What Does “Grey X Next To Snapchat Name” Mean

What does Grey x mean on snapchat

Snapchat has a lot of unique things to offer one such thing is the secret code language used by the users of Snapchat.

Snapchat users have different codes, and symbols for different words.

Which is very difficult to understand even for old Snapchat users, let alone newbie users on Snapchat.

One such code is ‘X’.

Have you got an ‘X’ in your Snapchat account and you are not able to understand what is the meaning of it?

Don’t worry, we got you.

In this article, we’ll explain to you the various meanings of ‘X’ on Snapchat and what it stands for. 

What Does “Grey X Next To Snapchat Name” Mean?

Grey X next to your Snapchat name means the person has blocked you from their Snapchat or you are no longer friends with each other.

X in Snapchat has a lot of various meanings.

It depends upon whether you are using it in your text messages, using in your snap, etc. 

If it is next to the person’s Snapchat name it could be that the person has blocked you on Snapchat. 

Now you cannot see their posts, send them snaps, text them or send them friend requests.

The person who blocked you will also not be able to see your photos and send you snaps or text you. 

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It could also be that the person has removed you from his or her friend’s list because of which a grey X is appearing next to the person’s name on snap chat. 

A grey X appearing in front of the person’s snap chat name can also be because you have removed them from your friend’s list.

That person is not on your snap chat friends list anymore. 

What Does Grey X Mean On Snapchat?

A Grey X on Snapchat means either you have blocked or removed a person from your friend list or the other person has blocked you or removed you from their Snapchat friend list. 

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Grey Box On Snapchat But Still Friends?

Yes and No.

Yes, you can still be friends even when it is showing a grey box next to the person’s Snapchat name.

And No, because it can also be that the person has not accepted your friend request because of which there is a grey box next to the person’s name.

The grey box on Snapchat just tells you that you have never sent any snap to the person or received a snap from the person.

The main feature of Snapchat is sending and receiving snaps.

Snapchat has two basic symbols, one for sending snaps and one for receiving snaps.

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A box for receiving snaps and an arrow for sending snaps.

If you have a grey box next to the person’s Snapchat name then it means that you have never snapped with the person. 

It could also be that the person has not accepted your friend request because of which you are not able to send snaps to the person. 

X Next To Snapchat Conversation

X next to a Snapchat chat conversation denotes that either the person has blocked you, removed you from their friend list or hasn’t accepted your friend request yet. 

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A unique feature of Snapchat is its code language messages and emojis.

Snapchat has its codes for various words, expressions, etc.

People who don’t use Snapchat cannot understand this slang.

They can only get to know about them from other Snapchat users and we are one of them.

New codes and slang are coming every day on Snapchat because of which it gets difficult to keep yourself updated with them even when you are an experienced Snapchat user.

In today’s article, we saw what exactly a Grey X next to Snapchat means.

We’ll upload more such articles where we’ll unfold a lot of various slang and symbols.

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So, stay tuned for further blogs. 

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