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not enough workers cities skylines

Does controlling how a city is supposed to work and building this city step-by-step sound like something you would want to do (virtually for fun!!)?? If you haven’t yet stumbled on the awesome world of Cities Skyline, here’s your chance.

From planning, constructing, and maintaining to developing a city and looking after its inhabitants, Cities Skyline’s game world is a complete package. 

To keep track of the game world’s development in terms of public services, zoning, taxation, road placements, etc., you will need plenty of workers, and sometimes, an error by the name “Not enough workers cities skylines” pops up in the game that warns you that you might have a dearth of workers needed for the upkeep of your city.

What Does “Not Enough Workers” Mean In Cities Skylines?

“Not enough workers” in Cities Skylines means that as the developer of the city, you are facing a shortage in the number of people who want to take up blue-collar jobs or industrial work and become workers who will help you to construct the city and keep developing it. 

Thus, an unemployment situation in the blue-collar job sector in your city can make the error message “not enough workers” pop up.

Why Does “Not Enough Workers” Issue Occur In Cities Skylines?

Residential complexes in your city are a bit too far away from the industrial areas.

There are multiple reasons why the error message “not enough workers” might pop up.

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1. Too Many Educated Residents Of Your City

Because of the construction of too many educational institutions like schools and universities in your city, too many residents are highly-educated and do not want to be employed as an industrial blue-collar workers because of which there are not enough workers. 

2. Residential Complexes In Your City Are Far Away From Industrial Areas

Most residents of your city are located way too far away from the industries where they need to go to work as blue-collared workers.

Your city might not have proper transportation links that will facilitate such movement.

How To Fix “Not Enough Workers” In Cities Skylines?

The ways in which the error “not enough workers” can be solved are-

Fix 1: Fix The Transportation Problem

One issue you could confront that will cause a lack of laborers is that your industrial neighborhoods are excessively far from your industrial spaces. To fix this, you have two choices-

  • The best option is a more long-lasting yet monotonous fix; you can destroy and remake your industrial space nearer to local residential locations. This decision is truly just a decent choice in the event that you have truly made a big mess out of your city’s construction plan.
  • The most pragmatic decision to fix the messed-up situation is to fabricate a productive line of transportation to and from the industrial and residential areas. 
  • Residents need a cost-effective ride to their work, particularly if the payment for their jobs is low. Cost-effective yet efficient trains or buses will function admirably for this.
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Fix 2: Take The Universities Out Of The Residential Space For A While

At the point when the problem is that your city’s residents are highly educated, you have two extra choices beyond building more homes. 

You can eliminate the college, which is a decent, however brief, fix. The subsequent choice is to empower the School’s Out strategy for either your entire city or a particular zone.

This will urge laborers to pick blue-collar work.

Fix 3: Construct More Homes

The next thing that you can do to fix not enough worker issues is to build more homes.

Once in a while, there is a problem that the potential laborers are highly literate or joblessness is almost non-existent in the city.

This implies that residents would rather not take lower-paying blue-collar positions. 

An effective method for fixing not enough workers is to grow your city’s populace by building more homes and diversifying the class of people in your city.

This will get new residents and give them more choices for work.

Fix 4: Check The Utilities Of Your City

Another conceivable strategy to settle the ” Not Enough Workers” error is to take a careful look at the utility stockpile.

Indeed, for the above strategy, twofold check that both the residential location and your industrial area have a generous stockpile of utilities. 

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It is most improbable that this is the problem, yet it has been accounted for that tinkering with Utility supplies can lead to a mess-up with the matters of employment in the City.

Fix 5: Contact Cities Skylines Support

Lastly, if the not enough workers issue persists, you can also reach out to the support team.

Visit and tap on the support option to get a resolution for the issue.

You can also contact the support team on different social media handles.


Not having enough workers to develop your city can be a huge headache in the Cities Skylines game world. But now you know the ways you can break free of this error message forever. 

One of the major reasons you encounter not enough worker issue is that the distance between the residential and industrial complexes are high.

In that case, you can choose to resolve the transportation problems.

However, if the methods mentioned in the article didn’t help you, you can always reach out to the support team on the official website or social media handles.

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