How To Fix “Not Authorized You Do Not Have Access To This Server” On Plex

Plex is like running your Video streaming channel.

Plex acts as a server, and you can access your collections of Media and Images from anywhere using your website link.

If your server is connected to the Internet, you can also share your media server with friends on the family.

It is common to get errors on servers!

Likewise, In plex, we will see one of the known errors called “Plex Not Authorized.”

When the error occurs, you will be locked out of the server setting and get the following error message “Not Authorized” followed by “You don’t have access to this server”.

This article will show the possible fix and the cause for the Plex not authorized Error Message.

What Causes “Not Authorized You Do Not Have Access To This Server” Error On Plex


Plex Not authorized is an error displays due to an authentication problem, and you don’t have permission to access the server network.

You usually encounter the error when you reinstall the server, install the new server updates, or remove your device from the server.

These are the following reasons

  1. Haven’t Input the correct IP Address.
  2. The website might request the Old Server IP Address instead of Updated one.
  3. You might be logging in with an older username or password.
  4. The Device is Not listed in the Plex Server.

Here is the step-by-step instruction on how to fix Plex Not Authorized Error.

How To Fix “Not Authorized You Do Not Have Access To This Server” On Plex

Check your IP address, claim code, and Device list on the Plesk Server to address the issue.

Previously the bug usually occurred on the 10th and 11th generation of Intel CPU. The issue is Fixed now.

Ensure you have the hardware configuration to run the Plex Media Server.

You can check the requirement here:

If you install the Plex server the first time, load the server with a Local host instead of placing the IP Address on the URL to avoid the error.

Example: Use http://localhost:8888/web instead of http://Your Ip:8888/web

1. Claim Your Plex Server Code

Plex Not authorized ClaimCode

You need to Input the Claimed plex code inside Plex Server.

  • Open your Plex server Terminal from your PC
  • If it is Windows, Use Powershell to open the Plex server Terminal
  • If it is Linux, use your terminal to open the Plex server
  • Login with your Admin username and password

Then go to the Plex website by copy and paste the link : 

  • Log in if Necessary and Copy the code from the website.
  • In your SSH terminal, Copy and paste the Below code.

sed -i ‘s/VERSION=docker/VERSION=docker\n – PLEX_CLAIM=CLAIM_CODE_HERE/’ ~/umbrel/app-data/plex/docker-compose.yml

  • At -PLEX_CLAIM=[Copy and paste the Cliam code that you got from the Plex Website]
  • The code will expire within 4 Minutes, so First ready with your SSH login, replace the code in the above comment, and Paste it on the SSH terminal.

Now you can Open your fav list on Plex to watch.

2. Add Your IP Address And Subnet Mask

You need to configure your network setting inside Preference.xml

Note: We strongly encourage you to back up the Preferences.xml file before making any changes.

  • Open your SSH Terminal from your PC
  • Open the Prference.xml file
  • The Path:/mnt/Username/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Preferences.xml.”
  • The path may vary depending on where your installation location,
  • Find the Line “allowednetworks” from Plex Preference.xml
  • Edit and replace your IP address and Subnet mask like below

Code: allowedNetworks=”Your IP/″

 Eg: allowedNetworks=”″

If you cannot find the name, add the above code at the end of the file and restart your Plex server.

Now you can access your Plex server without any error.

3. Check Your Device Is Listed In Plex Server

Your device will be automatically registered on the plex server once you log in.

If you deleted the device from the plex server, you must log out and log in again to register on the Server and Access the Media files.

Otherwise, you will get the “Plex Not Authorized Error “ since the device is removed from the media server.

4. Open Your Plex Server In Incognito Mode

Opening your Plex account will help you directly communicate with the Plex media server, and it never checks any cache files.

If you can access the Plex server from Incognito mode but not via the standard browser mode, you have to disable any extensions if you have installed and Clean cache memory.

Try logging in again to access the Plex Media Server.

5. Other Basic Fixes To Access Plex Media Server

  • Also, since it is in Http, not Https, Some browsers block the website by default. So always prefer a global browser like chrome, safari, or Firefox instead of a Private browser.
  • If the server works fine, the issue is with your web login; try switching your network. You may use a Mobile network instead of LAN or Wifi connection.
  • Check your Login credential twice. If you have reinstalled the server recently, there is a higher chance that you are using the older account or IP address to Login.

Usually, rechecking your Network configuration on file will help you to identify the issue and help you to eliminate the error.

If the error persists, access your Plex media server using the above method. If nothing works, reinstall the plex server and configure the network. It eliminates any software or Hardware glitches.

I hope you got some valuable tips and hacks here and found this article useful. With this knowledge, you can quickly identify where the error is and eliminate the “Plex Not Authorized Error.” 

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