How To Fix TREX Error Code 999

If you are into crypto, you know about TREX software.

Trex is a software that is simple to use and highly performed software for Crypto Mining.

While using the Trex Mining software, you encounter an error code called “Trex Error Code 999”.

It’s not a code you see very often, and usually, Error Code 999 Occurs if there is an issue unlocking the OC Memory or getting fan performance speed.

Also, Error Code 999 often occurs only on the Particular version of TREX software, so ensure your Software is Up to Date.

This article will give some possible fixes to resolve Trex Error code 999.

Stay tuned to the end.

Why Does TREX Error Code 999 Occurs?

Trex error code 999

Generally, the Trex Error Code 999 occurs when a system cannot process a request without permission to access the requested action. 

When it comes to mining, It might be due to either a Hardware problem or a Bug inside the software.

During the Trex Error Code 999, the system denied the request from the user as it cannot unlock the OC memory or the system has internal FAN speed issue to perform the required action.

Here are the possible reasons

  • Internal Hardware issue (Unstable RAM OR Fan Speed)
  • Bug in Software
  • Software is not up Up to Date.

Let’s see how to Fix Trex Error code 999

How To Fix TREX Error Code 999

First, you need to check that your Trex software is in the latest version because the user reported that the error often occurs only in the particular older version of TREX Software.

The Trex Team has already fixed the bug in the latest version.

Remember that The “Lite Hash Rate” (LHR) versions of RTX 30-series video cards typically limit crypto mining on the firmware level. So for some reason, LHR limits its capacity to perform further. 

Making a Little adjustment in LHR will eradicate the issue.

Here are some of the following technical hacks

  • Use another mining software and mine on it for at least four days. If you don’t get any error, the issue is with TREX software. You need to update Trex Software to the latest version.
  • Force shutdown and reboot your system. The rebooting system will reset both minor software and Hardware errors.
  •  Ensure you have updated all drivers and checked all external and Internal cable connections. Any glitches in the communication may lead to Trex Error Code 999.
  • Short-term solution was to remove OC RAM for an affected card that keeps crashing rig, then replace it with another good working OC RAM Later. 
  • Lower your clock setting on the LHR cards you have. It happens when a lock is detected, and the overclocks might get unstable during the unlock.

The above are the Possible troubleshooting that will help you to remove the Trex Error Code 999. 

Ensure you have checked with other community members whether they are facing the same issue.

If so, don’t worry; the TREX technical team will handle it. 

Otherwise, changing the performance setting or the performance-related hardware would be the best.

I hope you found this information useful. Now You know what is Trex error code 999 occurs and how to fix it. 

If you have any queries about TREX software, comment below, and we will be happy to provide solutions.