Indian Bank Cash Withdrawal Slip: How To Fill?

Indian Bank cash withdrawal slip

Are you looking for the process of filling the Cash withdrawal slip of Indian Bank? Then, this article is for you. As in this article, you will be learning about the step-by-step process of filling the Indian bank withdrawal slip. 

If you don’t know the withdrawal form and its use, you need not worry about it.

Before filling withdrawal slips, let’s understand the cash withdrawal slip, their significance, and uses.

What Is A Cash Withdrawal Slip?

A cash withdrawal slip is a piece of banking document used by the customers to withdraw the amount from their account in that particular bank. The cash withdrawal slip is different for the different banks. 

The name of the respective bank is always mentioned on the top of the slip so that you can easily understand which bank the particular slip belongs to. However, they may be morphologically similar with the same functionality of money withdrawal.

Indian Bank Cash Withdrawal Slip
Indian Bank Cash Withdrawal Slip

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How To Fill Indian Bank Cash Withdrawal Slip?

You have to visit the bank and ask the bank representative for the cash withdrawal form. They will provide you with a rectangular piece of document with white or WhiteSmoke color on which the bank’s name will be written at the top left-hand side in bold letters. And besides the bank name, you will see the phrase “CASH WITHDRAWAL SLIP“.

Now, start filling if you have got it confirmed. See the step-by-step process to fill the cash withdrawal slip.

  • First, you have to write the date in the top right corner. The format should be DD/MM/YY. This means writing the date, then the month, and then the calendar year. 
  • Mention the amount in words over the long horizontal line drawn. You can write it in the capital. Like “FIVE THOUSAND RUPEES.”
  • Just beside, there will be a rectangular box in which you have to mention the same amount in numerical value. E.g., 5000/-
  • After this, you have to mention your account number in the given small quadrat boxes.
  • Besides you mentioning your account number, there is a space given asking you to sign over there. You have to put your signature similarly as you have signed at the time of account opening.
  • After filling the form properly, you have to deposit it on the bank counter.
  • The bank representative will examine it and process the transaction, which may take a few minutes to hours.
  • Suppose you have linked your mobile number to the account. You will get an SMS when the transaction is done.

While filling the withdrawal slip, you have to be careful. And put the exact signature and the correct account number. Any mistake can become the reason for the failure of the transaction. You can fill the form in English or Hindi too.

However, the bank also facilitates its customers to fill the withdrawal form in any other local languages like Tamil, Gujarati, etc.


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