How To Fix Powerpoint Not Indenting Bullets

New to Microsoft Powerpoint and looking to fix Powerpoint not indenting Bullets then you have come to the right place.

Bullets are one of the most used features when creating presentations for meetings.

It would be frustrating if you cannot see the Bullets option in the middle of the content creation and find it difficult to create the slides how you want.

In this article, you will get an easy fix on How to fix Powerpoint Not Indenting Bullets and the causes.

Why Is Powerpoint Not Indenting Bullets?

How to fix Bullet Indents Image

Powerpoint Not Indenting Bullets means either the Bullet option is not enabled in the Powerpoint, the chosen bullet point has moved out of the box, or there is a problem with the chosen Layout.

Sometimes you might be unaware that the bullet point moved out of the Powerpoint and is not visible inside the Text area.

Sometimes the Layout chosen Layout for the PPT doesn’t support customization.

If you cannot find the Bulletins option in the Powerpoint and bullets are not arranged properly indicates that you have not enabled the Automatic format option for Bullets.

How To Fix Powerpoint Not Indenting Bullets?

Usually, you can see the Bullets option at Home Tab in the Toolbar.

How to fix Bullet Indents default bullet optionst

If you cannot move the Indenting Bullets by selecting the Texts

  • After the Parent Bulletin text, press the “Tab” button for Child Bulletin texts.
  • Now, switch over to the Parent Bulletin again, and press the “Shift+Tab” button.

The above step will fix the Indenting issue in many cases.

If you cannot find the Bullet options arranged properly inside the text area, then follow the steps below:

1. Turn On Automatic Bulleted Lists

If you alter the Bullet options automatically inside Powerpoint, you need to enable it manually.

Here are the steps:

How to fix Bullet Indents enable automatic 1
  • Click on three horizontal menu lines at the left corner of the screen.
  • If you cannot see the Horizontal lines, then click on Files.
  • Click on Option in the Opened Menu Box.
  • Click on Proofing and click on Auto-corrected options.
  • Click on Auto Format Tab in the Auto Corrected dialogue box.
  • Mark the check box near Automatic Numbered and bullet lists.
  • Finally, Click on Ok.

Now you can use see the Bulletins options arranged in the order in the Powerpoint.

The Automatic bullets are enabled, still, you cannot see the bullets in the Powerpoint; follow the next step.

2. Change The Powerpoint Layout

In some of the Powerpoint layouts, you commonly need help to customize the Bullets and other formats.

So play around with different Layouts and choose one that fits according to your customization.

If you want to use the Chosen layout, then 

  • Start creating the slide with the incorrect indents and bullets,
  • Click the “Reset” button next to the “New Slide” button.

 It will alter the indents and bullets to the correct format based on the original Master slide.

3. Move The Ruler To Align The Bulletins

How to fix Bullet Indents USING RULER

Ruler is a scaling feature at the left and top of the micro soft Powerpoint and Word.

If you cannot see the Ruler, follow the steps to enable it first.

  • Right-click outside the Powerpoint box and click on Ruler in the Context menu.
  • Now you can see the ruler option above and the left side of the Powerpoint box.
  • Now click on the List items, and the Ruler will be activated to adjust.
  • Click on the small up and down arrow to move right and left to make the Bulletins visible.

Following the above methods, you can easily Fix Powerpoint Not Indenting Bullets and quickly complete your slide.