Fix: Not Enough Buyers Cities Skylines

not Enough Buyers Cities Skylines

Are you having fun managing your city in the game world of Cities Skyline? The development of the city can be a tough but exciting task.

But sometimes, you might run into a weird issue like “not enough buyers” and be bamboozled about how to make your way out of it!! Read on for the best tips.

What Does “Not Enough Buyers” Mean In Cities Skylines?

The Cities Skylines game world error “not enough buyers” pops up when your city’s industries do not have enough commercial zones in the city to build a demand for the products they make.

Buyers refer to the commercial zones in the city that directly purchase the raw material or finished goods produced in the city’s industries. 

Why Does The “Not Enough Buyers” Issue Occur In Cities Skylines?

If various industries are present in your city, the “Not enough buyers” issue can occur. There can be multiple reasons why the error “not enough buyers” occurs-

1. Existence Of Several Industries In Your City

The issue of “not enough buyers” can occur due to the existence of multiple industries in your city.

Too many industries mean an over-the-top production quantity, and if there are fewer commercial units in your city as compared to the number of industries, there will be too many raw materials or finished goods that the commercial zones do not need. 

2. Too Fewer Commercial Zones In Your City

The issue of “not enough buyers” can occur because your city has few commercial zones.

The issue crops up when your city has enough industries that are efficiently producing raw materials or finished goods, but you have built too few commercial zones.

Commercial Zones are the main buyers of the products created by the industries, so if there are too few of them, there will be no buyers for all the products. 

3. Problem With The Exports From Your City

If there is a problem with how the export system in your city is established, the issue of “not enough buyers” pops up.

There might be problems while transporting the materials (raw products or finished goods) to the shipping docks for export.

Due to a lack of appropriate connectivity, the materials might not be reaching the docks on time and losing out on potential buyers. 

4. Wrong Policies

The issue of “not enough buyers” occurs if incorrect business policies are being carried out in your city.

Certain industrial policies lead to an increase in the production rate in your city, and thus there is an excess of produced goods but no buyers. 

Wrong policies might lead to a shutdown of industries in your city. 

How To Fix “Not Enough Buyers” In Cities Skylines?

There are several ways by which you can solve the issue of “not enough buyers” in the Cities Skylines game world-

Fix 1: Fix The Transporation Issue

The first fix you can try to solve the issue of “not enough buyers” in the Cities Skyline game world is to fix the connectivity of the industries in your city.

Good roadways should be built so that products made by the industries can reach the shipping docks on time, and there are no delays in the export system of your city.

Fix 2: Build More Commercial Zones Or Build Fewer Industrial Spaces

The second easy fix that you can try to solve the issue of “not enough buyers” in the Cities Skyline game world is to build more Commercial Zones or build fewer industrial spaces. 

The former will eventually become “buyers” of the materials produced (raw products/ finished goods). Thus, there will be no dearth of buyers in the city.

The latter is a more logical decision because you should only build industries that are required in your city. 

Fix 3: Fix The Industrial Policies

The third easy fix that you can try to solve the issue of “not enough buyers” in the Cities Skyline game world is to ensure that you have switched on the “commercial policies” option in your city. 

This will lead to logical production rates in your city and a boost in the sales of the goods. 

Fix 4: Talk To The Cities Skyline Support Team

The last method that we suggest you use to fix the “Not enough buyers” issue in Cities Skyline is to reach out to the Cities Skyline support team and report the issue. 

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It’s not unexpected to see “not enough buyers” popping up over industries suddenly in the Cities Skyline game world.

The industrial zones of the city produce merchandise for the commercial spaces, popularly called the ‘buyers’ in the game world of Cities Skyline. 

When you stumble on the “Not enough buyers” issue, you either have an excessive number of industrial spaces in the city or need more commercial buildings. Something may likewise be the issue with your export connectivity. 

To spare the nitty-gritty details, you should thoroughly investigate your ventures and ensure they have good connectivity and ensure you have an adequate number of commercial spaces.

However, if you have tried and tested all the methods and you are still facing the same issue, you can reach out to the support team for assistance.