IRATA SBI: Add Beneficiary, Change Mobile Number


SBI is a short form of  State Bank of India, an Indian public sector bank and financial service provider statutory body. The headquarters of the state bank of India is in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Internet Banking Request Approval Through ATM is the full form of IRATA.

What is the IRATA option in SBI?

Internet Banking Request Approval Through ATM (IRATA) is a secured method of getting instant approval of internal banking-related requests. 
Earlier, the account holder had to visit the bank to get the details updated and added but, now people trust IRATA, an extremely secure method for immediately approving an internet banking request. 

Banks have a cooling time before funds can be forwarded to a new beneficiary through net banking to minimize internet banking scams. The stability between security and customer joy can increase internet banking volumes.

SBI began the IRATA mode in 2014; it is being marketed widely and used to add beneficiaries instantly. The IRATA option is beneficial because you can change your mobile number and add a beneficiary without going to the bank.

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How to Add Beneficiary in SBI Instantly Through IRATA?

Through SBI Internet Banking, you can add a beneficiary in 30 minutes. After the procedure, it takes around 30 minutes to show the added beneficiary. You will get a validation message on your registered mobile number after the successful addition of the beneficiary.

  1. Go to google and search for Onlinesbi website, and click ‘Continue to Login.’
  2. Enter your username and password, and validate captcha to login to your internet banking account. 
  3. Click login, and you are landed on your internet banking account. 
  4. Tap the ‘payments/transfers’ option on your dashboard.
  5. After clicking, you will see a ‘Inter-bank beneficiary’ option that will help you add the beneficiary of another bank. There is another option ‘Own account’ in which you can add the beneficiary of the same bank. 
  6. Click on the option you want to proceed with either ‘Inter-bank beneficiary’ or ‘own account’.
  7. Ater proceeding with any one option, add the beneficiary’s details on the next page and submit it.
  8. The details of the beneficiary will be displayed on screen to re-confirm,  you have to check the details and re-confirm it.
  9. Input your profile password for approval of adding a beneficiary.
  10. In the next page, you will have two options for approval of the beneficiary, Through ‘ATM’ or ‘OTP’.
  11. Then press the ‘ATM’ option to approve the SBI beneficiary.
  12. On the next screen, you will get a 10-digit reference number. Copy the reference number or note it down.
  13. Go to a SBI Bank ATM.
  14. Swipe your ATM card linked to your account, and you can see it in your Internet Banking login and enter your card PIN.
  15. Press on ‘Services’ and then choose the ‘Net Banking Request Activation’ option on the screen.
  16. Enter the 10-digit INB reference number that you have noted down and press on submit option.
  17. The system will add the beneficiary instantly after entering the 10- digit reference number.

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How to Change Mobile Numbers in SBI Through IRATA?

A customer can update his/her mobile number attached to the account in a few steps if the customer has a debit card and active ATM with an internet banking username.

  1. Go to Onlinesbi website through your computer or any device you have and login to your internet banking account.
  2. Click on the profile tab and click on the link ‘personal details’.
  3. Then, put your password on the screen.
  4. Some details will get displayed on the screen i.e, name, email id and your cellphone number registered in internet banking.
  5. Then, on that page you will see a hyperlink change mobile number through ATM/OTP, click on that hyperlink.
  6. The system will take you to a new screen and there you will see create request, cancel request and check status tab with the mobile number update screen.
  7. Enter your new cell phone number you want to add.

After inputting the cell phone number, verify and confirm a message will come on the screen and press ok to continue.

Now, on the screen, you will get three options to change the cell phone number i.e, through ATM, OTP, or through the contact center.

  1. You will see the IRATA botton against the ATM option. Press that button to proceed.
  2. Press the button to select the account whose debit card you own.
  3. Again, press the proceed button.
  4. Then, the system will take you to the SBI ATM card confirmation screen.
  5. Activated and closed out ATM option you will see on the screen. Choose the activated option on the screen and confirm it.
  6. On the next page, enter the ATM card details and press the proceed button.
  7. On your mobile number, you will get a successful registration message on the ATM screen and on on mobile number through message.
  8. The TNB system will send the IRATA reference number on your mobile number through SMS.
  9. Then, swipe your ATM card at the SBI ATM machine.
  10.  Then, click on the ‘other’ option and select the IRATA option.
  11. After choosing the services option, you have to enter your ATM pin.
  12. After that, click on the ‘others’ tab and choose IRATA (Internet Banking Request Approval ).
  13. Enter your 10-digit reference number that you have received through SMS.
  14. Finally, the request for the new number will get updated after the verification of the reference number.
  15. You will receive a message for successfully changing the mobile number.

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How can I use SBI IRATA?

The beginning starts with three-element validation that is used in IRATA:-

  1. Do you have an ATM card?
  2. Do you know your ATM password?
  3. Do you know your 10-digit INB reference number?


You can use this IRATA mode facility through a very flexible process. Just press the (IRATA) option at the time of approval of the beneficiary on the online SBI page and finally proceed. It is a very beneficial facility provided which saves the time of customers.


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