Fix: Not Enough Customers Cities Skylines 

not enough customers cities skylines

What keeps your city alive is its people? The people are the heart and soul of your city. They help make sales happen in the commercial zones and keep the economy up and going.

But, sometimes, the issue of “not enough customers” crops up and disrupts the entire system. Let’s learn how to solve this problem.  

What Does “Not Enough Customers” Mean In Cities Skylines?

The issue of “not enough customers” means that there is a lack of buyers or customers for the items sold by the commercial zone in the city.

The buyer or customer, in this case, refers to the people who live in the residential zone of your city or people who come to visit your city, i.e., the tourists. 

Why Do The “Not Enough Customers” Issue Occurs In Cities Skylines?

The various reasons why the issue of “not enough customers” occurs in the Cities Skyline game world are-

1. Too Many Commercial Zones In Your City

The issue of “not enough customers” pops up in the Cities Skyline game world when you have not been paying attention to the ratio of Commercial spaces and Residential spaces in your city and have ended up building too many Commercial Zones.

Thus, the demand for products is less, and the production of items exceeds the demand. People in the city do not really need all the items produced by the Commercial Zones.  

2. Lack Of Proper Transportation Facilities

The issue of “not enough customers” pops up in the Cities Skyline game world when the connectivity in your city is not up to a point.

Improper and unduly expensive roadways can make it tough for people in the residential areas to access the commercial spaces in the city.  

If you have placed your commercial spaces a bit too far away from the city’s residential zones, and there is a dearth of proper transportation facilities, residents won’t be encouraged to make purchases. 

3. Sudden Rise In Death Count In The City 

The issue of “not enough customers” pops up in the Cities Skyline game world when as the city’s creator, you might have taken up a sudden expansion of the residential zones in the city, which can cause the simultaneous death of multiple residents living in those spaces. 

The deaths can lead to a fall in purchases made from the commercial zones, and the issue of “not enough customers” pops up.  

How To Fix “Not Enough Customers” In Cities Skylines? 

There are several ways in which you can solve the issue of “not enough customers”- 

Fix 1: Construct Residential Zones In Your City

You can start constructing more residential spaces in your city to attract more people into your city to get rid of the not enough customers issue.

This will increase the customer count in the commercial spaces of the city.

For a while, you will have to stop constructing more commercial spaces in the city to bring a balance between the demand for products and the rate of production.  

Fix 2: Build Proper Transportation Channels 

To fix the issue of “not enough customers,” you will have to remedy the disappointing transportation facilities in your city.

Build better roadways and help residents access cheaper ways of transportation like buses to travel to the commercial zones so that the latter never runs out of customers.  

Fix 3: Try Expanding The Residential Spaces In Your City One Step At A Time 

Another method that you can use to fix the issue of “not enough customers” is to handle the expansion of the residential zones in your city patiently.

In the game world of Cities Skyline, a sudden rapid expansion might lead to a rise in the death count of residents in your city, resulting in fewer customers in the Commercial spaces of the city.  

Fix 4: Reach Out To The Support Team

Lastly, you can also reach out to the Cities Skyline support team at: and explain the issue that you have encountered. 


Not enough customer issue occurs because of Too many commercial zones in your city, which increases the production of goods but decreases the demand. 

Other than that, not enough customer issues can also occur because of improper transportation facilities. Therefore, it is mandatory to provide proper transportation in the city.

However, if nothing helps, you can always consult the support team and seek guidance to resolve the issue.