Fix: Too Few Services Cities Skylines

too few services cities skylines

Maintaining and developing a city can be a tough task!! Cities Skyline seems like a fun, easy-going game, but “running into issues” is its second name.

But then, which city doesn’t have issues? One such annoying vague issue that sometimes crops in the Cities Skyline game world is the “too few services.”

Let’s delve deeper into this issue. 

What Does “Too Few Services” Mean In Cities Skylines? 

The error “too few services” usually means that the industrial or residential area of your city is bereft of some basic amenities like police, protection from, or mass transit.

It is a horrendously dubious error, which is the reason this can prove to be really annoying.

The error entails the fact that there might be something off about the location over which the message has popped on.  

If you are facing the error “too few services” in your city’s residential area, it must be because of the lack of basic amenities in the residential areas, some of which can be-

  • Healthcare
  • Fire coverage
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Public transportation
  • Police coverage
  • Buildings or parks that increase land value
  • Garbage collection
  • Sewage removal

If you are facing the error “too few services” in your city’s industrial area, it must be because of the lack of basic amenities in the industrial areas, some of which can be- 

  • Garbage disposal
  • Hospital coverage
  • Imported and Exported goods etc.  

Why Do “Too Few Services” Issues Occur In Cities Skylines? 

Irregular movement of imports and exports in the Industrial Area of your city is the primary reason you encounter the too few services issue.

There are multiple reasons why the error “too few services” can crop up.

1. Irregular Movement Of Imports And Exports In The Industrial Area Of Your City

The issue of “too few services” can happen because your industrial areas can run out of services if there is an issue with the imports and exports in your city.

Exports and Imports are what the industrial areas survive on both in terms of sales and the money coming in from the imports.

If it isn’t regular, they won’t be able to provide any services. 

2. Lack Of Services In Residential Areas In Your City 

The issue of “too few services” occurs when the industrial areas in your city are situated pretty far away from residential areas, making them inaccessible.

This might cause a lack of basic amenities in residential areas. 

Sometimes, proper garbage collection, Healthcare, Fire coverage, Water, Electricity, Public transportation, Police coverage, or Buildings or parks that increase land value might be absent in your city, raising the error “too few services”  to crop up. 

How To Fix “Too Few Services” In Cities Skylines? 

There are multiple ways in which you can fix the error “too few services” – 

Method 1: Fix The Transportation Problem 

To fix the error of “too few services” that involves the transportation problem when the residential locations are far away from the industrial space, you have three choices-

  • The best option is a rewarding one in the long run, but it might be a nightmare when it comes to the amount of work that needs to be redone again; you can completely destroy and rebuild your industrial space, and this time ensure that it is closer to the local residential locations. This decision is truly the only good choice in the event that the city’s plan is a total blunder.
  • The best-rounded decision to fix the too few services situation is to build a product line of transportation in your city to and from the industrial and residential areas. 
  • Residents need a ride to their work that doesn’t burn a hole in their pocket, particularly if the payment for their jobs from the industrial area in your city is low. Pretty cheap yet efficient trains or buses will function admirably for this.

Method 2: Bring The Industrial Area Close To The Residential Area 

To fix the issue of “too few services,” the best option is a more long-lasting yet monotonous fix; you can destroy and remake your industrial space nearer to local residential locations.

This decision is truly just a decent choice in the event that you have truly made a big mess out of your city’s construction plan. 

This is a great solution when you confront the fact that your residential neighborhoods are excessively far from your industrial spaces. 

Method 3: Fix The Import-Export Problem

To fix the issue of “too few services,” build better waterways for cargo ships so that they can reach or leave on time.

This way, the goods will be delivered seamlessly to the industrial areas when paired with better road transport.  

Method 4: Contact Cities Skylines Support

Lastly, if the too few services issue persists, you can also reach out to the support team.

Visit and tap on the support option to get a resolution for the issue.

You can also contact the support team on different social media handles. 

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One of the major reasons for which Too few services occur is the irregularities in the export and import in the city.

Therefore, it is mandatory for you to maintain export and import in your city.

Other than this, you can easily resolve the too few services by fixing the transportation issue in your city to offer proper transportation facilities for export and import.

Lastly, if you are still facing “too few services” issues, you can report the issue to the support team.