How To View Results Of Microsoft Teams Polls

Microsoft Team is a text-based Video conferencing application with more features, including Audio, Video, file sharing, and polls.

In this article, we will discuss the Poll feature in the Microsoft team.

Poll helps you to understand your Audience better by asking questions and letting them answer them during the session or inside the Team channel.

You can use polls during channel discussions and Online conferencing to keep the Audience more engaging.

Let’s jump on How to Use polls and how to view results in Microsoft Team.

What Are Polls In Microsoft Team?

Microsoft team polls allow users to take a vote from attendees during the Meeting.

It is the Microsoft forum app integration into, Meet through which users can ask questions and polls within Microsoft team video conferencing. 

Participants can express their views and interests about meeting via polls so that the user can understand the Audience and paves the way to become the session more interesting.

How To Use Polls Feature In Microsoft Team?

You can run polls in two ways.

They are

  • Inside Team channel
  • During Online Session 

There is little difference when it comes to creating polls using the above different methods.

1. Polls Inside Microsoft Team Channel

To use the Polls feature, follow the below steps

Micorsoft team forms
  • Open the team channel or the chat box in the Microsoft team.
  • Select the Form Icon by clicking the three dots at the bottom of the window.
  • Now, From will open;  add your questions and options one by one.
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You can toggle on the “Multiple Answers” Button if there are more answers to the question.

You can also mark the check box near the option “Share Results Automatically after Viewing” so that the results will be shared among participants as soon as the polls are answered.

The Second option is To keep the students anonymous or not.

If you enable it, the participants will be secured on poll results.

  • Go ahead and click on Send Button.
  • You can use the edit button to edit your questions.


You successfully created the Polls and sent them to the Microsoft Team channels.

The Audience will get the polls and answer the questions by clicking or typing the answers.

2. During Microsoft Online Session

Micorsoft team forms creating poll during meeting

Please remember that if you want to share polls during the online discussion, you need to create at least one question on the Poll before the meeting launches.

You can add or delete questions after starting the session. 

So it would be best if you created the polls after creating and sending all students the invitation to the Meeting.

  • First, Head to the calendar tab in Microsoft Teams and click on the scheduled Meeting you want to include in the Poll.
  • Double-click on the Meeting and the New tab will open.
  • Click the plus sign in the top toolbar and click on Forms Icon from the In-App dialogue box.

A Series of screens opens up: Click on Add >> Save Button>> Click on Create Poll>> Add Questions and click Save.

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The polls icon will be added to your Meeting and appear in the draft.

You can conduct polls during the session by clicking on the Launch button.

When you launch a poll, the draft status will be changed to Live.

A pop will appear on your screen to submit an answer. 

The Poll will appear on the chat box for the Audience, and they can vote their answer there.

How To View Results Of Microsoft Teams Polls?

When all the responses are in and after the time limit, you can close the Poll. 

If you go to chat and you can see the response there.

You can also check the polls panel. 

1. View Polls Results Directly

  • You can click the View result button in the poll panel to see the results.
  • The results will be shared among audiences as well.
  • You can also export the result and check afterwards

2. Export The Result To See Later In Excel

  • Click the drop-down arrow near view results >> Click on Export the result 
  • The file will be downloaded as an Excel file on your desktop. 

To see the downloaded file in Microsoft Teams

  • Go to Teams >> Click on Polls app >> Click on downloads at the left sidebar

Where you can see the Downloaded files.

You can open the file and look at the data later. 

3. View The Result After Meeting Has Ended

If you did not export the results during the Meeting, you can go back to view and export the Poll results from your Teams Meeting at any time.

  • Go into the specific class meeting>> click the Poll tab >> click on closed polls>> Click on Export the results.
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You don’t have to stress about losing any data!

4. View Result Via Office. Forms

Micorsoft team forms Office

Sometimes due to some technical issue, you won’t see the view result button in the team.

In that case, you can get your Office 365 to see the results.

  • Go to this website.
  • Go to Apps at left sidebar >> Click on Forms >> Click on All results on the team’s right side.
  • New Tab will open, where you can see all the questions you have created.
  • Click on the Response Tab and scroll down to see the summary of each question asked.

Response Tab includes the following options to see the results.

  • Excel icon: To see results in editable Spreadsheets.
  • View results: See detailed responses from each respondent.
  • More details:  To see each respondent’s name and answer for that particular question.

Following the above method, you can conduct polls and export the results without issues.

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