Fix: Not Enough Goods To Sell Cities Skylines

not enough goods to sell cities skylines

Are you new to the world of Cities Skyline? This new game world has a lot of exciting things to offer- build cities, maintain them, develop them and look into the lives of the residents.

But you can have a tough time coping with its error messages, one of them being “Not enough goods to sell.”

It is tough to get over that!! Read on to find simple ways to fix the error. 

What Does “Not Enough Goods To Sell” Mean In Cities Skylines?

The error message “not enough goods to sell” means that the trucks in your city aren’t able to deliver the goods on time, thus resulting in the commercial spaces not being able to make any sales.

The error will pop up right on top of the commercial spaces.

The error gets out of hand when the decrease in sales results in the closure of similar commercial spaces around it. 

Why Do The “Not Enough Goods To Sell” Issue Occur In Cities Skylines?

Transportation Issues in your city are the only reason why the error “not enough goods to sell” occurs.

The issue of “Not enough goods to sell” arises because Residential complexes in your city are a bit too far away from the industrial areas.

Most residents of your city are located way too far away from the industries where they need to go to work as blue-collared workers.  

Your city might not have proper transportation links that will facilitate such movement, or you may have messed up the city plan totally by placing industrial areas way too far from the residential complexes.

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Your city’s roadways, railways, or general transportation systems might just be the main culprit. It might hinder the time taken by the trucks to reach the commercial spaces, causing heavy damage to the latter’s sales. 

How To Fix “Not Enough Goods To Sell” In Cities Skylines?

Here are some ways you can get rid of the error “not enough goods to sell”-

Fix 1: Bring The Industrial Area Close To The Residential Area 

The best option to get rid of the error “not enough goods to sell” is a more long-lasting yet monotonous fix; you can destroy and remake your industrial space nearer to local residential locations.

This decision is truly just a decent choice in the event that you have truly made a big mess out of your city’s construction plan.

One issue you could confront that will cause the error “Not enough goods to sell” in the Cities skylines game world is that your industrial neighborhoods are excessively far from your industrial spaces. The above solution can quickly fix it. 

Fix 2: Build Better Roadways

To fix the issue of “Not enough goods to sell,” you should build various routes which will help people to reach the same commercial spaces in the city in these trucks.

Cargo ships and trains should be built in this game so you can try to create more effective paths for them.

Ineffective, messed-up roadways will give rise to a lot of traffic, which won’t allow the trucks to get to the commercial spaces, thus causing severe delays. 

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Fix 3: Put A Pause On The Imports To Your City

To solve the issue of “Not enough goods to sell,” the essential guideline in Cities Skylines is to put a full stop to exorbitant imports.

They create setbacks and ruin, and in particular, the freight trains or ships can’t manage all the transportation that is required of them, thus causing delivery delays to commercial spaces in the city. 

If you need to get rid of this error “Not enough goods to sell,” the main way it is conceivable is to create several industries so that imports are not required in the city anymore. This may increase pollution but seems like an intelligent solution for some time.  

Fix 4: Try To Bring Balance In The Number Of Commercial Spaces

To solve the issue of “Not enough goods to sell,” you simply need to adjust the proportion of Commercial spaces and Conventional industries and involve the perfect proportion of the above two components to solve the error “Not enough goods to sell.”

You ought to sort it out in a way that the harmony between Demand for goods and Supply of goods is equivalent. 

So, for the most part, the demand for Commercial Spaces is always increasing, and a bunch of players simply depend on several conventional enterprises to compensate for it.

On the off chance that you have an excessive number of Commercial spaces and not much of Conventional Industries, you won’t have an adequate number of products to sell.

This causes numerous issues, and come on!!

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To recognize the “Not enough goods to sell” issue and track down a remedy, you will initially need to identify the number of generic industries and commercial spaces present in your city and their correct ratio.

On the off chance that that is doing alright, the issue could be more complicated, and Cities Skylines’ economy can be deficient with regards to raw products that could remedy the economic atmosphere.

Fix 5: Contact Cities Skylines Support

Lastly, if the not enough goods to sell issue persists, you can also reach out to the support team.

Visit and tap on the support option to get a resolution for the issue. You can also contact the support team on different social media handles.

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The “Not enough goods to sell” in the City’s skylines game world can be frustrating. “Not enough goods to sell” can take some deep thinking about how you can manage such an economic upheaval that can destroy the economic ecosystem of your city.

However, you can fix the “not enough goods to sell” issue by fixing the transportation issue in your city.

In case fixing the transportation does not resolve the issue, you can also contact the city’s skyline support team.

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