5 Ways to Find CIF Number in Indian Bank

Get CIF number of Indian Bank through different ways

CIF Number Indian Bank

Are you in search of different ways to get your CIF number from the Indian Bank? If yes, you arrived on the right page. Here you get all the ways to find your Indian Bank CIF number whether you have a smartphone or not. 

However, Indian Bank is a famous bank in the public sector that delivers a wide range of banking and financial services to its clients. It has more than 2000 branches across the country, and it identifies its customers with a unique ID that is called a CIF number. Subsequently, a CIF number is useful for the bank as well as for customers as through this unique ID, the bank can record all the details of their clients, and the customer can avail of a variety of services by using the CIF number. 

CIF numbers differentiate the bank’s customer, and people use this number to get loans, transactions, ATM, cards, and much more. If you are not aware of your Indian Bank CIF number, let’s find ways to find your CIF number. 

What is the CIF Number in Indian Bank?

CIF number is nothing, but it’s a digital format data of the Indian Bank customer that records every detail of the client, including bank details, address, account number, loan details, Demat account, and much more. Basically, CIF stands for Customer Information File that enables banks to get all the details of the customers in a digital format. 

It’s a peculiar Id number that usually has 11 digits, but in Indian Bank, you can get a CIF number with 9-digits. However, the bank issues this number once for its customers. As you know, banks are adopting modern functionalities to accomplish their customer’s needs. Through CIF number, the Indian Bank can offer efficient banking services to their clients as it is attached with the client’s account and enable the bank to track their requirements. 

Now, let’s move forward and get all the ways to find your CIF number from the Indian Bank. 

5 Ways To Find The CIF Number in Indian Bank

If you have an account in the Indian Bank, you can obtain your CIF number through online and offline methods. Here we explained all the different ways outlined in online and offline methods. By following the steps, you can easily get your CIF number. 

1. Get Indian Bank CIF Number Through Internet Banking 

  • Step #1: The first step to find your CIF number through an online method is by internet banking offered by the Indian Bank. Visit the official website of the bank. 
Indian Bank Netbanking Home page
  • Step #2: Now, login with your username and password in the given section. 
Indian bank login credential
  • Step #3: After entering the details, you will land on the page and get an option of “My Account”; click on it. 
  • Step #4: Within the My Account page, you will see an option of Summary, select that option, and now you will easily get your CIF number. 
Indian Bank Netbaning cif number

2. Get Indian Bank CIF Number Through Passbook 

It’s an offline method to find your CIF number published by the Indian Bank. Anyone can clearly get their CIF number on the front page of the passbook. The CIF number is the 9 digit number printed on the page of the passbook. 

3. Get Indian Bank CIF Number from cheque Book

Alternatively, you can also get your CIF number on the cheque book issued by the Indian Bank. You can get the number on the front page of the cheque book. 

4. Get Indian Bank CIF Number by Calling On Customer Care Number 

If you are finding difficulty in getting your CIF number given by the Indian Bank, directly call on the customer care number. 1800 4250 0000 is the customer support number provided by the bank; you can call on this number and take help from the customer care executive. The customer care executive will ask a few questions and your account details to validate your request, and after that, they will give the CIF number. 

5. Get Indian Bank CIF Number by Visiting The Indian Bank Branch

If the customer care executive is not able to solve your query, you can visit the nearest branch of the Indian Bank to find your CIF number. Don’t forget to bring your account details such as passbook, address proof, and ID proof, as the bank executive will ask these things for the validation process. After completing the validation process, you can easily get the CIF number of the Indian Bank. 


By reading the aforementioned methods, you might get a clear sense of how to find the CIF number of the Indian Bank. You can quickly get the CIF number by using the following methods. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get the Indian bank CIF number without the bank passbook? 

Yes, if you don’t have a bank passbook, you can use online methods such as internet banking to get your CIF number. Plus, you can also visit the branch or call on the customer care number. 

Is it risky to share my CIF number with the bank staff? 

No, bank staff are using numbers to offer you the best banking services. So, you can share your CIF number with the bank staff without any doubt. 

Do I get a new CIF number in the Indian Bank for another account? 

The Indian Bank provides a unique CIF number to a single customer once, whether they hold one or more accounts in the bank. So, you can get a single CIF number from the bank. 

Can I get my CIF number through SMS? 

Presently, Indian Bank is not giving any facility to provide CIF numbers through SMS. You can get a CIF number through e-statement and other ways that are mentioned above. 

Where can I use my CIF number? 

CIF number is a valuable number, and it requires several times, such as by opening an internet bank account, transacting money, and at several moments.