How To Fix Roblox Error Code 291

Are you getting error code 291 in Roblox?

The full error message reads “player has been removed from the DataModel(Error Code: 291)”.

Many players getting this error message when they were trying to play some Roblox games.

Don’t worry in this article, we will understand the Roblox Error Code 291.

Understanding Roblox Error Code 291

“Roblox Error Code 291” typically indicates that the player has been removed from the game’s DataModel.

This usually happens when the player’s character is deleted or removed from the game due to a script written by the game’s developer, or possibly due to a server error.

Roblox Error Code 291

The removal of a player from the DataModel could be a result of the “:Destroy()” or “:Kick()” functions being executed in the game’s script.

The “:Destroy()” function is used to delete an object, and the “:Kick()” function is used to disconnect a player from the game.

How To Fix Roblox Error Code 291

Roblox Error Code 291 typically happens due to a game’s script, so there’s not always a lot you can do as a player to fix it.

If you’re encountering Error Code 291 frequently, it’s recommended to report the issue to the game’s developer or to Roblox’s support.

They could provide further assistance or fix the issue if it’s a bug.

You can make a list of games or a particular game in which you are getting this error code.

Provide all the information to Roblox support team.