Apple Pay.
  • Download the latest software supported on your device. Software should not be pending on the device. 
  • Remove the bank card from your Apple Pay Cash card app. Add it again manually. 
  • Sometimes Apple Pay does not work when you add a new card. It takes a few minutes to authorize a new card. If it takes a longer time, add the card again in your wallet app. 
  • Set Touch ID or Face ID properly again on your Apple device. 
  • Always be signed in to iCloud. Apple pay will always work if you will always be logged in to your iCloud account.
  • Sometimes Apple Pay does not work when you try to pay near the terminal. Select the card manually in the wallet app. Then, take it near the terminal. Verify with Face or Touch ID and pay.
  • There can also be issues with the terminal. Ask the store to provide another terminal to make payment via Apple Pay. 

Apple Pay can also be down. Web services Apple Pay is in the background might not be working. You have to check whether Apple Pay is working or not. Go to the official Apple system status site. There will be a list of applications.

The applications with green dots mean they are working. Check if there is a green dot in front of Apple Pay or not. If there is no green dot, that means Apple Pay is currently down.