How To Get MPIN For Indian Bank Mobile Banking?

How to get mPIN for Indian Bank Mobile Banking?

In the past, the only option one had to transfer money was by net banking and creating beneficiaries. The system as a whole has become much more complicated with diverging models of money transfer. The rise of mobile banking has led to security concerns among customers. The solution to these issues is Mpin (Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number).

What Is MPIN In The Indian Bank?

An mpin or Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number in Indian bank or any bank is a 4-6 digit passcode similar to an ATM pin which significantly speeds up the process by unifying security. Now one can use a Mpin to make payments of any kind with a special passcode.

How To Get MPIN For Indian Bank Mobile Banking?

Are you new to Indian Bank and want to get your MPIN code? There is nothing to worry about, as in a few simple steps, you can set up your MPIN code.

Step 1: You can download the IndPay App, the Indian Bank app, from Play Store or Apple App Store.


You can click on the link to download the app from the website.

Step 2: You can use your CIF (Customer Identification File) in the customer id menu; once you’ve entered the information, click on send OTP button. Automatically you’ll receive a One Time Password on your registered mobile number and enter it to verify your account. 

Note: If you don’t get one, you can click on resend OTP or try again later.

Step 3: You can register for Mobile Banking through three options-

  • Netbanking: Use your id and password to complete your app registration.
  • Existing mpin: You can log into the app using your old mpin account if you have one, but if you haven’t, there’s nothing to worry about.
  • ATM card: Provide your card details like the serial number, CVV, expiry date and pin code.

Step 4: Once you’ve registered, you can now finally set up the mpin code, and you’re done.

Extra step- With the mpin, you would have to set up the mtpin, which works as the transaction password.

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What If I Forget My MPIN Of Indian Bank Mobile Banking App?

If you forgot your mPIN then you can easily reset forgot mPIN by following simple steps.Indian Bank has thought of it all by creating a unified section called the Value Added Section(VAS). Just click on “Forgot MPIN” and follow the instructions in the app. 

What Are The Features Of The Indian Bank Mobile Application?

  • Account Information: You can quickly check your current and saving account money information. See how much money you’re spending and get a quick analysis of it from different periods.
  • Unauthorised spend: Somebody misusing your debit card or is spending your money away. Get instant alerts and take action against this breach of trust immediately.
  • Pay your bills on time: Indian Bank app is a singular portal where one can keep track of all the due bills and pay them off.

Final Thoughts

Mpin is a revolutionary way of doing transactions and mobile net banking. It is extremely easy to get into and brings a new level of convenience to the whole process. Manage your Indian Bank accounts with a tap on the phone and make banking fit your lifestyle.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between MPIN And UPI Pin?

Mpin is much more versatile than the UPI platform as it covers net banking, IMPS and even UPI itself. Unified Payments Interface is fairly insular, only covering applications and transfers that follow its specific protocol. Both have a similar security digit system but vastly different functionalities.

How Secure Is MPIN?

Mpin is fairly secure because it will deactivate for a period if you type the wrong code too many times. The important aspect of its security is that it never comes in the way of the customer. Indian Bank also has a mtpin ensuring further protection for your money.