Fix: Rocket League Voice Chat Not Working

Rocket league voice chat not woking

Rocket League introduced a feature called voice chat which players can use during playing the game. Before Voice chat, player were able to do only text chat.

The ability to talk with your teammates offers the chance to coordinate powerful offensive attacks and celebrate insane plays with your team.

Want to talk to your team or party while playing? Use Voice Chat to talk to your friends on all platforms! 

Voice chat is filly cross-platform which is available on all the platforms.

There are two options available for voice chat which are team chat and party chat. you can not speak to opposite team in voice chat.

By default voice chat is enabled ,you don’t need to do anything.You just need to plug headset ready for chat.

If you want to disable voice chat you can do easily by going to Settings -> Chat -> Voice Chat Settings.

Some player reported that their voice chat is not working. So, in this we will explain Why Rocket League Voice Chat Not Working and how to fix it.

Why Rocket League Voice Chat Not Working?

If Rocket League Voice Chat Not Working, then it can be one of below reason mentioned:

  1. Voice chat is Disabled from settings.
  2. Your PC volume or headset volume is off.
  3. Your Microphone not working properly
  4. Microphone don’t have access.
  5. Microphone drivers are not up to date with latest version.
  6. Conflict with other audio input drivers.
  7. You are muted in the game.
  8. May be you are connected to other audio input devices.
  9. Might be your game files corrupted.

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How To Fix “Rocket League Voice Chat Not Working”?

Fix 1: Enable Voice Chat

By default, voice chat is enabled in Rocket League. But there may be a chance you disabled it.

So, just check voice chat is enabled or disabled. Just go to Settings -> Chat -> Voice Chat Settings. Just check, “Enable Voice Chat” box is checked if not then put checked mark.

Now, check Voice chat is working or not. if not then try other fixes.

Fix 2: Turn ON PC Volume

There is may be chances that your PC volume is turned off. Just cross check once PC volume is turned off or low voice.

If PC volume is off then ON the PC volume. If volume is low then increase the PC volume and check Voice chat is working or not. if not then try other fixes.

Fix 3: Provide Access To Microphone

To use the Microphone, first you have to Turn ON access to microphone. So, check you have provide access to microphone or not.

Steps to check Microphone have access or not:

  1. Go to search bar
  2. Search “Settings” in the search and click on “Settings
  3. Now, click on “Privacy & Security” which is located in the left.
  4. After scroll down, you will find “Microphone” under “App Permissions
  5. Tap on the “Microphone
  6. Now, check “Microphone Access” is Toggle ON or not. If it is Toggle OFF, Make it Toggle ON
  7. After making “Microphone Access” is Toggle ON, scroll down and “Let Desktop App Access your Microphone“, it also should be Toggle ON.
  8. After Toggle ON, you will also see Rocket League under “Let Desktop App Access your Microphone
  9. Now, check Voice chat is working or not. if not then try other fixes.

Fix 4: Disable Other Audio Input Devices

You can also try with disabling other audio devices, this may fix your voice chat issue. Because some users on Reddit claimed that after disabling other audio input device, their voice chat issue fixed.

Steps to Disable other Audio Input Devices:

  1. Go to search bar
  2. Search “device manager” in the search bar
  3. Now, click on “Device Manger
  4. Tap on “Audio Input and Output” and disable the audio input devices which you don’t want to use.

Now check voice chat error is resolved or not.

Fix 5: Microphone Troubleshooting

If above mentioned fixes not working, then you can try to troubleshoot microphone, it help you to to detect the issue. if some issue found with your Microphone that would be fixed.

Steps to Troubleshoot Microphone:

  1. Go to Search Bar
  2. Search “Settings” in the search bar and click on Settings.
  3. After clicking on settings, scroll down and click on “Troubleshoot
  4. After that click on “Other Troubleshooters”
  5. Scroll down, Find “Recording Audio
  6. Now, click on Run button which is located in right side of “Recording Audio
  7. Now, he will try to detect the problem
  8. After that select the microphone which you want to troubleshoot. If you are not sure then select all the microphones and click on Next
  9. It will fixed the issue with micrphone

Now, check voice chat issue is fixed or not.

Fix 6: Update Microphone Drivers

Other possible reason is that your microphone not working with old version of Microphone Drivers. So, make sure they are upto date.

Steps to Update Microphone Drivers:

Now, check voice chat issue is fixed or not.

  1. Go to search bar
  2. Search “device manager” in the search bar
  3. Now, click on “Device Manger
  4. Tap on “Audio Input and Output
  5. Update the driver one by one .

Fix 7: Set Microphone As A Default

Fix number 7 is set your Microphone as a default.

Steps to set Microphone as Default:

  1. Go to Search bar
  2. Search “Control Panel” in the search bar
  3. Tap on “Control Panel
  4. Now, Tap on “Hardware & Sound”
  5. After that click on “Sound
  6. Now, select your Microphone which you are using in the game
  7. Now, set that Microphone as “Set Default

Fix 8: Unmute YourSelf In The Game

There are chances that your friends have muted you in the game or you muted yourself.

If you have muted in the game, just unmute yourself and your voice chat will work fine.

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Fix 9: Verify Integrity Of File

By performing above all fixes, still if your mic is not working then might be your game file corrupted. To fix this issue, Open Epic Games or Steam launcher >> Select Options for Rocket League >> Verify.

It will take few minutes to download and will replace any missing or corrupted game files.


Voice Chat is enabled by default, so players will only need to plug in a headset to be ready to chat! Players will see all available Voice Channels from the new Voice Chat tab in the Friends List.

From here players can Join, Switch or Leave channels from the Main Menu or in-match from the Pause menu.

We have provided all the reason and possible fixes that would help to resolve issue if you have any with voice chat.