How To Fix Foxtel Error Code Af4013

 Getting Error code af4013 on Foxtel Go App and wondering how to fix it?

In this article, you will understand Foxtel go error code af4013 and the solution to the problem.

Foxtel Go is an Australian video streaming application version of Foxtel Go.

You can see live TV and On Demand shows from your pack via a compatible mobile phone, tablet and TV.

You can connect to Foxtel Go and join your favourite shows anywhere in Australia.

In recent days users have been facing issues and they cannot watch the video, and it throws the following error

“We have had a little technical problem. Please try logging in again. (AF4013)

Let’s get into the fix!

What Is Foxtel Error Code Af4013?

Fortex error code AF4013

Foxtel Error Code Af4013 means This issue arises because the existing Foxtel GO Android app is incompatible with your current Android OS and stops you from accessing their preferred content.

The issue might include

  • Operating System and Version incompatibility might be a matter of course.
  • There might be a Bug in the Foxtel Go app that is not working.
  • Either the Foxtel Go App or your OS version does not support each other.

How To Fix Foxtel Error Code Af4013

Usually, the base point of any error will be the internet connection. It would be helpful and saves time if you first ensure your internet connection status.

Have you found a problem with the Internet, then follow the steps.

  • If it is mobile data, switch over to Wifi and vice versa. 
  • Turn OFF and ON your Airplane mode.
  • Unplug and re-plug your Internet cable connection from Router to the primary cable connection.
  • Finally, Restart your Router to see if the app is working fine.

If the Internet works fine, the first step is to check the operating system.

1. Troubleshoot your Operating System

The error usually occurs after updating your Android OS or the Foxtel Go Software.

Understand which triggers the error the operating system or the Foxtel Go GO app.

If the error occurs after updating the OS, Check your Android version

1. Go to Settings from your device

2. Click On About phone to see your OS version.

3. Click the Software Information to find the Android version.

If the Android version is above 10, then the Foxtel Go Go app doesn’t work. So try installing the alternative version of Foxtel Go GO.

2. Downgrade Or Update Your Foxtel Go Go

If you are using an OS version above 10, try downloading the different versions of Foxtel Go Go. 

It is not recommended to downgrade the operating system since the updated OS version fixes any security issues.

You can click the Link here and download the different versions of the Foxtel Go Go App, and you can try installing it and enjoy watching your favourite show.

3. Try Using Third-party Software

The Other solution is to use third-party software to watch the Foxtel Got Go Tv.

You can download KODI, an open source and video streaming application.

You can use the Foxtel Go GO addon to watch the Foxtel Go TV. You can download the application here.

How to Add Fotex Addon to Kodi, Follow the steps below

  • Click On the main menu on your Kodi, and go to the Addons section.
  • Click on My Add on and Select “..” to go up a level, and 
  • Click on Install from the repository.
  • Find and Click on Repository in the displayed list
  • Choose Video addons from the list of options, and then select Foxtel Go.
  • Click on Install, and the addon will start downloading and installing.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can access the Foxtel Go addon from the Addons main menu item.
  •  To access any content, log in with your Foxtel Go credentials.
  • Navigate through the content and select your content to play it.

Those mentioned above are alternative solutions and will work. If nothing above method works, reach out to Foxtel Go customer support. They will help you with further assistance. If they say it will be fixed in the future version, you can try the Foxtel Gol Beta application.

  • To Join Foxtel Go Beta
  • Go to the App Store and Search for Foxtel Go App
  • Scroll down and find the Join Beta option
  • Once you have joined the beta program, click the Update button to install the latest version.

Now you can enjoy the Foxtel Go Application without any issues.