How To Fix Uber Server Error When Logging In

Are you also facing server errors whenever you try to log in to Uber and have been receiving an error message- “Internal Server Error” whenever you are trying to log in to the app?

Ride-sharing services like Uber have disrupted the taxi and limo industry, Uber has become a prime example of the gig economy at work.

Uber’s advantages include door-to-door convenience, safety, and reliable quality. Inspire of its great advantages, many are facing trouble while logging into Uber.

This issue causes restlessness in the mind of the users. In this guide, we will be discussing what causes Uber server errors when logging in and how to fix the same.

What Causes Uber Server Error When Logging In?

Uber eats internel server error

An Uber server error is an error that occurs when the servers running the Uber application won’t process the requests it gets.

Without these requests being processed, you surely will not be able to log in to Uber.
Below here we have mentioned some of the major issues that can cause this issue. These are as follows:

  • Sometimes the error comes when you do not have a proper internet connection. Therefore due to network connectivity issues, you may face this problem.
  • Most probably the server issues when the app server is down or under maintenance. You can’t do anything in this context. You just have to wait until the server gets back.
  • You also need to be cautious while entering the login details in the Uber app. Otherwise, the issue may arise.
  • Many times minor bugs or glitches arise in the app. This may cause the same issue.
  • If your Uber app update is pending. Or you are using an old or outdated version of the application. Then you might face issues in the app.
  • If there are cache issues or insufficient storage, then also the same problem may arise.
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These could be the possible reasons behind the issue which is arising. You need to find the correct cause of it and fix the same,

Below here we have mentioned some of the major fixes that may help you in getting rid of the severe error while logging in to the Uber app.

How To Fix The Uber Server Error When Logging In?

1. Check The Uber Server Status

It’s important to note that while restarting an app can often resolve these issues, there might be cases where the problem lies with the website’s servers or infrastructure, and restarting alone might not be sufficient to solve the problem.

And when the error is temporary due to server issues. Wait for a while and then try placing your order again.

Also, it may be possible that heavy traffic on the Uber app or some technical glitch has arisen leading to trouble while processing.

As it may be possible that the server is under maintenance or is facing unexpected failures. When many users are on the app at the same time the app may not fetch data and this may cause server downtime. 

In this case, you have to wait for some time and try again later. You can check the server status of Uber by clicking here.

uber app server status

You can also collect the latest information through their social media pages like Twitter.  You can check the latest hashtags regarding this issue on Twitter. You can also tweet by your account and retweet or comment on the issue under the tweets of Uber.

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2. Ensure Good Internet Connection

wifi router image 2

First, check your network connection to ensure it is working properly. Try moving closer to your router or rebooting it to refresh your connection if you’re using Wi-Fi.

You can also switch to another network, enable and disable aeroplane mode, and check if the Uber app has access to your cellular data. If nothing works, reset the network settings as shown below:

How to reset network settings on Android:

  • Launch “Settings” on your device.
  • Tap on “System” or “General Management.”
  • Select “Reset” or “Reset Options.”
  • Tap on “Reset Network Settings.”
  • Confirm that you want to reset the network settings.

How to reset network settings on iPhone:

  • Open “Settings.”
  • Tap on “General.”
  • Scroll down and tap on “Reset.”
  • Tap on “Reset Network Settings.”
  • Enter your passcode when prompted to and tap on “Reset Network Settings” again to confirm.

With a good network, you won’t get a server error when logging in to the Uber app.

3. Restart The Uber App

Many times some of the server issues might resolve just by closing the app and opening it again. Therefore, the next solution comes out to force-close the Uber app.

Wait a few minutes, launch the app again and try to log in. This could fix glitches affecting your login.

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4. Update Uber App To Its Latest Version

If there is an update already available and you have not updated. Using an old or outdated version of the Uber application will cause the same issue.

Also using the old or outdated version of the app leads to slow functioning which hints at pending updates of your application.
Therefore it becomes very important to check for any recent changes to ensure the apps’ smooth functioning.

5. Uninstall And Reinstall The Uber App

Delete the app from your phone and reinstall it. This might be the best way to solve login issues that are arising.
Thus eliminating any bugs that might cause the login problem.

6. Contact Uber Customer Support

uber help center for the issue of server error when logging in

After trying the above-mentioned fixes if you are still facing any difficulty in resolving the issue then you may contact The Uber Support Team for the same by clicking here.

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